How to disaccustom a dog to bark

How to disaccustom a dog to bark?

The nature of dogs is such that they denote theirWe bark strange or dangerous objects and events for them. Sometimes the cause of barking is quite trivial, but the animal has already started and it does not occur to him that there is no danger. Such barking can last quite a long time. Usually it is very annoying both the hosts and neighbors. In such cases, it is worth knowing how to wean the dog to bark.

In order to be able to controldog barking, it is worth to do the training of your pet. This will minimize unnecessary noise generated by the pet. For help, you can turn to professionals, but we'll tell you how to wean the dog to bark at home.

General tips:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to find out the cause of barking
  2. Try to praise the dog before she starts to bark. It will distract her
  3. To prevent barking, you need to hail the dog, pull the reins or change direction when walking.

Does the dog bark at unfamiliar things?

On a walk, your four-legged friend can beginbark. Basically barking the dog signals about terrible, unusual or dangerous things. In such cases, the dog can not be punished. You just need to demonstrate the safety of the subject.

The "Go Check" command

In order to teach a dog to get acquainted withunfamiliar subjects, it is worth to teach the team "Go check" or "Look what's there." The phrase can be chosen on its own, but it is necessary to use only one chosen in training. For training, take an item that your dog is not afraid of. Put it on the floor and tell the team. The dog will be interested in the new thing and will show interest. Do not confuse the dog, give her time. When the animal realizes that there is no danger, praise it. This will give him confidence and the next time it will be easier to cope with his fear.

Team "Quiet"

To make the dog silent, you need to teachher team "Quiet". The spray can help. When the dog starts to bark, just say the command and splash water in the face. This will develop a reflex causing discomfort when the command "Quiet". Later, the dog will be silent and without an atomizer, and to encourage the proper performance of the team you need to carry a treat. This can be a cookie, candy or sausage. This method is one of the best, as you achieve the desired result without frightening the pet and without hurting him.

Use of special collars

For dogs that excessively bark a lot, they invented special collars. There are two types: collars with electric shock and with a spray.

  1. The electroshock collar is equipped with a smallbattery and a special sensor that reacts to dog barking. As soon as the dog gives a voice, it beats a small electric discharge. A little stress does not harm the dog, but it gives unpleasant sensations.
  2. The collar with the spray works just like an electric shock, but instead of an electric shock, it sprays the smell of citrus.

Both collars cause unpleasant sensations in the dog, and as soon as she realizes that this is due to her barking, she will stop barking for no particular reason.

Using a Muzzle

The easiest way is to usemuzzle. A dog in a muzzle can normally drink and breathe, but barking it will be uncomfortable. All muzzles are not expensive enough, while they are absolutely safe and their effectiveness is undeniable. If you do not want to train and spend money on expensive collars, just use the muzzle.

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