How to make a fountain

How to make a fountain?

Water is one of the things contemplation is capable ofbring peace and tranquility, which is why people like to create small ponds in their dachas, in the yard or at home. One of the most popular mini-reservoirs are fountains, which are able to bring a pleasant variety to the situation. Not everyone knows that making a fountain at home is easy enough and you can do without the help of other people.

Doing it yourself

The design of the fountain, as a rule, has little effect on itsconstruction, since the principle of work always remains unchanged. The most important detail of any fountain is the pump, thanks to which the whole structure works.

Before you make a fountain with your own hands, do notStint and get a quality pump. If you plan to make a small fountain, then you better get a submersible pump. For larger fountains, it is recommended to buy a pump, which is located near the fountain, and it is important to correctly calculate its required power.

It is necessary to start the creation of a garden fountain witharrangement of a pit for him. It is in it and will drain water when the pump. In the future, a tank of plastic or stainless steel will need to be installed in this pit. It will be easier for you to calculate the pit dimensions if you buy the tank in advance. It should be free to fit into the pit, and its edges should be about 5 cm lower than the ground level. It is recommended not to place a garden fountain in a sunny or windy place, as the water will quickly evaporate from it and you will have to top up the water more often.

If you do not have a reservoir, and you do not know howmake a fountain without it; do not despair, it's quite simple. In this case, you have to strengthen the bottom and walls of the excavated pit with a reinforcing mesh. After that you will have to make the formwork from metal sheets and pour them with concrete. After complete hardening of the concrete it will need to be primed. If you do not want to apply a primer, you need to pre-align the pit walls very well and cover them with water film.

Installing the pump

We continue to review how to make a home fountain. After the tank or pit for your future fountain is finished, you need to install the pump. The submersible pump must be placed on the bottom of the fountain. To do this, it needs to make a concrete or metal stand. It is important that after installing the pump, the nozzle is placed above the surface of the water, and it does not touch the bottom at the same time.

If the pump needs to be installed next to the fountain,it is desirable to install it as close as possible to the fountain in order to provide the necessary water pressure. After installing the pump, it must be connected to the nozzle, from which water will pour.

Most modern pumps are connected tothe electrical network, therefore, it is necessary to take responsibility for connecting the pump responsibly. To secure the pump, you will need to purchase a dielectric housing, as well as waterproof connectors and cable. If you have not laid the wires previously, contact a professional for assistance.

The spray tube, as a rule, is mountedvertically. If you are making a fountain in the courtyard, you better buy a ceramic or bronze sprayer, since they are frost-resistant. For a home fountain, you can buy any nebulizer.

For those who do not know how to do itmini-fountain and what materials are needed for this, the stores have ready-made sets of pump, hose with nozzles and other details for the fountain. Usually they are accompanied by detailed instructions on assembly and connection.

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