How to fold the napkins

How to fold the napkins?

As the etiquette says, there are a lot of rules regarding how beautifully folding napkins.

  • The first rule: When you give a napkin, you must definitely use it. You can not leave it untouched on the surface of the table. This improvised material is specially designed to wipe the soiled parts of the body with it.
  • Second rule: Do not start laying your napkin forward of the master. Only after he does this, you can take on his own.
  • Third rule: If the size of the napkin is large, you must fold it so that it does not fall off your knees. This component of the festive table should not cause you any inconvenience.
  • The fourth rule: Do not unfold the napkin until you bring your dish.

How to fold the napkins: options and instructions


Take a napkin and just fold it with an accordion, as if you are making a fan. Then bend it in the middle and put on a napkin ring.


  1. The material is folded diagonally.
  2. Right and left corners bend to the upper corner.
  3. Bend the tip of the upper triangle to the base.
  4. Form a circle, for this, pull the side tips back and insert one into the other.
  5. The two upper corners bend down.


  1. Here you can use multi-layer napkins made of paper. Place the material in front of you so that the inner side is on top, and the outer sides should be on the lower right.
  2. Cut the narrow strip to the left.
  3. Unfold the napkin.
  4. Then add it to the accordion.
  5. Pull out the middle.
  6. The cut strip is located in the middle of the material.
  7. Tie the napkin strip.
  8. Turn the first layer of the composition up, then the next one, and so on.

Marquee for three

  1. Place the napkin diagonally.
  2. Now align the right corner with the left one by folding the napkin in half.
  3. Once again fold it in half, aligning the corners.
  4. Put the napkin vertically, slightly straightening the lower corners.

If you are wondering how to fold paper napkins, then the answer is simple - you can use the methods described above, or simply fold it with an accordion. Just smooth from the corner, and then bend it in half.

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