How to make money on affiliate programs

How to make money on affiliate programs?

Affiliate programs for earnings - a relatively new type of profitable Internet business, whose popularity is growing every day. According to affiliate users, experienced users receive up to $ 100 per day in this way. Impressed? Then read on how to achieve this.

What are affiliate programs?

The scheme of affiliate programs is quite simple and suitable for those who want to start a business from scratch. Company “X” has a product / service that needs to be sold, for example, hosting. A company can use only its own resources (place ads on its website and in its groups on social networks) and attract 1000 customers, or it can use other sellers (referrers), promising them a commission on sales and increasing the number of consumers of their services (referrals) with their help. 5, 10, 20 and more times.


Profitable? Sure. Therefore, the Internet is full of offers from various companies looking for enthusiasts who want to make money on promoting someone else's products.

It’s easy to become a partner of one of the programs: you need to register on the partner’s website by filling out the proposed form and get an affiliate (referral) link. It performs the role of a personal “identifier”, according to which the affiliate platform will track the clients that have come from you.

After registering, you will have a personal account with access to the conversion statistics for your link, sales figures and accrual of amounts. Convenient service that allows you to verify the integrity of the partner and monitor the timeliness of payments.

Where to begin?

The main condition for effective cooperation and earnings in the framework of affiliate programs is to have your own popular blog or site with high traffic. This is the main, but not the only tool for your earnings, through it you will direct the flow of customers to a partner resource.

Earnings scheme

First of all, it is necessary to place on your resource the referral link sent during registration. Listen to the advice of experienced users.

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When choosing between placing a text (active) link and a banner, give preference to the first one.Most people negatively perceive advertising, ignoring it or simply blocking with the help of special programs. Therefore, the banner, no matter how attractive it is, will remain unnoticed by this category of users, and you will lose potential referrers.

The link, skillfully “interwoven” in the context of the author’s material, looks unobtrusively and causes the user interest, prompting him to switch to the partner’s resource and see if it is financially interesting as you describe it.

Placing the referral link in the text:

  • Do not put it at the beginning of the material. At this stage, the user is not yet ready to go to the affiliate site, as he has just begun to get acquainted with the essence of the program. In other words, he has not even seen the apple, so he is not ready to buy it;
  • know: the most successful placement of the referral link is the last paragraph. At this point, the user is ready to make a choice, so the time has come to “cut”, i.e., unobtrusively redirect to the affiliate site;
  • hide the "tail". Many users believe that in the case of a referral link, the referrer’s reward will be deducted from their income,therefore, they cut off the second part of the link ( - “tail”), leaving only the website address and visiting it no longer as a referrer attracted by you, but as a referral partner.

Experienced users have learned to hide the "tail", thereby preventing the possibility of its cutting off. They resort to the help of free services, which reduce the referral link and do not allow users to select the site URL from it.

Hide the "tail" will help free services and, where it is enough to drive the address of the link and get in response to the "truncated" version.

Types of affiliate programs

Conventionally, affiliate programs can be divided into 4 categories:

Armpit money

  1. Pay per click. You get a reward for each user who has clicked to the partner’s website through your referral link. It does not matter if he becomes a referrer or leaves the affiliate site immediately - you get the money anyway. It is quite simple to attract such clients - the earnings from the clicks are also available to children, but such work is also inexpensive: from $ 0.01 to $ 0.03 for the transition.
  2. C pay for shows. In this case, the partner pays for displaying his banner on your site; visitors do not even need to click on the advertisement.At first glance, it is tempting, but to earn a lot on this will not work: the price per 1000 impressions averages $ 5.
  3. Pay per action. By choosing this type of affiliate program, you will receive a reward for each visitor who came to the site using your link and performed certain actions: who filled out the questionnaire, downloaded the file, took part in the survey, etc. Earnings depend on the program, but it will be definitely higher, than in the first two cases, however, it is much more difficult to find such users.
  4. With pay per sale. Becoming a partner of such a program, you get a percentage of transactions / purchases made by visitors who came to your referral link. The attractiveness of such affiliate programs lies in a fairly high percentage of commission (in some cases it reaches 40% of the purchase amount).

