How to eliminate the smell of gasoline in the cabin VAZ-2107 (injector): tips

How to eliminate the smell of gasoline in the cabin VAZ-2107 (injector): tips

VAZ-2107 - the last classic model"The Zhiguli". "Seven" of the last years of release was characterized not only by the updated engine, but also by the new power system. VAZ-2107 is the only classic on which the injector could be delivered from the plant. But even after such changes, owners complain about the smell of gasoline in the cabin. At VAZ-2107 (injector), it can appear for various reasons. It's not always a technical breakdown. More details about this problem, as well as how to eliminate the smell of gasoline in the passenger compartment at VAZ-2107 (injector), read further in the article.

Features of the fuel system

"Seven" is an improved versionThe Sixes. The latter, in turn, like all its predecessors, differed in the carburettor power system. At VAZ-2107, an injector can be used to supply a combustible mixture.fuel check valve This system is more reliable andeffective work. The use of the injector power system at the VAZ-2107 allowed to increase capacity by 5 percent and to reduce fuel consumption by 7 percent.

Injection system - is a whole complex of components, combining the following elements:

  • Control block.
  • Sensors (mass air flow and lambda probe).
  • Idle speed regulator.
  • Fuel tank with adsorber valve.
  • Pump.
  • Filter.
  • Nozzles.
  • Connecting pipes and hoses, as well as wiring.

A more detailed diagram of the VAZ-2107 fuel system (injector) is presented below.VAZ 2107 injector smell of gasoline in the cabin How it works? The fuel is supplied to the injectors under pressure. It is much higher than carburetor cars, but it is not pumped by a mechanical, but already an electric pump. At the injector "Seven" submersible pump is installed directly into the tank. On the carburetor, it is mechanical and is located in the engine compartment. Because of this, he often overheats on hot days.

The submersible pump pumps fuel out of the tank, whereit flows through the tubes into the intake manifold at a pressure of 3-5 atmospheres. Pre-gasoline passes the purification procedure. For this, a fine and coarse filter is provided (the latter is located just in front of the pump). The amount of fuel that enters the cylinders is metered by the injectors themselves using electronics. Excess gasoline comes through the fuel check valve in the tank. This element is two-way. It is designated by the number 10 on the scheme of the fuel system VAZ-2107 (injector), which is presented above.

All processes for feeding and preparing the mixturegasoline are automatic. As the reviews say, the system is quite reliable and does not require adjustments, as is the case with the carburetor. But sometimes problems can arise with it. For example, suddenly there is a smell of gasoline in the cabin VAZ-2107 (injector). What to do and what is dangerous, we will consider further.

What are the consequences?

In the cabin of a good car should not beextraneous odors, including fuel. If inside smells like gasoline, then there is a leak in the system. This is the direct cause of unauthorized fire, which is very dangerous.

Also it is worth remembering that the gasoline vapor is veryare poisonous to the human body. The driver and passengers will feel dizzy, lethargic and even nauseous. Therefore, you should not hesitate to solve this problem.

Check the tank cap

It's not a refueling neck. Even at its opening, the smell of gasoline will not leak into the salon. The reason must be sought in the tank itself. In the injector "Seven" it has a slightly different design. If on carburetor machines it is one-piece, then there is a hole for the pump. The cover is bolted evenly around the perimeter. Perhaps, because of the loose fixtures, the vapors start to leak out.

Where is the tank?

On most cars it is locatedunder the pillow of the rear seat. But on the classic "Zhiguli" he is on the right side in the trunk (VAZ-2107 is no exception). It is easy to detect it - this element is not hidden by any casing or skin.smell of gasoline in the cabin VAZ 2107 injector with open windows Therefore, it can be checked for tightness,not removing from the car. The luggage compartment of the VAZ-2107 is very small: on one side there is a tank, on the other - a spare tire. But let us consider other causes of the smell of gasoline in the cabin VAZ-2107 (injector).


As it was said earlier, on such carsa submersible pump is used. To seal the hole in the tank, the manufacturer used a rubber gasket. Because of it, there is a smell of gasoline in the cabin VAZ-2107 (injector). The reasons are very trivial - the gasket can shrink or eventually crack.
Carrying case for vases 2107

How to solve a problem?

A new gasket of the electric petrol pump is necessary. It's very easy to replace it. First you need to relieve the pressure in the injector supply system. To do this, it is necessary to start the engine and take out the fuse responsible for the pump on the running motor. After a couple of seconds, the car itself stalls. Next, you need to open the trunk and turn the bolts of the submersible pump bolt by 7 to unscrew them in order. It is an integral structure combining a coarse filter, a gasoline level indicator, fuel lines, a counter-cup and a lid.

