How to make bezmyllynye mormyshki own hands. Bezmyllynye mormyshki on roach

How to make bezmyllynye mormyshki own hands. Bezmyllynye mormyshki on roach

Roach roach on bezmyllnye mormyshki every daybecomes more popular among fishermen. Despite the fact that most people treat them with some doubt. This is due to the setbacks that have occurred in the development of fishing with this device.bezel

On bezmyllynye mormyshki it is caught as a predatory fish(pike, pike perch or perch), and roach or bream. With the increase in the number of proponents of fishing of this type, their technical equipment is also growing. Everyone has his catching tackle, his secret game by this device. And also for many there is an individual opinion about the organization of fishing on bezmotilnye mormyshki. The most catchy periods are the last and first ice.

General requirements for bezmylalnoy tackle

In this case, there are some criteria. There are several main requirements for bezmyltil fishing that you need to know. The first is the weight of the mormyshka. It should be at least weighty. Since there is an opinion that the easier bezmotilnye mormyshki, the larger catch can calculate the fisherman. The most successful of these devices are those that are made of tin, lead, copper and tungsten. A small mormyshke must match the line. This is an important factor. It is necessary that the line is in tension, and also it should not be thick. With the help of a sensitive nod, which is picked up under the windless mormyshki on the roach in an individual order, you can notice all the touches to this device and at the right moment to do the cutting. The alarm must not be bulky, so that it lies well in the palm of your hand and does not knock down the game of mormyshka. The coil brake in this case is adjusted so that the line is severely jerked under tension.bezmotilnye mormyshki on roach

The fridge

Catching roaches on bezmyllnye mormyshki, photowhich are provided in this article, is carried out by fishing rods of 2 types. Namely balalaika sports or ordinary with a handle and a coil. The rod of the first type lies well in the palm of your hand. But with a reel with a coil, it is better to cope with the bleeding of the line. In this case, the choice depends on your own desire.bezmotlnye mormyshki photo


These products are steel, lavsan orpolycarbonate. Each of them has peculiar features. For example, lavsan nods are soft. Under them pick up small mormyshki, which are designed for catching roach, perch, ruff at a shallow depth. Metal nods come in a variety of thicknesses. They correspond to mormyshkas of any weight. Nods made of metal are designed for heavier fish. They are selected specifically for each mormyshku so that under its weight they bend at an angle of about 45 degrees in a horizontal position.

Tackles for roach fishing

This individual in the reservoirs is quite the sameis distributed, as a result of this, it will not be difficult to detect it. She likes clean and warm water, mostly without silt. Catching a roach without a backbone requires a certain amount of patience and diligence. This cautious and cunning fish. Pick up catchy bezmotilnye mormyshki and catch a considerable number of fish on them - the occupation is not quite simple. Next, we'll figure out what kinds of devices are available.grindless mormyshki own hands

Types of bezmotilnyh mormyshkas

There are many varieties of this product. For catching roach mormyshki it is desirable to choose curved or flat-convex. In the latter case, there is a certain condition. It consists in that the convexity is directed downward. Tied at an angle bezmotilnye mormyshki on a roach except the game will still swing around its own axis. This is a great attraction for this individual.

Remarkably showed itself on a large bream and roach mormyshka "Dreissena." Its weight is from 0.5 to 0.7 grams. For a shallow depth (2-4 meters) the line is 0.1 mm.

Among anglers, the black muzzles of the "Ant" with the addition of yellow and white beads have proved to be very good. They are excellent at pecking roach.

This fish is caught also on small leadĀ«DevilsĀ». To good bezmotylkam can be attributed and the "goat". It looks like a "devil", but has a different game. Tie it preferably at an angle of 45-60 degrees.

Experienced fishermen advise not to forget the "Uralka". This is one of the very old mormyshkas. Responding to her responsibly roach and other fish.

The color of baits is chosen more natural and notbright. Brass and copper mormyshkins will come off. At the roach, the bezmotlka means dressing the hooks of various cambric beads or colored beads. They are in this case a lot of significant elements. For roach, an excellent combination is considered black and white or the latter two. But you can at any time be able to experiment depending on the preferences of the fish and the conditions of catching on this pond. In late February, practicing the use of dark green and gray beads.

After reading this paragraph, you can answer the question about which bezmotilnye mormyshki most catchy. But still they are selected individually.making bezmotilnyh mormyshkas

A game

Surely you can say a certain fact. Namely, that the roach in different reservoirs prefers a different game. The fish taste varies depending on the time of day, season, weather. Basically, on any hole, about five to six game cycles are carried out. At the maximum bait frequency, we achieve the minimum amplitude. Namely, it is gradually and slowly raised. If there is no bite, then go to another game tactic. That is, we tap the bottom of the bait, accelerate, stop, change the amplitude and frequency of the oscillations. This all needs to be done in an orderly manner in a particular system. If the fish has pecked, then we try to catch, copying the resultant wiring. If there has not been a bite, then we are replacing the mormyshky with another one.Catchy bezmotilnye mormyshki


In this regard, there are also certain nuances. During fishing on large reservoirs use a bait, which will concentrate the fish at the point of fishing. This should be known. At a considerable depth, the bait is delivered to the bottom in the feeding trough. At shallow depths, it is only necessary to drop it at the site of the supposed fishing. In this case, the bait can serve as crackers, bran with the addition of bloodworm and a small portion of the aromatic additive in the form of dill odor or anise oil. It will perfectly attract the specified individual. It is important not to overdo with the additive. In winter, a strong smell can scare off the fish.

