How to gain weight to a teenager

How to gain weight to a teenager?

Because of the rapid growth, adolescents often facewith the problem of lack of weight - the bones grow quickly, and the body weight does not keep up with them. To avoid health problems and provide the body with the necessary resources, many adolescents need to gain weight. Especially athletes, because to competitions often need to meet the standards, weight categories and just be in good shape.

There is a special diet for weight gain,which may suggest how to gain weight to a teenager, but not all of them are suitable, as it is oriented to adults, and their metabolic processes are much slower than in adolescents.

The basis for how to gain weight to a teenager isprotein diet. In the usual diet, we increase caloric content by adding protein (meat, milk, sour cream, butter, eggs) and introducing additional meals and snacks. In order not to earn the disease of the stomach, the entire daily volume of food is better divided into 5-6 small receptions. Since the metabolism in the body of a teenager is accelerated, it is necessary to maintain a balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and a teenager who wants to gain weight is not only possible, but one must regularly eat sweets.

Diet for weight gain

This menu will tell you how quickly to gain weight to a teenager.


Breakfast - porridge on milk with butter and dried fruits or jam + sandwiches with butter, cheese or sausage + orange, banana or apple + tea with sugar, cocoa or coffee with milk or cream.

The second breakfast - yoghurt, is better sweet, fruity+ sandwiches, always with butter, cheese, ham or sausage to choose from + sweet fruit juice, compote or milk. Alternatively, corn flakes or muesli with milk or yogurt + banana. The second breakfast should not be very dense, but it should have a certain proportion of calories allocated per day.


For lunch - be sure to boiled meat soup (soup,borsch, pea) + on the second pasta (add the cheese to increase caloric content) with a chop or fried fish + salad of fresh vegetables (vitamins are very important, so it is desirable to regularly eat fresh vegetables and vegetables), fill it with mayonnaise or sour cream, and not vegetable oil + on the third - a glass of juice, compote or tea + chocolate or bun for dessert.

Afternoon snack

Snack, compared to other meals,rather light: a glass of milk with a biscuit or fruit salad with yogurt, bananas and kiwi (choose other fruits, these must be present in fruit salad because of calorie and vitamins) or a salad of fresh vegetables dressed with mayonnaise or sour cream with cheese. How to gain weight to a teenager, increasing calorie content? In the salad, you can add avocados, it is high in calories and significantly increases the nutritional value of dishes, without making them heavier.


Dinner can be light or thorough independing on the time of day. At night, it's better not to eat up, but if you sit out long enough, you can add another snack after dinner. Dinner options: rice or puree with meat (goulash, beef stroganoff, fried chicken) + juice, milk or tea + bun or chocolate. Option is easier: sweet porridge with candied fruits or nuts + a sandwich with cheese or sausage and butter + tea, juice or milk.

Evening snack is introduced additionally, if forthe day is not calorie-rich, or the day is very active, and the calories you have collected are dropped, or if you sit too long and need more energy. Most often it's milk or kefir with biscuits, juice with a sandwich or a roll is possible.

This diet will tell you how to quickly gain weightbut you can vary it or just add the basic ingredients from it to a normal diet, increasing its calorie content. A nutrition system based on protein foods will help gain weight to a girl or boy without accumulating fats, and will also have a beneficial effect on the developing body. It is important to remember that the body of an adolescent is just forming, the internal organs grow after the bones, vitamins and trace elements are needed. Calcium - to strengthen bones, potassium and magnesium - for the heart, so it is better to accompany the diet with vitamins, for example, a vitamin complex.

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