How to choose acoustics

How to choose acoustics?

All loudspeakers are divided intomulti-channel and two-channel. Multichannel means the presence of several channels (from 3 to 8). Every year this type of column becomes more and more popular. As for the two-channel, there are no such promotions among them. To choose the right speaker system, you first need to determine what you are going to do with it, and then solve all the remaining questions with how to choose the right speaker.

What makes an acoustic system

The main materials used in the manufacturecolumns - this is plastic and fiberboard. The cheaper the model, the more plastics in it. The sound passing through it is distorted, so the quality of music playback from such players is extremely low. However, the most interesting and modern forms of audio systems are able to create plastic players. Thus, the only correct option when choosing columns is the purchase made of natural wood, acoustic systems. They are much heavier, but look majestic enough. The cost of such speakers is at least a thousand dollars.

What should draw attention to

The biggest mistake of modern buyers -Acquisition of columns after a quick view of the appearance of the device. First you need to listen to how the chosen system works, and only then make your choice. If something does not suit you in the process of preliminary listening, do not hesitate to tell the store staff. Do not trust reviews on the Internet, they can be written by people completely unrelated to buying an audio system, front men. If you believe in the network, then only the dimensions and other mass parameters. If you already talk about the "stuffing", then it should be checked only in person and only in the presence of the relevant employee. Power - this is the main deception of the buyer. Very often in advertising, the limit is 200-20000 Hertz, but in fact it turns out that the speakers sound no more than 150-300 Hz. Such deception becomes immediately obvious, because, having included music in the audio system with 20 000 Hz, you can immediately say goodbye to all the glass in the apartment.

Second, what you need to pay attention to ifyou do not know how to choose acoustics - this is the presence of a bass reflex, that is, a special hole in the back of the device, which is necessary to improve the sound of a sound with a low frequency. If it is not available, the sound quality leaves much to be desired, even in the most expensive column.

Thus, the price when choosing an acousticsystem plays a secondary role, because you can select columns and with small funds, the main thing is to know what to pay your attention to. Now consider how to choose the acoustics for the computer.

Acoustics for computer

Modern stores selling audio systemsoffer, at the choice of the buyer, not only the finished product, but also its derivatives, in order to assemble the audio system independently. However, it should always be borne in mind that the rear and front speakers are necessarily sold in pairs, and the center speaker and subwoofer contain at least one loudspeaker.

When buying a speaker system, be sure toyou need to look at its frequency and power. The power determines the mechanical reliability of the speakers, not the loudness of the sound, as many people mistakenly think. Speaking of loudness, it depends on sensitivity and in most cases it does not exceed 85 dB. The maximum frequency of acoustics purchased should not be more than 35,000 Hz, and the minimum frequency must be at least 20 Hz.

Also, you should pay attention to the fact that the speakers had compatibility with the sound card. If you have a high-quality sound card, then in no case can not buy cheap speakers and vice versa.

Among types of acoustic systemsbazoinvertorny and closed. Closed-type speakers are very simple, but when reproducing low-frequency products on them, they greatly distort the sound. A bass reflex is an opening in the front of the panel, which is located next to the speaker. However, for this device to make the sound more qualitative, it is necessary that the speakers have a volume of more than 1 liter.

In order to know what acoustics to choose forcomputer, it is important to consider the presence of the tone control, with which you can select the lower and upper frequencies for sound. Most conveniently, when this regulator is located on the front panel of the speaker system. Now, consider how to choose acoustics in a car, and what should be paid special attention.

Acoustics for the car

A car is quite a complicated closedWednesday, in which it is necessary to take into account a lot of parameters necessary for creating high-quality sound. There are several problems that prevent a good sound in the car:

  • a person listening to music is away from the losing speaker. Because of this, the sound from the nearest speaker reaches us faster than the sound from the far one;
  • mid-frequency and high-frequency speakers must be located exactly in front, so that the sound stage is correctly formed. This result can be achieved by creating racks;
  • a constant desire to strengthen the bass. The sound of any work will be completely different if the bass is not located in the sauboofer placed in the trunk, but on the front panel;
  • a lot of extraneous noise, which appear when the engine is running.

The most important point in choosing an acousticsystem in the car is as follows. It does not matter how much money you spend on buying columns, it's important how and who will install them. Therefore, you can buy an audio system and cheap, but install it preferably in the service center specialists.

It is best to place the acoustics in front, then the driver and his passenger sound the melody will be presented in the best possible form. Now you need to consider how to choose acoustics for your home.

The choice of acoustics for the home is similarway. First of all, look at the quality of the appearance of the product. If the speakers are made of fiberboard or thin wood, then the sound will be good and quality. Then you need to listen to the sound of several songs in different styles: pop, rock and classic. If everything suits you, ask them to explain to you how much power this speaker system has and what connectors it can control. Now look at the price. The high price does not always justify high quality, so do not trust the advice of sales consultants, since their main goal is to sell the most expensive product. Try to choose the acoustics for the house yourself, so that she is happy not only for her appearance, but also for the sound quality. Only then will you enjoy the music and pay no attention to anything.

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