How to install a stove in the sauna with your own hands

How to install a stove in the sauna with your own hands

In the Russian bath not only wash, but also strengthenhealth. And to make her happy with her warmth and served for several decades, the owner of the building needs to have an idea of ​​how to install a stove in the sauna. After all, it is a source of heat, its quality and type depends not only on how warm and cozy the steam room will be, but also the mood of the owner and his friends / guests.

How to build a stove for a bath with your own hands

how to install a sauna in the saunaWithout this very important part, the steam room will notthis steam room. Before you can install a stove in the sauna, you should think about it before you start work. First of all, you need to decide on the model. If a brick oven is laid out, then the foundation is laid before it. If metal, then under it the base is not required. Of course, you can make changes to the ready-made interior of the bath, but such innovations will take more time and will require more funds. Yes, and it will be much more difficult.

Acquiring metal stoves in the bath, it is important to read the instructions for their installation. And if you do the stove yourself, then you need to perform a number of construction works.

Rules for installation

When installing the oven, you must adhere to the general rules and regulations necessary to ensure proper operation and safety.

wood stoves in the bathThe most important rule is that the ovenshould be from flammable materials at a distance of 1.5 meters, and the chimney - is led through a specially arranged in the ceiling and roof passage. To avoid the ignition of wooden structures, the chimney is wrapped with a steel sheet. In the resulting space, a thermal insulation is laid-claydite or basalt cotton wool.

There are ready-made sandwich constructions for the chimney. They are two pipes of different diameters, between which a non-flammable insulating material is laid. But in the finished form the chimney will be more expensive.

Foundation under the stove

Before you install the oven in the sauna, you need toto equip a non-combustible coating. To make the structure more reliable and safe, its installation is performed on a previously prepared base made of fireclay bricks or concrete. The foundation for a stove in a bath should be absolutely even and strong. Most often, the floors in the sauna are wooden - and then to ensure fire safety, a steel sheet is laid on them. Its value should exceed the stove size by 50%. On top of the steel lay an asbestos sheet or tile. Also there are ready-made protective screens, made of steel with a cross section of 0.8 under the stove in the bath

Most often install either wood stoves inbath, or those that will be drowned in charcoal. In this case, it is necessary to arrange a metal pad in front of the door, which must be of a relatively large size, so that the ignition does not occur from accidentally dropped coals. It is also recommended to protect the space around the furnace with non-combustible materials. The walls of the log are protected by shields made of steel sheet and heat insulation.

Furnaces, metal

metal stoves in the bathThe advantage of them is that the metal heats upfaster brick. Consequently, less fuel is needed. Such a stove is good because it is easy to mount it, and the price is affordable for everyone. Metal furnaces can be ordered by individual order, and can be purchased and factory-made.

This design has a significant drawback - after the cessation of the furnace it very quickly cools.

Furnaces made of bricks

Brick stove is the most practicaloption, but expensive and time consuming. This kind of oven gives a softer heat, keeping it for a long time. One of the advantages of the heater is its safety, since there is no risk of getting burned. But along with the merits, it has one drawback. This structure is very slowly heated. In this regard, a large amount of fuel is required.

Principles of laying brick brick

Before you install the oven in the sauna, you need totake into account several important nuances. You should pay attention to the order of the brick - it is carried out carefully. If a large oven is put in, then its power will be quite high.

Particular attention is paid to the solution for laying the furnace. It is kneaded by special technology on clay, which must be soaked in advance and allowed to stand for a while.

Laying a brick kiln in a bath house leads,observing the norms and requirements. To make the structure strong, you need to align the angles and rows using the level. As will be laid out the third row, they begin to build in the doors of the mud. To avoid skewing, they must be twisted by wire and in this condition remain until the end of the work.stoves in the bath with their own hands

During the laying of the fourth row,a deepening for the bars, through which ash will be poured into the ash-pit. Masonry is carried to the desired height to install the tank, which is installed on the channels, mounted in the furnace. To keep the tank from burning for a long time, it can be trimmed with asbestos.

Brick masonry is carried out until the level untilit will not close the tank from all sides. Do not forget about the doors for firewood. Clutch leads up to the twenty-third brick. After they begin to lift the pipe. Clutch pipes lead to polkirpicha. Its height depends on the height of the roof, but it should be 1.5 meters above the roof level.

