How to pump caviar

How to pump caviar?

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How to pump caviar?

Do you want your legs to look beautiful and inflated? From this article you will learn how to pump caviar, what exercises and techniques for this will work best.

How to pump caviar at home

Of course, we will talk about those exercises,which are relevant at home. Note immediately that to pump large calves, if they are not developed in your original, it will be quite difficult. Nevertheless, a series of exercises will help you if not strongly, then, at least, significantly increase the muscles on your calves.

Before you start training, you need toDetermine what kind of caviare you need. If you want to have relief muscles of calves, then the following program will do: break the entire training course into three-day cycles and just follow this course until you see the desired result. And the cycle itself is the following.

The first day must pass the heaviesttraining for the muscles of calves, on the second day it is useful to perform all kinds of stretches and exercises with low weight, and the third day to devote rest. This is the most effective way to pump the calves of the feet. Now let's take a closer look at the exercises themselves.

How to Pump Calf Muscle - Exercises

There is one rather heavy, but extremelyA useful exercise with which your calves will eventually acquire the desired volume and shape. If you do this exercise without exercise, then it seems that there is nothing complicated in it. To perform the exercise, just go up on the socks, while positioning them in different directions, then parallel to each other, then "face" to each other. These cycles need to be repeated first 10 times, and then all increasing the number.

After you calmly do thisexercise without the load, we will complicate the task: now it will be necessary to stand on the socks from the sitting position. What - heavy? But this is only the beginning. Probably, you already understood that there is no such way as to quickly pump caviar. The result can only be achieved by long hard work. Go ahead.

On the second day, unload some of your own, not yetaccustomed to such loads of the muscles of calves. Do stretching exercises, thereby helping lactic acid to get out of the muscles. If you are already dealing with weighting agents, it will be useful to do the same exercises on that day as on the first day, but without them. Finally, on the third day, you can do nothing to ensure that the musculature of the calves is completely restored. Also note that with this cycle of exercises you can pump the internal caviar well enough.

Have a rest - now again for work. After you calmly transfer the lift to socks from squats, we begin to apply various weighting agents. Accordingly, on the second day there will be work without weighting and stretching, and on the third day of the cycle again rest. So gradually you will notice that your calves gain the right condition.

How to pump caviar girls

Girls, of course, need to use anothersystem of inflating muscles of calves. Firstly, this is perfect for running, especially if you do not have any medical contraindications to this wonderful sport. Run lightly at first little by little, and then increasing the time of such walks. By the way, running will allow to keep in good shape not only the calf muscles, but the whole body.

Now let's move on to the other exercises. Very useful for the development of calf cycling. If you for some reason can not ride, then at least exercise the "bike", lying on your back. How to do it correctly, you, I think, know, but just in case a useful advice: when doing a "bike" do not forget to bend the feet, otherwise there will be no proper impact on the calf muscles.

Also useful and exercise with lifting on socks,but it's best for girls to do it without weighting. There is also such an exercise: you need to lie on your stomach and stretch your legs, resting your head on your folded hands. Now you need to take turns and very slowly bend your knees in such a way that you can reach the buttocks. If this does not work out, do not get discouraged, but simply bend your foot to the maximum possible limit. Well, that's all. On the Internet you can find quite a few videos on how to pump caviar - these visual aids will be of great help in your exercises.

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