How to cut TK BREMEN

How to cut TK BREMEN

In December 2012, the cargo ship TK Bremen, registered under the Maltese flag, ran aground on a French beach in the Morbihan department (Brittany) during a heavy storm. TK Bremen weighs more than 2,000 tons, its length is 109 meters, and in its tanks, which resulted in a crash, there were more than 220 tons of fuel oil. The ship was severely damaged and could not be repaired, so it was decided to dismantle it. The territory where the vessel was stranded is part of the reserve, and additional precautions were taken during the work on pumping fuel oil. In total, over 10 million euros were spent to eliminate the consequences of the accident, and within a month by the efforts of 40 people the process of dismantling the vessel (including removing the 10-ton engine) and cleaning the beach was almost completed.

That's how it was ...

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December 17ththat Turkish cargo shipTK Brementhrown by storm on the coast of France a mile south of the mouth of the river Ethel, Bay of Biscay, around 02-00 local time on December 16.

On the evening of December 15, a cargo ship in ballast leftLorientand after a few hours took refuge from the storm north of the island Groixhowever, the anchor broke, and the cargo ship eventually ended up aground.

Here is where it is:



At 03-00 December 16, 2011 began the evacuation of the crew, 19 people, by helicopter. All crew members were removed, no one was hurt.

As a result of the catastrophe, a fuel tank or tanks were pierced, fuel spills were reported. Therefore, immediately - very quickly - work was done on cleaning the coast.

According to the French authorities, it was not initially ruled out that the vessel would be declared completely lost and dismantled at the scene of the accident. And so it happened ...


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December 16, 2011

00:40 – TK Bremenapplied for help to the Regional Operational Rescue Center(CROSS) in Etel. Port TugLorientcan not get out because of bad weather.

01:36 - The Atlantic Prefecture of the Sea in Brest caused a tugAbeille bourbonon duty inOuessantand helicopterNH90 / Caïmannaval aviation basesLanveoc-poulmicto save 19 crew members.


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01:55- the Navy's 2nd rescue helicopter for emergency evacuation was put on alert.

02:00 – TK Bremen(without cargo, length 109 meters), under the flag of Malta ran aground on the coast 2 km south of the mouth of the riverEtel.

03:00- the helicopter begins the evacuation of the crew to the naval aviation baseLann-bihoue.

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04:45- contamination noted - leakage from the reservoir in the aftTK Bremen.

04:58- The end of the lifting of people on the helicopter - the last 8 crew members.

05:10 - the helicopter landed inLann-bihoue, 19 crew members rescued.



06:00- notification of the ownerTK Brementhe Atlantic maritime prefect of the existence of a risk to the environment.

12:00- Arriving at the team siteCEPPOL (Navy Sea Pollution Control Center)from Brest with pumping equipment for emergency situations. Fuel pumping began at the end of the day and was suspended at night for safety reasons.

December 19, 2011 -Meeting in the sub-prefectureLorientin the presence of insurers, fuel pumping specialists, the maritime prefect of the Atlantic, the department prefectMorbihanand his chief of staff, sub-prefectLorientdeputy mayorCarnac, local elected officials (mayorErdevenmayors communeEtelandBelz).


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December 20, 2011 -Site preparation.

21 December 2011- center specialistsCepolThe French Navy completed the pumping of fuel from the vessel

December 22, 2011- Meeting of the Atlantic maritime prefect and the prefect of the departmentMorbihanwith the shipowner and all interested parties.


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27 December 2011- Signing contracts between the shipowner and company representativesEuro Demolition andLe Floch.

29 December 2011- Extension of the term of work at the request of the shipowner to fully incorporate environmental issues in the action plan.

04 yangVarya2012- The Atlantic maritime prefect, the prefect of the defense and security zone, and the prefect of the departmentMorbihanvisited the scene.

05 Icook2012- companyEuro Demolitionpresents a detailed action plan.


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06 Icook2012- The beginning of the dismantling companyEuro Demolition.

07 Icook2012

07 Icook2012 - note: sea sand is gently shifted on the sides, wooden flooring of thick beams for heavy equipment is laid to the vessel hull.

January 10the photographer visited the sceneChristian plaguewhich made some perfectly artistic shots for the famous maritime site

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