After having unscrewed all eight bolts,It is necessary to remove the pump by removing the wire chip. Be careful - when removing, the fuel gauge may become stuck (it is slightly bent and has a float at the end).

repair vases 2107 injector yourself Next you need to work with the gasket itself. It is necessary to get and clean the place of dirt, if any. Then install the new one in the same way. Make sure that the element is clearly pierced by holes in the studs of the tank. Then you need to put the pump back and tighten the bolts, connect the chip, the fuse and try to start the motor. The smell of gasoline in the cabin VAZ-2107 (injector) should disappear.

Helpful advice

By repairing the fuel system, you canto prevent the coarse filter. It represents a polymer mesh and is located in the lower part of the counter-cup. The filter can be rinsed in acetone or any other solvent. Then clean with a hard brush and blow with compressed air. Well, the best option is to replace the grid with a new one. The only problem is that it is often sold only in collection with a pump, and it costs about a thousand rubles.

Fuel lines

If the problem persists and there is still a smellgasoline in the cabin of VAZ-2107 (injector) with open windows, it is necessary to check the tightness of fuel lines. They stretch along the entire body. Leakage can occur anywhere. Usually the cause is mechanical damage (for example, after overcoming a high obstacle the machine hooked the bottom of the ground). Not always gasoline will whip the river from under the car. Fuel pipes are very reliable, and often everything is limited to only small streaks. But it is because of them there is a smell of petrol in the cabin on the VAZ-2107 (injector).

It is worth examining the bottom more carefully. If there are dark streaks on the tubes, then there is a depressurization. Such elements need to be changed urgently. Pay special attention to the places where the hoses come into contact with other objects. In operation, they can simply be rubbed off.

The adsorber valve

This element is installed on all injectorscar, and "Seven" was no exception. What is this element? The adsorber valve is a kind of bank, installed in the engine compartment under the air filter and filled with activated carbon. What is it for? The adsorber valve on the Seven serves to condense and absorb gasoline vapors. The vapor of the fuel evaporates again into a liquid and is sent back to the engine power system.

How do I check this item? The main symptom of a malfunction is the accumulation of gasoline vapors and a pungent smell in the passenger compartment. Also the problem is accompanied by failures on idle and power loss during overclocking. If the tank hiss at the time of opening, then the adsorber valve has become unusable. It is not necessary to change the whole jar - just one valve is enough. After replacement, the machine again works properly, and the sharp odors no longer penetrate the interior.
fuel system VAZ 2107 injector circuit

Checking the valve with a multimeter

The diagnostics can also be performed with a voltmeter. How to check the fuel check valve of the adsorber? It is necessary to open the hood and disconnect the wiring harness piece from the valve. Then connect the minus dipstick of the multimeter to the ground and turn on the ignition. Then bring the positive probe to the wire tamper and look at the values ​​of the device. Indications should not be below 12 V.

To inspect the valve itself, it should be weakenedtighten the hose clip with a screwdriver and lift the tube out. Next, you need to remove the valve itself, using a slotted screwdriver. It is necessary to turn on the ignition and apply "plus" and "minus" to the corresponding terminals on the element. If the valve is working, you will hear a characteristic click. Otherwise, the element is defective and should be replaced. The cost of the new element is 350 - 370 rubles (it fits with the VAZ of the tenth family).

To replace the valve, only the slottedscrewdriver. She needs to unscrew the hose clips of the gasoline hoses and poke the edge of the element. The new one must be fitted tightly into the grooves until it clicks. Then put the hoses on the valve and tighten the clamps. At this point, the replacement of the Seversky adsorber valve has been successfully completed.

Can the tank be damaged?

Unlike other cars, where the tank is underseat, the risk of its damage to the "Lada" increases many times. After all, he is not protected in addition. This, too, can cause leaks and an unpleasant smell in the cabin, which comes from the trunk.VAZ 2107 injector smell of petrol in the cabin causes Therefore, when transporting large loads,Ensure maximum safety of the tank (although in most cases it simply crumples). In the event of a breakdown, this element is not repaired and changes entirely. The use of sealant or cold welding can not ensure complete safety.


So, in the article it is considered, for what reasonsthere is an unpleasant smell of gasoline in the cabin on the classic "Zhiguli". As you can see, it is quite possible to repair VAZ-2107 (injector) with your own hands. The tank is not hidden under the seat, so replace any part in a matter of minutes.

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  • How to eliminate the smell of gasoline in the cabin VAZ-2107 (injector): tips How to eliminate the smell of gasoline in the cabin VAZ-2107 (injector): tips How to eliminate the smell of gasoline in the cabin VAZ-2107 (injector): tips How to eliminate the smell of gasoline in the cabin VAZ-2107 (injector): tips How to eliminate the smell of gasoline in the cabin VAZ-2107 (injector): tips How to eliminate the smell of gasoline in the cabin VAZ-2107 (injector): tips How to eliminate the smell of gasoline in the cabin VAZ-2107 (injector): tips How to eliminate the smell of gasoline in the cabin VAZ-2107 (injector): tips How to eliminate the smell of gasoline in the cabin VAZ-2107 (injector): tips How to eliminate the smell of gasoline in the cabin VAZ-2107 (injector): tips