How to get out of a binge

How to get out of a binge?

Drinking water is the most dangerous form of alcoholdependence, in which a person can not overcome the strongest craving for alcohol. In most cases, because of binge, heavy intoxication of the body occurs and abstinence syndrome develops, which carries a number of mental, somatic, and vegetative disorders, if the dependent tries to stop taking alcohol. It is because of the withdrawal syndrome, when you leave the drinking-bout, your well-being worsens quite a bit, and the binge continues for several months. Bee can be like people have already formed alcohol dependence, and in people who had no alcohol dependence before. People who find themselves in such a relationship, first of all, are interested in: how to get out of a binge, without going to the doctors. It is very important to give up alcohol as soon as possible, so that the situation does not worsen, but it is necessary to observe a "smooth" way out of the drinking-bout, so as not to return to it again soon.

How to get out of the binge yourself

  1. If you want to help the patient get out of the drinking-bout andreturn him to a normal life, you must talk with him and make him make this decision himself, otherwise all attempts will be in vain. If you persuaded the patient or decided to get out of the drinking-bout yourself, then calling all the strength of will and patience, strictly understand for yourself that from this day you can not drink more. It will not be easy to do, but it is necessary not to exacerbate dependence. Do not delay the way out of the binge the next day, if you start in the evening, then by morning some of the poisons will leave the body.
  2. The first day should be spent lying in bed, and inthe next few days you go more to say goodbye to toxins. Remember that fresh air and prolonged sleep are the main condition for getting out of drinking-bout. Walking on the street will quickly restore metabolism, and a prolonged sleep will restore all functions of the body, so to improve the condition, it is recommended to sleep a lot.
  3. To get out of the binge at home, ammonia will help. For this, 2-3 days must be treated at home and take a glass of solution before eating. To prepare the solution, take a glass of water at room temperature and dilute 2 drops of ammonia in it. Stir thoroughly, drink.
  4. Valerian extract in large doses is capable ofhelp get out of the binge and reassure a strong dependence. Dissolve drops in water and do not forget to eat tightly after taking the medicine. Also quickly get out of the drinking binge will help the following solution: mix 20 drops of valokurdin and valoserdine with 1 teaspoon of Leonurus tincture and 1 teaspoon of valerian tincture. To relieve the headache will help traditional aspirin.
  5. To get out of the binge, you can drink a glass of tea with 2 teaspoons of cognac. Before you drink, you should mix everything and put a lemon there.
  6. Do not forget about pickles. To get out of the binge at home, not turning anywhere, it is useful to drink cucumber pickle, brine sauerkraut, kefir and water with squeezed lemon juice. It is also recommended to eat cabbage soup from sour cabbage. Thus, acids neutralize the poison and purify the body of the products of the breakdown of alcohol.
  7. Quickly leave the binge will help mint tincture,which can be purchased at the pharmacy. Mix pure water with tincture: 20 drops of tincture for 1 glass of water. The resulting solution should be drunk several times a day, but remember that during a hangover, a lot of drinking is recommended. And in this case, juices with sour taste. Also take activated charcoal (1 tablet for 10 kg of your weight) and vitamins (vitamin C, B vitamins, glucose, glycine, nicotinic acid) - they will raise the general tone in the body and strengthen it, helping to get out of the drinking-bout.
  8. Bright emotions and work or workloadcan also help get out of the drinking-bout. To distract from the thoughts of alcohol, try to load yourself with things immediately for a few days ahead. Do what has long been collected, but still did not reach the hands. All this will distract you from thinking about drinking alcohol. Also out of the binge at home, according to experts, can help emotional shake. If you do not have heart problems, then any extreme sports activities combined with fresh air will help.
  9. To cleanse the body of toxins, drink herbal decoctions, it is especially recommended to take a broth of dogrose. If there is nausea, it is advisable to add ice to all beverages.
  10. If the above methods did not help, then, ratherIn total, the drinking was so long that the blood had completely been poisoned by alcohol during this time. In this case, do not despair, but be patient and start a gradual exit from the drinking-bout. It is necessary to completely abandon the use of strong spirits and go to beer, which should be taken no more than two or three days. Within two days, you need to consume as much food as possible, washing down with a small amount of beer. On the third day, beer should be excluded, but the volume of food should remain the same. Only in two weeks the amount of food you eat can be reduced. This method will not make you feel very uncomfortable when you give up alcohol dependence and help you get out of drinking-bout yourself without much effort.

Remember that almost any way out of the bingeaccompanied by mild panic, depression and even fear. But if you overcome yourself and are stronger than your desires, dragging you into the abyss of alcohol dependence, then very soon you will start living another, happy life in which happiness is measured not in the amount of alcohol consumed, but in your health and well-being.

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