How to restore the bath

How to restore the bath?

Any cover, even the most expensive andstrong, has a property to deteriorate. Is not an exception and enamel bath. About how to restore the bath, you must know, because the coating can give a crack in which the appearance of fungus, and the appearance of the bath will become unaesthetic. The purchase of a new bath will cost much more expensive and troublesome than an independent surface restoration. In addition, there are a lot of methods for combating cracks in the bath.


Restoration of the bath enamel is a painstaking process. It is necessary to prepare the surface for priming and applying a new layer of enamel. The first thing you need is to clean the surface with powder. A special bath cleaner is available at any store. Apply generously to the surface. Now you will need a drill with a grip for abrasive stone. Sand the bath with a stone several times, not missing a single crack.

After cleaning, wash the bath by typing in itwater. Type and drain the water several times to completely get rid of crumbs and dust. Now proceed to the removal of rust stains. To do this, you need to prepare a solution of water and oxalic acid. The consistency of the mixture should be mushy. Apply the mortar to the surface using foam rubber or a dense fabric. The mixture can be washed off with water after an hour. Before you restore the enamel in the bathroom, put on rubber gloves to avoid damaging your hands. Take care that the solution does not get on the floor or on the surface of the skin. Cover the floor with newspaper and film. After the allotted time, wash off the mixture, allow the surface to dry completely.


The primer can be purchased ready in the storethe color that fits the color of the surface of the bath. Apply primer with a brush or roller. Make sure that the primer evenly covers all areas of the bath, soak the cracks well. You can apply a primer in several layers. Leave the bath to dry for about a few days.


Before applying enamel on the surface you needmake sure that the primer layer is completely dry. Also, when working with enamel, open the door in the bathroom so that there is no moisture, since moist air contributes to the spreading of the mixture. There may be a drop in the appearance of the bath. Enamel can be purchased in stores, it is better to use one that is contained in banks.

For the application of the enamel layer, a brush,Sprayer or thick fabric, wrapped in a tampon. Cover the tub with a thick layer from the middle and to the edges. Allow to dry for forty minutes, then you can start applying the second layer, and then the third.

There is one trick that will makethe surface is flat, without tubercles. This is the application of the solvent to the third (final) layer of the enamel. Slightly moisten the dense tissue in the substance, pat the surface. You can use a spray by spraying the solvent on the bath. This will help in the question of how to restore the coating of the bath, make it even.

Cracks cleaning: cast-iron bath

To look like a new bath, you need to knowmethod, how to restore the cast-iron bath. If you notice a crack from which you can get rid by hand, get the enamel. Wipe the flaws with sandpaper. Rinse the tub, typing in it to the top of the water. It is advisable to use warm water in which you can add a cleaner. Then allow the surface to dry completely, wipe with a well-absorbent cloth.

It is necessary to use liquid acrylic,its warming up. Fill the bath with the substance, starting from above, so that when draining, acrylic evenly fills all cracks. The substance must dry, it resembles a liquid enamel and is not washed off. In order to completely dry the bath, it takes from three to four days. But with the help of this method you can get rid not only of cracks, but also give a bath a new life. The service life will be unlimited, and the appearance is simply irresistible!

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