How to make a shield

How to make a shield?

If you are a role-player, then you probably need good equipment, for example, a shield that you can make yourself. In this article we will talk about how to make a shield yourself.

What is it for?

Shield is needed for parents who have smallchildren, because a child on the New Year may need a knight's costume, and for him need a sword and shield. But a shield can also come in handy for an adult person. Various costumed parties, theater productions and accurate reproduction of knightly battles may require participants to have a shield.

First of all, intending to make a shield fromany material, you need to determine its size and shape. You can draw a draft drawing on paper to make sure its dimensions are correct.

Also lovers of knightly armor should know,that shields are of different shapes: long almond shaped, shorter oval. Also, you need to think ahead of the coloring of the shield and, depending on this, pick up the material for its manufacture.

Cardboard Shield

For the child for the morning in the kindergarten there is nothe need to make a shield of expensive or heavy material. In this case, the ideal material for manufacturing will be cardboard. Here are some tips on how to make a shield for a child.

  • It should be remembered that such a shield should be small in size, the mount should be installed so that it fits comfortably in the hand, and the product itself should not interfere with the child during the holiday.
  • To produce a shield, you can buy a Whatman, cut out a shield of the necessary shape, make a holder for the hand from the fabric, which is attached to the back side of the shield.
  • Attach the holder with glue or double-sided tape. Now it remains only to paint the shield with those colors that would harmonize with the child's costume.

Plywood Shield

The most light, but lasting, is a shield made of plywood. First you need to determine the proportions of the shield, calculate all the small details in order to avoid unevenness and asymmetry.

Next, you need to decide what the shield will be: flat or slightly arched. If flat, for this you can use a single-ply plywood. If there is a desire to bend it a little, it will be necessary to glue two sheets of plywood of the right size under the press.

After gluing and drying the shield under the press,where he must be for several days, the shield must be cut out. For this, a jigsaw or band saw perfectly fits. For the accuracy of the lines, the approximate pattern should be applied to the plywood on the reverse side and cut along the drawn lines. After cutting, the shield needs to be sanded with sandpaper, remove all the notches and make it smooth. To get rid of the sharp edges of the shield, you can use the rasp.

Now you can start decorating. It is worth thinking about how to colorize or decorate the shield. On it it is possible to make drawing by paints, preliminary having primed a shield and giving to a material the most smooth form, and it is possible for such purposes to use a fabric.

To give the shield an ancient species, you canThe front part can be covered with canvas, linen cloth or leather. To do this, cut out the tissue of the necessary size and glue it to the board with joinery glue. The back of the shield is most often covered with dermatome, it must also be glued. But it's worth thinking about where the shield will be used. If, during the reproduction of battles, it is possible to place a layer of foam rubber or soft cloth under the dermatine, which will smooth out the blows when the sword touches the shield. Now you need to make the edging of the shield. Ideal will be edging of rawhide, which is perfectly bent and hides wrinkles.

The turn of the handle for the shield holder came. The most comfortable leather belt, which will not slide in the hand. Attach it better with bolts, so that the handle firmly holds on the shield. It is necessary to make two handles, one of which will fix the arm at the elbow, and the second will be in the hand. You can think over and armrest, making it soft. The shield is almost ready. It remains to paint it or sew on it the appropriate symbols. Here's how to make a shield yourself!

Wooden Shield

You can also consider how to makeshield of wood. The principle is the same as when manufacturing a shield from plywood. It should be taken into account that the wooden shield will be somewhat heavier than plywood and it will not be so easy to use it.

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