Money through the computer

If your referrer becomes a regular customer of a partner, then your income will be constant, even if in the future he will make purchases, not following a referral link.

It is impossible to say which of the programs listed above is most profitable for earning money. Much depends on your potential and preferences.However, be prepared for the fact that the work will have a lot and hard.

Choosing affiliate programs for earnings

Beginners, first encountered with referral programs, it is difficult to make the right choice. It is impossible to predict which of them will make a profit, and which one will disappoint. However, there are several criteria that will help reduce the likelihood of failure:

Web pages

  1. Choose affiliate programs that offer a unique, original and high-quality product / service. Uniqueness arouses the interest of the consumer and guarantees low competition, and even its complete absence, creating the most favorable conditions for promotion.
  2. For example, you can join an affiliate program for sales of a master class on the subject of innovative tools of modern advertising, thankfully, foreign marketers visit us regularly, bringing interesting and useful new products from abroad.
  3. The product / service of the affiliate program should correspond to the theme of your site. Promoting astrology courses with the help of the computer games blog is ineffective: your visitors have completely different interests and preferences.
  4. Do not be lazy to check whether this product is in the public domain, because then the sale loses its meaning. For example, you contracted to promote the master class of Mrs. Ivanova “How to marry a foreigner”, and its pirated copies are already “walking” on the Internet. It is unlikely that you will buy what you can download for free.
  5. Prefer long-term affiliate programs that sell reusable products / services. For example, website hosting and e-mailing will always be in demand, therefore, income will be brought regularly.
  6. Consider the size of the commission. If you decide to attract referrers with the help of contextual advertising, you will have to bear certain expenses: the minimum cost of an advertising campaign in Yandex. Direct is $ 10. The resulting reward should not only cover them, but also leave in your pocket an amount of money that suits you.
  7. Pay attention to the payment of remuneration. Experienced users are advised to look closely at the affiliate program, transferring a commission to your e-wallet twice a month.
  8. There are several payment options for referrers, including cash on delivery.Some users do not trust electronic payments, preferring to pay for goods upon receipt. Do not discount them, they constitute a significant segment of potential customers.
  9. The offer of information and technical support by the partner is a weighty argument in favor of choosing this program. Promotional materials will help you quickly find customers and get your first money.

Income generation scheme

The most famous affiliate programs for earnings: Ozon, YouTube, LovePlanet, Alavar.

Ways to attract referrers

Using what to attract referrers? Where to look for them and how to push for the transition to a partner resource? There are free and paid ways to redirect potential customers to the site, in which you act as a referral.


The scheme of work with your site and referral link, we described above. But there are other possibilities:

  • Through your blog, if you choose the option to create a resource on one of the free-sites.
  • Through question and answer services. The most famous of them - and The procedure is quite simple - you register on the portal, choose a group whose topics coincide with the product / services offered by the partner, and publish the announcement of the article in which the referral link is posted.
  • Social network.Finding relevant subject groups is not difficult. Unobtrusively join the conversation and talk about your offer between times. You can create your own group, but you have to spend a lot of effort to expand the number of its subscribers.
  • Forums Themed talkers are great for promoting relevant products and services. Looking for referrers for weight loss courses? Choose women's communities - in almost every group there is a group that wants to lose weight. Do you offer online games? Pick up gamers' portals where they actively discuss the latest news from the game world.
  • Posting on someone else's blog. Perhaps its author will agree to place your article with a referral link free of charge, if it is unique, interesting and optimized. Choose blogs that are visited by at least 500 people a day.


Your post should not resemble advertising - it scares visitors. Imagine yourself as a regular user, a little better guided in a given topic and wanting to share his knowledge with others, then your information will look organic and generate interest.


"Frontal version" can be called contextual advertising. The most efficient services are Yandex.Direct and Google AdSense. The user looks at such an advertisement for only a few seconds, during this time you have to hook on a potential client and make him click on the link.