Where to look?

A roach is a schooling fish and all the timemoves. They feed on the depth. With the onset of winter, the roach is kept near the shore. It does not need to be searched in flooded bushes, in places with plant remains. To lift mormyshku during the game must be slow, 1-2 mm per second with a slightly noticeable wiggle. Bites of this fish are cautious. It should be remembered that it is not worth catching a roach in the deaf-mow. Since the flocks of this fish move through the last ice throughout the territory of the reservoir. They in this case can be anywhere. It is important to find a walking fish actively. Particularly good fish is caught when the ice crackles under the weight of a person. Often bites occur near the surface during the lifting of the mormish. Many fishermen noticed that the roach bites exclusively in its horizon. If the mormish leaves its limits, then bites can stop. It is necessary to remember the productive horizons and there to continue to catch.types of fatless mormys


In this plan, there are also specific criteria. Bites of small roach from perch similar actions are marked by a sharp jerk of nods down. This should be remembered. Constantly you should watch for a nod. Since the fish, biting the bait, immediately releases it. If the nod is straightened, then no need to hack it. Wait for the next bite. For a while, the nod was in a bent position. As soon as it rises, it must be cut. The bait at this moment is in the fish in the mouth, and the weight of the mormyshka can scare her. Biting the roach larger is characterized by stopping the nod and bending it down. This individual is well aware of pressure changes and a sharp change of weather. At these intervals, you should not count on her biting. Having mastered catching on the windlass, you can use these skills for fishing on bream, perch and other individuals.what sleepless mormyshki most catching

Bezmyllynye mormyshki own hands

In this case it should be noted an importantfact. Namely, the fact that you can buy bezmotilnye mormyshki in a store selling products for anglers, and do it yourself. There are generally several ways to make this tackle. Basically, the injection method is used, but for domestic conditions it is not quite suitable. Because it can damage human health. In addition, it is characterized by greater complexity. This is precisely why fishermen are advised to use a different method, which allows the finished product to be given any size and shape. In this case it is soldering. Also, its advantage is the likelihood of modifying the existing already available mormyshki, if it has any shortcomings or it does not quite manage its task. Also, during the soldering process, various hooks are used. If you immediately create a sleepless mormyshka failed with your own hands, do not get upset. After all, it can always be remade.

So, let's consider next several methods of such process, as manufacturing bezmotilnyh mormyshikami own hands.

Method number 1

To do this, we initially melt the pieces of lead. At the same time, it is necessary to observe safety precautions in order not to burn yourself or to avoid other unpleasant consequences. For these purposes, you should at least use a tin can. When the mass has cooled, the desired shape is given to it, thanks to the remaining elasticity. It is desirable that it was rounded. For this, an ordinary small hammer is used. Then the blank is covered with a thin metal plate and rolled out so that a piece of lead is equal in length, and the cross section of it will take the necessary shape. By adjusting the shape of the slope, the material can be given almost any configuration. At the end, a hole is made in the upper part of the future homemade bezmotilnoy mormyshka. This is done to fasten the hook. Then this product is equipped with bright large beads, beads, which can be fixed with special glue on multi-colored cambriches. Making such a bait is very convenient. Since any angler is given the opportunity to make unique data of the device with his own hands. Having carried out a number of certain experiments and carrying out an underwater investigation, the sleepless mormyshkas you can make quite effective.

Method number 2

This method of manufacturing saidThe device is also simple. To do this, you need to take the hook. Its number should be 2.5 - 4. After that, the fore-end of the hook is carried out by winding several layers of brass or copper wire, the diameter of which should be from 0.2 to 0.4 mm. Then blow the fishing line into the ring. During fishing, this grindless mormyshka assumes a vertical position. The roach is perfectly caught on this bait. In this case, you can put on the hook segments of red, green or yellow insulation. You can also attach a few beads.

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  • How to make bezmyllynye mormyshki own hands. Bezmyllynye mormyshki on roach How to make bezmyllynye mormyshki own hands. Bezmyllynye mormyshki on roach How to make bezmyllynye mormyshki own hands. Bezmyllynye mormyshki on roach How to make bezmyllynye mormyshki own hands. Bezmyllynye mormyshki on roach How to make bezmyllynye mormyshki own hands. Bezmyllynye mormyshki on roach How to make bezmyllynye mormyshki own hands. Bezmyllynye mormyshki on roach How to make bezmyllynye mormyshki own hands. Bezmyllynye mormyshki on roach How to make bezmyllynye mormyshki own hands. Bezmyllynye mormyshki on roach How to make bezmyllynye mormyshki own hands. Bezmyllynye mormyshki on roach How to make bezmyllynye mormyshki own hands. Bezmyllynye mormyshki on roach