Arranging a brick oven, with special attentionIt is necessary to monitor the seams between the elements. Their thickness should be less than 5 mm. Seams should be thoroughly sealed with a solution to avoid smoke leakage through them.

When installing the oven in the bath with your own hands,Do not make mistakes and mount the design competently. To do this, you need to make calculations and draw a plan for the location of the heater. When creating a drawing, it is important to remember that the oven itself should be located at a distance of one meter from the walls, and the pipe - be removed through a pre-made chimney.

When installing shelves and benches, a distance of 1.5 meters from the furnace is observed. Its door should be in the corner of the bath. And it is even better to arrange a firebox in the dressing room.

During the construction process, many questions arise, includingnumber and how to install a stove in the sauna. The most important stage is a well executed base under the furnace. The best option is to prepare a place during the laying of the foundation. For this purpose, they are poured specially a separate area, taking into account the size of the future furnace. This area will be the basis for the heater.

Installation of a metal furnace

If a metal furnace is mounted, thenthe absence of a foundation is not a problem. The weight of the product is usually small, so you can make a stand on the floor of steel sheet, brick and fireproof plate.

the right stove in the bath

A stove is fixed to the floor with screws. A brick is laid on it with the help of a mortar. After the solution has dried, a steel sheet is attached to the special glue. It is necessary to wait two days before the mixture dries completely and only after that the assembly of the product is carried out.

If an oven is madefactory manufacturer, then before starting work, you should carefully study the instructions and strictly follow its rules. If the design has been made on an individual order, then it is necessary to seek advice from the furnace master.

Once the foundation is ready, you caninstall the oven. The dimensions of the stand must strictly correspond to the parameters of the stove. It must be located in the furnace door to the entrance. The oven itself should be in the corner of the steam room.

Chimney and pipe installation

The next step after the installation of the furnace is the arrangement of the chimney and the installation of the pipe.

In modern construction for a more aestheticMany of the types of buildings used square chimneys. But such a design is not practical, because the soot quickly assembles in the corners, and it will often have to be cleaned.

The correct stove in the bath is one that has a pipe,made of stainless steel. Its shape should be round. The cross-section of the pipe should correspond to the diameter of the inlet hole in the stove. Its minimum length should be 5 meters.

Capacity setting

Often in elite baths are installed boilers forwater heating. They are easy to install, and the devices are powered by electricity. The boiler can be located anywhere. Of course, this option is optimal in the case when all communications are connected to the bath, and the size of the building also allows.

But what if there are no such conditions? When there is no possibility to use a water heater, then there is an alternative - to arrange a stove in a bath with a tank. This design allows heating water during furnace heating.

Install a tank near or above the stove. This option will be optimal not only in the absence of electricity, but also if the structure is small in size.

In rare cases, a tank for a stove in a bathis installed directly on the stove. But this is not the best option, since this design contributes to the creation of a cold plug, and this prevents the furnace from melting. If the container comes into contact with the inlet pipe, condensation forms in it - and as a result, the chimney quickly gets clogged with soot and soot.


a tank for a stove in a bathThere are several important points, under which the bath will last for many years and will please the owners with their warmth and comfort.

First, as a supplement to the aboveyou can advise to strictly observe safety precautions. This is not news that the cause of burning baths is most often a stove. And basically the fire begins at the places of contact with the wooden structures through which the chimney passes.

If an electric installation is planned in the bathhousefurnace, it is also necessary to provide electrical safety. In this case, the wiring is carefully calculated by summing the power of all the devices.

When the steam room is small in size, and there is a metal oven in it, there is a risk of getting burned. In this case, it is better to overlay it with a brick or arrange a partition like a screen.

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  • How to install a stove in the sauna with your own hands How to install a stove in the sauna with your own hands How to install a stove in the sauna with your own hands How to install a stove in the sauna with your own hands How to install a stove in the sauna with your own hands How to install a stove in the sauna with your own hands How to install a stove in the sauna with your own hands How to install a stove in the sauna with your own hands How to install a stove in the sauna with your own hands How to install a stove in the sauna with your own hands