How to polish the lights yourself

How to polish the lights yourself

Headlights are an integral part of any transportmeans. Gradually they begin to fade, and the reason for this are scratches and chips that appear over time. To restore the former beauty and functionality of headlights, they need to be polished.

How to polish the lights? Of course, car-care centers will always be happy to offer their services to car owners, however, you can cope with this problem yourself. This is what we will talk about in this article.

How to polish the lights:

1.So, first of all you will need a paint tape, which you needhow to polish the lightsglue all around the headlamps that require polishing. This is done in order to protect the car from the mechanical effects that you will subject your headlights during polishing. It will not be difficult to polish them if you approach this matter responsibly.

2. Next, we take the sandpaper with a polishing machine and get to work. It is necessary to treat the surface of the headlamps in such a way that an even layer of matte shade appears. When handling the surface of headlights, it is important to ensure that the paper is always wet. And to check how the process proceeds, you need to dry and wipe the lights.

3. For drying and wiping the headlights, it is best to use a special rag-dryer, which can be found in auto shops. Of course, even matte layer assumes a flat surface, on which there will be no old scratches and chips. When you achieve these results, you can proceed to the most polishing.

4. How to polish the headlights without a special sponge? No way. Therefore, for polishingthan polish the lightsYou must also purchase a special sponge. Before you start using it, you should rinse it thoroughly with water, so that there is not the slightest grain of sand on the surface - otherwise this same sponge will make many new scratches on the car's headlight. After washing, it is necessary to squeeze it and fix it in a polishing machine.

5. Each specialist applies a polish in his own way: on the sponge, on the headlight or on the sponge and on the headlight, several drops in different places. Here the matter of your preferences - the essence does not change.

6. Polishing should be done evenly, without delaying at any one place. Otherwise, overheating and burning start. Also, to avoid such difficulties, it is necessary to monitor the moisture of the sponge - dry will also overheat and burn.

7. After completing the above procedures, you will get a brilliant, even surface of the headlight. If you do not find any defects, then you can start using fine abrasive polish. Before the final polishing, the sponge should be thoroughly rinsed and dried. If after polishing you found that there were some scratches or dull spots on the surface of the headlights, then the polishing was not quite right. In such apolish the lightsIt is necessary to repeat the whole procedure from the very beginning. Even if you know how to polish the lights, but do not comply with these rules and do not try, then nothing good will come of it.

It is also important to remember that polishing after a fullDrying leaves white spots that are very difficult to eliminate. Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly wash all the places that the polish could fall into during the procedure. As a result, the lights on your car will shine and shine like new ones.

Now you know how to polish the headlights so that they again become like new ones.

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