How to choose a hobby - useful tips

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How to choose a hobby - useful tips

A hobby is not just an activity created to somehow pass the free time. This is a hobby that can help a person escape from work, disturbing thoughts and surrounding irritants. And a well-chosen hobby becomes a matter of life at all! To learn how to choose a hobby, use our tips.

Tips for choosing

You can praise yourself that you set out to choose a hobby. Many people do not even think that they can spend their free time somehow, besides watching TV!

Be patient - it will take time to determine which occupation suits you best. There are several ways to learn how to choose a hobby.

Questions to people

First of all, start asking your relatives and friends what they do in their spare time, and also visit thematic Internet resources with useful tips on this topic.

Write all the options in a notebook in the form of a list - it will be impressive, rest assured.Later in a relaxed atmosphere look at the list, eliminating activities that you don’t like and highlighting interesting options. The next stage of selection is based on several questions.

  • How far away from your home or work are the sections in which they engage in such hobbies?
  • How much money does your hobby take? Consider the money for the journey to the section, the cost of the subscription and the necessary materials (paper or fabric - for needlework, sportswear - for training).
  • When are the classes? Each sports club or house of creativity, for example, have their own schedule.


You can choose a hobby, gradually answering these questions and eliminating uncomfortable options.

Trial and error path

If all hobbies seem interesting, and the previous way to choose a hobby does not work, try this option: every 2 weeks sign up for one any hobby from the list of interesting ones.

So you can get acquainted with each hobby in detail before deleting it. Gradually, you will understand what the business is fun, and what you can refuse. You may want to engage in several hobbies at once.

Childhood memories

Often a favorite activity appears in a person at an early age, but circumstances force you to temporarily abandon it. Remember how you had fun in childhood? This may be the art of origami, roller skating, and maybe - drawing.


You can choose what you have already begun to study before. And some classes can even be combined - for example, photographing is easily combined with hiking.

Life situation analysis

Devote your free time to introspection. Before choosing a hobby, think about your lifestyle - do you want to change it? Or maybe everything suits you, and your hobby should be a logical continuation of the daily routine?

Depending on the chosen path, you can find a hobby in one of the following categories: following your lifestyle or ignoring it.

To understand this, imagine such a situation. For example, you have a calm, sedentary lifestyle. If you do not want to change anything, choose cross-stitch or weave bracelets of rubber bands as your hobby. And if you are eager for change, show your imagination. Perhaps you are a born equestrian athlete!

TestHow to choose a hobby for everyone? 

If you do not know how to choose a hobby yourself, we offer you a test for choosing your favorite activity. It will help determine how you feel in a particular field of activity.

1. What subjects in school attracted you more than others?

a) physical education - you were the star of school competitions;

b) drawing, history of culture and literature;

c) works - you still use aprons sewn into the school and the carved figures;

d) algebra, physics, geometry - you are attracted by exact data;

e) biology and geography - you dreamed of traveling and exotic animals.

2. How do you behave while watching your favorite video clip:

a) dance and sing along with enthusiasm to the beat;

b) ponder how the video would turn out with your author's direction;

c) pay attention to the external data of the artist: hair, makeup and costume;

d) you memorize the words of the song - they suddenly come in handy;

e) closely monitor the video line storyline, its compliance with the mood of the song.


3. What is the easiest job you can do:

a) physical labor;

b) work with the need for creative approach and non-standard solutions;

c) a monotonous action, not distracting from their own reflections;

d) work with the ability to analyze the situation;

d) work, which constantly need to travel.


4. What profession have you dreamed of as a child:

a) Olympic champion;

b) an artist or a writer;

c) fashion designer, designer;

d) a great scientist;

e) traveler.


5. How do you relax after work:

a) start gymnastics;

b) read books or watch interesting programs;

c) sew, construct;

d) solve crossword puzzles or logic puzzles;

e) walk the dog.


6. What people admire you:

a) leading life without bad habits;

b) people with a penchant for creativity;

c) able to create a cozy atmosphere at home;

d) people with a lot of knowledge - there is something to talk about with them;

e) active and light, cheerful people.


7. Books on what topics attract you:

a) sports topics;

b) books about art;

c) advice to housewives;

d) scientific literature;

e) atlases and geographical references.


8. What are your own features you are proud of:

a) good physical condition;

b) vivid imagination;

c) perseverance;

d) analytical mindset;

d) courage.


9. Without what you can not imagine your life:

a) movement;

b) the ability to express your emotions and feelings;

c) the beauty of home design;

d) useful information;

d) vivid impressions and extreme.


10. What gift would you really be happy about:

a) a subscription to a well-known fitness club;

b) a modern camera with various lenses and filters;

c) an old vase and beautiful curtains;

d) a rare limited edition book;

e) flying on a hang glider.

If you have more A answers, you are born to move. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to run, jump, ride and climb. Your hobby should be related to sports. How to choose it? You decide.

Most of the options B indicates that you need to choose a hobby in the field of culture. In you lives a born artist! Pay attention to drawing, versification and singing.


With a lot of answers in you need to try yourself in needlework. Such qualities as accuracy, perseverance and a sense of style, will help to realize themselves in cooking, sculpting, embroidering with ribbons or knitting.

Option G in most cases shows your inclination for mental activity. Turn into a hobby that you liked so much during your school years - exact sciences and analysis. You can do compilation of quotations and crosswords with the help of books you read.


And if you more often than others choose the answer D, you can feel free to go in search of adventure! Realize yourself in extreme sports - skydiving, windsurfing and jumping from the bridge with an elastic band.

Take it to yourself, tell your friends!
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  • How to choose a hobby - useful tips

    How to choose a hobby - useful tips

    How to choose a hobby - useful tips

    How to choose a hobby - useful tips

    How to choose a hobby - useful tips

    How to choose a hobby - useful tips

    How to choose a hobby - useful tips

    How to choose a hobby - useful tips

    How to choose a hobby - useful tips

    How to choose a hobby - useful tips

    How to choose a hobby - useful tips

    How to choose a hobby - useful tips

    How to choose a hobby - useful tips

    How to choose a hobby - useful tips

    How to choose a hobby - useful tips

    How to choose a hobby - useful tips

    How to choose a hobby - useful tips

    How to choose a hobby - useful tips

    How to choose a hobby - useful tips

    How to choose a hobby - useful tips

    How to choose a hobby - useful tips

    How to choose a hobby - useful tips

    How to choose a hobby - useful tips

    How to choose a hobby - useful tips

    How to choose a hobby - useful tips

    How to choose a hobby - useful tips

    How to choose a hobby - useful tips

    How to choose a hobby - useful tips

    How to choose a hobby - useful tips