How to draw pony of may little pony

Olga Nagornyuk

How to draw a pony from My Little Pony

Kids who are passionately fond of charming horses from the cartoon “Mai Little Pony” pester their parents with questions about how to draw a pony. We decided to help moms and dads by creating step-by-step instructions to teach a child to create an image of a favorite character with a pencil.

How to draw pony rarity with wings

Some of the children are fond of weaving bracelets from rubber bands, some people like to solve puzzles, and some days they draw favorite characters of fairy tales and cartoons. They are our lessons.


Let's start with one of the favorite horses of kids - the unicorn Rarity. You will need a sheet of paper, felt-tip pens, plain and colored pencils.


1. We start plotting the body of the pony from the head. We draw a slightly irregular circle with a small pencil with a slight bulge in the lower right - it will later become a horse muzzle. You should not push hard on the pencil: when you have to erase unwanted lines, you will have an ugly mark.

We draw a pony Rarity

2At the left above on the head we draw an eyelet, and the reference is a horn resembling a trapezoid with rounded corners. We proceed to drawing the contour of the eyes: partly using the line of the head, draw an oval, which then becomes the left eye. Put a small cross in place of the second eye.

We draw a pony Rarity-1

3. We finish drawing of eyes, putting eyelids, pupils and eyelashes. Gently wipe the cross with a rubber band - we no longer need it.

We draw a pony Rarity-2

4. The next step is drawing the mane. In Rarity, she does not cover her head, so difficulties should not arise, just watch the proportions and try to make the lines smooth.

We draw a pony Rarity-3

5. Draw several lines on the mane (see drawing): they will separate the colored strands of the pony. Then we return to the holes and paint the pupils in black.

We draw a pony Rarity-4

6. Getting to the drawing of the torso and legs. We draw semi-rolled, creating the body of the horse.

We draw a pony Rarity-5

7. The turn of the hoof has come. We use smooth lines.

Pony rarity

8. Go to the wings. First we draw the contours of their lower part, which resembles blown balloons.

We draw pony Rarity-7

9. The upper part of the wings has a slightly pointed elongated shape. In general, the resulting wings should resemble butterfly wings.

We draw a pony Rarity-8

10. It is the turn of the tail. It is located under the feet and consists of two parts (see figure).

We draw a pony Rarity-9

eleven.Let us draw stripes on the tail, which show the borders of the multicolored strands.

We draw a pony Rarity-10

12. Switch back to the wings and create their drawing. We in the picture it repeats the shape of the drops. You can fantasize with your child and come up with your own “design”.

We draw a pony Rarity-11

13. Painting the upper part of the wings, we used, in addition to the drop-shaped forms, also small circles.

We draw a pony Rarity-12

14. Take a blue pencil and complete the coloring of the pupils of the pony.

We draw a pony Rarity-13

15. Hover the main lines of the pattern with felt-tip pens, giving the pattern brightness.

We draw a pony Rarity-14

It remains to paint the horse with colored pencils and hang it on the wall.

How to draw a pony vinyl scratch

You want to depict a pony in close-up, draw a cheerful and mischievous Vinyl Scratch with your baby.


1. The image of this horse begins with a simple drawing of a muzzle with a pencil and a tongue sticking out. The little arc on the face indicates the pony's nostril.

We draw a pony Vinyl Scratch-1

2. Next, apply three horizontal slightly rounded lines and one vertical, thus creating a grid basis for drawing the outline of the eyes and head. We finish the outlines of the eyes, eyelashes and eyebrow.

We draw a pony Vinyl Scratch-2

3. Now we apply the outline of the pupil and iris, inside which we draw small ovals - then they will become highlights in the eyes of Vinyl.

We draw a pony Vinyl Scratch-3

4. The next step is to apply the contours of the horn, ear and mane.We advise you to start with bangs, then draw on the ear, marking the curved auricle. Last but not least outline the horns.

We draw a pony Vinyl Scratch-4

5. Finish the drawing of the mane, adding strands to the right.

We draw a pony Vinyl Scratch-5

and left.

We draw a pony Vinyl Scratch-5-1

6. We direct the contour with a black pencil or felt-tip pen, and paint the pupil with it.

We draw a pony Vinyl Scratch-6

7. We color the picture with colored pencils: first we paint our hair with cross lines, then from the ends of the strands to the center we make subtle distinct strokes. Glare in the hair create an eraser, slightly wiping them coloring.

We draw a pony Vinyl Scratch-7

Do not forget to put shadows on the forehead, neck and auricle. Rub the graphite from the rod of a simple pencil and, with a finger dipped in it, lightly rub in the indicated areas of the figure.

How to draw pony rainbow dash

To draw a pony Rainbow Dash, will have to put more effort, since we will depict it together with the body.


1. We start with the creation of the skeleton of the picture: draw two intersecting circles, which will then become the basis of the body, and one big one - the future head. Thin lines denote the location of the legs.

How to draw a Pony Rainbow Dash-1

2. Draw the outlines of the body and legs. These lines can be made clearer, since they will not be erased afterwards, but will remain part of the design.

How to draw a Pony Rainbow Dash 2

3. The next step - drawing the wing and scarf.Do not forget, for greater certainty, to designate additional folds on the scarf around the neck.

How to draw a Pony Rainbow Dash-3

4. Start drawing the face. Two connected arcs denote the mouth, and above it we put two points and a small inverted bracket - the nose.

How to draw a Pony Rainbow Dash 4

Each eye consists of three oval touching in one place: the contours of the eyelid, pupil and iris. Two small circles in the inner oval will later turn into glare on the pupil.


Drawing the outlines of the mane should not cause difficulties: each pointed element is a separate strand.


5. In the same manner in which you drew the mane, draw the outline of the tail. Cloud draw arbitrarily.

How to draw a Pony Rainbow Dash-5

6. Color the schematic drawing to perfection.

How to draw a Pony Rainbow Dash-6

We hope you are convinced: it is easy to draw a pony, the main thing is to show desire and diligence. If you’ve got tired of drawing, do a puzzle or reading with your child - there are so many interesting activities for kids in the world.

Take it to yourself, tell your friends!
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  • How to draw pony of may little pony

    How to draw pony of may little pony

    How to draw pony of may little pony

    How to draw pony of may little pony

    How to draw pony of may little pony

    How to draw pony of may little pony

    How to draw pony of may little pony

    How to draw pony of may little pony

    How to draw pony of may little pony

    How to draw pony of may little pony

    How to draw pony of may little pony

    How to draw pony of may little pony

    How to draw pony of may little pony

    How to draw pony of may little pony

    How to draw pony of may little pony

    How to draw pony of may little pony

    How to draw pony of may little pony

    How to draw pony of may little pony

    How to draw pony of may little pony

    How to draw pony of may little pony

    How to draw pony of may little pony

    How to draw pony of may little pony