How to make yourself delicious nails


How to make the most "appetizing" nails

Today in a fashion "tasty" nails. If this is a joke of fashion design houses, then, you see, it’s very appetizing. Black eggs on well-groomed fingers look very attractive and original. What do designers offer this year?

She made a manicure on sharp nails in the form of blood drips ... For some reason, they began to skip ahead in lines and keep away at stops.

"Tasty" idea

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It is not known who came up with the idea of ​​caviar nails. But there is a version that at one of the parties, someone noticed how interesting and appetizing the egg rolled from the sandwich to the nail looked.

The idea immediately migrated to the podium. And now, at the fashion show of famous companies, slender, long-legged girls, naturally walking along the path, demonstrate a “delicious” manicure on thin, well-groomed fingers.

This year, the style of style, which is strongly advocated courses for manicure, took the lead and firmly consolidated its position. What else will remain in the trend? What ideas did the fashion design houses offer?

Fashionable manicure styles for this season:

  • caviar, which means black caviar;
  • nude, which translates as naked;
  • fruit;
  • wine;
  • lunar;
  • service jacket;
  • gradient;
  • color mix.

So, take a closer look at each style, so to speak, let's try it on ourselves in terms of manicure courses. Let's start with yummy.

Caviar manicure

He really looks on nails so naturally that I really want to try it. Although it is done very simply. Probably the most prestigious manicure courses have already mastered it perfectly.

Sugar nails

Step-by-step manicure technique:

  1. Do the usual classic manicure. But since the square shape of the nail is no longer in vogue, round the edges, giving them an almond shape.
  2. Cover your nails with a layer of any decorative varnish. Let dry.
  3. Lay the black beads evenly on a napkin.
  4. Apply another coat of varnish, not letting it dry.
  5. Carefully lay the nail on the beads, press lightly for 10 seconds.
  6. Remove from a napkin a nail, correct irregularities with tweezers. Let dry a little longer than usual. The fixer is not worth covering.
  7. Only 20-30 minutes, even at home, and you are in trend.

Fruit manicure

This is another kind of “delicious” design that manicure courses can offer you.

Strawberries on the nails

Technique performance is also not difficult. You do classical manicure, you cover with a varnish of quiet color, you give to dry up.

Next, attach a sticker or paint a nail with a thin brush, drawing pieces of watermelon, strawberry, lemon or orange slices - who likes what. Do not forget to finish the finish to get a smooth gloss.

Wine manicure

This type is also called Burgundy, associating with the color of French red wine.

Beautiful nails

Color Bordeaux so fancy stylists that they made it a highlight of hits. On medium-length oval nails, it looks elegant and expensive, not to mention that it fits any outfit.

The technique of execution differs only in the color of varnish. It should be the color of red wine of any shade. The base of the nail can be covered with a transparent varnish, using special forms for French manicure.


This style brought to the podium the most famous brands in the fashion world, once again emphasizing their elitism and impeccable taste.

The technique of execution consists in thoroughly preparing the shape of the nail and polishing its surface. The nails can be medium length or short.First, be sure to apply a base coat, then two coats of varnish. Top cover with a finishing coat.

Natural nails

Royal simplicity - so you can call a manicure, made in this technique. Maximum naturalism, imitating the absence of a manicure in general, flawlessly treated edges, a polished surface, an expensive and high-quality coffee-milky coating - this is Nyud. Nowadays, every manicure course can teach this.

Moon manicure

French manicure has already firmly entered the life of every girl. He was introduced to the curriculum and manicure courses. Fashionable variation of the French theme, which appeared recently on the shows, called the moon.

And she immediately won the hearts of women. The classic version of the moon manicure at home - the entire nail is covered with red lacquer, and at the base remains a natural semicircular shape. Stylists offered all sorts of color combinations, even a black hole. The nails themselves are covered with purple lacquer, burgundy, green and gold - who has some imagination.

Shellac nail coating

The technique of coating is very simple. At the base, apply a transparent coating using special stickers for French manicure, cover the rest of the nail with colored varnish. Top fix the finish.It can be coated at the base with a varnish component that will be in harmony with the basic shade.


This season remains fashionable and french - another type of French manicure.

Technically, a manicure is done simply. Covering the top of the nail is done with white lacquer using special stickers for French manicure. The rest of the cover with pink lacquer light tone. Top fix the finish to get a smooth gloss.

Well-groomed fingers

This type of manicure is elegant, natural, and suitable for everyday life, and for public events, and for an evening visit to the restaurant, and for a fashionable party, and most importantly - for ladies of any age. With such a manicure hands always look perfectly groomed.


There is a second name - ombre nail design. A beautiful transition of several shades of color in one key is the main feature of this style. It is actively used by famous stylists, especially in the shows of spring and summer collections. Very comfortable, fun, fits different dresses.

Ombre nails

Fast and convenient execution technique:

  1. Apply a base coat under the varnish - this is a must.
  2. Cut a piece of sponge.On it, apply with a brush strips of varnishes in the order in which they should go from color to color. Very gently blot with varnish side several times each nail.
  3. Reapply strips of varnish. Apply a second layer.
  4. Using a stick of paint dipped in a solvent, carefully remove the remaining varnish around the nails.
  5. Apply a topcoat, otherwise there will be a smooth layer, let it dry. Gradient ready.

Novice bugs

The main mistake made by trainees who completed manicure courses is a combination of incompatible colors. Too many-colored, coarse nails are obtained, the idea that was originally put into style is lost.

Professionals advise not to combine more than 5 shades and adhere to the rule of color similarity (warm tones combine only with warm, and cold tones with cold ones).

For example, in the violet range, if you take warm ones, build the following color range: pink, rich pink, warm fuchsia, dark fuchsia, warm Persian lilac, warm purple.

Lilac varnish

What does warm mean? This means that in each shade there must be a red spectrum, and not blue, which is cold.For example, Persian lilac can be a warm shade, closer to the burgundy, and maybe cold, closer to the blue.

Color mix

Perhaps this is the most popular summer style, which does not require much effort and is quickly performed at home. The main thing - to choose the right colors that will blend in, complementing each other.

Prepare your nails for coating. Apply a base coat, then two coats of varnish, covering each nail with a different color. Secure the finish line for even gloss.

Multi-colored nails

Such a manicure can be wonderfully combined with decorations, preferably monophonic, neckerchiefs, large bracelets and earrings, hairpins and hoops, small bags and clutches, belts and thin trouser straps.


  • Combine on one hand or only warm shades, or only cold.
  • This style will necessarily attract the views of your hands, which means that the nails should be in perfect order. You should not think that the diversity will hide the manicure flaws, on the contrary, it will expose everything.
  • This style allows for multi-color, that is, each nail can be covered with a different color - only five on one hand.

So, a manicure is not a luxury, but a necessary addition to the image.To make it, it is not necessary to complete manicure courses. Hands should be well-groomed. So, you just need to choose the style and method of applying varnish.

Another interesting modern trend is black and white manicure:

Take it to yourself, tell your friends!
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  • How to make yourself delicious nails

    How to make yourself delicious nails

    How to make yourself delicious nails

    How to make yourself delicious nails

    How to make yourself delicious nails

    How to make yourself delicious nails

    How to make yourself delicious nails

    How to make yourself delicious nails

    How to make yourself delicious nails

    How to make yourself delicious nails

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