How to pluck goose

How to pluck goose?

A real man should be able to do a lotthings, including managed with the household. Of course, it is unlikely that a modern man who lives in the city is interested in the question of how to pluck a domestic goose. But suddenly you decided to start a housekeeping, in particular, to get a geese. In this case, sooner or later, you will have a question - how to pluck the goose.

You should immediately be patient, becausethis task is not easy. To begin with, you need to know that it is not necessary to pinch the goose at once, but approximately, 3-4 hours after the slaughter. That is, when all the blood is already draining. There are two main ways of plucking a goose.

Dry plucking method

Before plucking the carcass the geese are cooled toto thicken abundant subcutaneous fat deposits. If you do not do this, when pulling down, feathers and feathers will be contaminated with the remaining fat particles. In addition, the non-hardened skin of geese is more easily torn. The geese must be hung by the feet and cooled for 3-4 hours. Large feathers at the goose are stronger than the rest, so the first pluck feathers from the wings and tail, and then - from the neck, chest and legs. Feathers are plucked in the direction of their growth.

When you pluck your chest and torso do not need to graba lot of feathers, because of this, the skin can be torn. This method is considered the most correct. And if you ask the farmer how to properly gobble the goose, then most likely he will tell you exactly this way.

Pickling after scalding

When you started scalding the goose, you need to omit itin hot water, for about a minute. The water temperature should be about 80 degrees, plus-minutes 10 degrees. If you do not want to mess with boiling water, then there is another way: wet a rag, put a goose on a carcass at a certain place and scald it with an iron. After that, the feathers from the goose carcass easily depart.

Scalded carcass goose is suspended from the paw and very quickly plucked. The negative side of this method is that the goose meat after plucking turns red.

In some shops for hunters can also beto meet a special attachment for plucking a bird and in particular a goose. This attachment is put on the drill and with the help of it you can quickly pick off the goose, but, unfortunately, not always at hand there is such a nozzle and a drill.

Whichever method of plucking you choose, afterthis carcass is singed on the burner plate. After that, all small fuzz will disappear from the goose. Well, now you know how to pluck geese, that is, you have enough knowledge to open your goose farm. By the way, goose down is very appreciated. And you can get a quill pen not only from a dead carcass, but also from a live carcass. The period of plucking geese begins after the end of egg production. This time falls on the beginning of summer. In geese, a natural molt is just beginning. In order not to lose valuable feathers, geese must be plucked. For the bird itself, the process of plucking is painless, since the new pen already has a new one.

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