How to play dice

How to play dice?

Dice game - one of the most ancient gamblinggames, the tool of which are small cubes (bones). The first samples of modern bones were found in ancient Egypt, around the 20th century BC. e. The game became widespread in ancient Rome, from where, apparently, and moved to Europe. It is mentioned in various ancient sources, such as the Bible, Homer's "Iliad" and "Odyssey," "Mahabharat" (ancient Indian epic), "Rigveda" (Vedic hymn collection). Let's try to figure out how to play dice.

Basic rules of the game

  • The essence of the game is to throw the dice (usually from 1 to 5) and count the points that determine the winner.
  • The main principle of the game of dice is to roll each player in turn by dice, after which the amount of points dropped (according to the game protocol) determines the winner.
  • The most common version of the game to date is craps, invented in the US around the XVIII century, it is popular all over the world (including online options).

How to play craps

  • In this variant of the game, two hexahedra cubes are used in the dice, and the number of players is unlimited.
  • Participants in the game in turn throw the dice, one replaces the other after losing. A player throwing a dice is called a thrower or shooter (shooter with an English shooter). The game part consists of two stages:
    • At the first stage (Come Out Roll) shooter makesA roll of bones, which will determine the further course of the game. The thrower at this stage can lose (if you drop 2, 3, 12), win (if you throw 7 or 11). In the case of falling out of the remaining numbers (the so-called Point numbers), the game of dice goes to the next stage (Point Roll), where the player is to repeat his result.
    • In the second stage, the shooter rolls the dice until,until he repeats his result (then he won). If the seven falls, it means a loss and the right to throw to the next player in the queue.

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