Screen page

To achieve such a result, analyze the key requests (Yandex. Wordstat will come to the rescue) and compose with their help a “killer” or intriguing headline, forcing the user to click on it and get on the affiliate platform. In the case of contextual advertising, you pay per click to get your target audience.

This is done using webmaster services. As an example, we’ll cite the link exchanges Go Get Links and Miralinks, which act as intermediaries between webmasters interested in the profitability of their site, and SEO optimizers who need to promote resources and go to the exchange to buy link mass.

After registering on such a portal as an optimizer, it is worth launching a new campaign, selecting thematic blogs and placing referral links on their pages.

Where to look for affiliate programs?

Referral programs are best sought through intermediary services that combine dozens and even hundreds of affiliate programs on their sites.Here are some of them.

Affiliate Network Merits disadvantages

Over 500 affiliate programs

Affiliate filter by categories, topics, type of traffic

The presence of affiliate rating confirming their effectiveness

Referral commission - 5%

Long consideration of applications

Over 200 affiliate programs

Access to accounts in social networks

Adapted to all CMS

The ability to install a rotator, excluding re-viewing ads

Referral commission - 5%

Weak selection of themes, best represented games

About 200 affiliate programs

Wide selection of topics

Convenient settings and tools (rotator, link shortening, etc.)

The presence of affiliate status, which reflects the level of attendance and content content

The minimum payment is 300 rubles.

Referral commission - 5%

Users complain about the limited functionality of the personal account
Where is the elephant?

A wide selection of affiliate programs for online stores

XML / CSV-unloading product catalog

The minimum payment is 300 rubles.

Referral commission - 5%

No tracking of sources of leads and traffic backups

Multifunctional (teasers, banner and contextual advertising, etc.)

Minimum payout is $ 5

Referral commission - 5%

Strict referral requirements

The minimum payment is 1000 rubles.


Created under the Ukrainian traffic

Payment of calls for some affiliates

No tracking of sources of leads and traffic backups

Created under the Ukrainian traffic

Comfortable admin

A variety of affiliate programs

Loyal referral requirements

There is no teaser block, traffic back and banner rotator

More partner networks and users rating their level of reliability are looking for on

Affiliate Programs: Newbie Mistakes

Beginners who enthusiastically take on the cause, often instead of earning receive a negative result. We will list the mistakes made by inexperienced users, nullifying all efforts to attract customers:

  • Inappropriate traffic. Many people mistakenly believe that more visitors automatically guarantee big sales. Spam mailings are getting involved, attracting visitors through the axle boxes, etc. Clients attracted in this way rarely subscribe to free products, and do not buy paid products at all. Search for your target audience, select platforms where your customer “hangs out”, and act through them.
  • Bad choice of partner. On the criteria for the choice of affiliate, we wrote above. It remains to add: newcomers should not choose affiliate programs for earnings, selling expensive goods. Learn from products whose value does not exceed $ 55.
  • Incorrect number of affiliate programs. The maximum number of referral programs that a beginner should work with is 10. Start with two, while testing as many more. According to the test results, select the most profitable and accumulate your ten, which will become the basis of a steady income.
  • Ignorance of the product. Becoming a partner, be interested in not only the amount of remuneration, but also the characteristics of the product being sold. After all, you will have to choose the target audience and look for platforms to attract it.
  • Using your own website as the only promotion tool. The site is necessary and important, but with it one you can not cope with the affiliate program. Activate 2-3 channels of advertising at the same time, then the result will be more significant.
  • Poor quality texts. The materials copied from other resources or written dryly and uninteresting do not excite the user's interest and do not prompt to follow the link. It turns out that there is a visitor, but there is no result.

People's choice

You are not able to write texts yourself - order on the copywriting exchanges (Advego,, Get high-quality content and only then engage in attracting customers.

We hope our tips will help you make your first money online, and then earn a million.

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  • How to make money on affiliate programs

    How to make money on affiliate programs

    How to make money on affiliate programs

    How to make money on affiliate programs

    How to make money on affiliate programs

    How to make money on affiliate programs

    How to make money on affiliate programs

    How to make money on affiliate programs

    How to make money on affiliate programs

    How to make money on affiliate programs

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