How to say no to a girl

How to say "no" to a girl?

The attention of the girls, of course, flatters the man. But if the fair sex woman literally chases you and does not give a pass, then anyone will want to leave at least another city, and it is better to change the country. However, do not change your life so radically, because you can refuse the girl politely and without consequences.

How to say "no" to the girl politely?

In order not to look like a boor to a girl,less likely to respond to her calls. Of course, there is an option not to pick up the phone at all, but she can call from another number. If she invites you to go somewhere, it's best to refer to employment. There are lots of excuses, so every time you can invent something new. An annoying fan can say that you need:

  • at the weekend, it is necessary to help parents;
  • to finish an important report, otherwise you can be expelled from work;
  • daily attend courses;
  • help a sister / brother / friend;
  • go to a meeting of anonymous alcoholics.

If the girl insists and comes home,bringing baking to drink tea together, then you can refer to an allergy or diet for medical reasons. Soon she will get tired of fighting against the wall and she will find herself another object of adoration.

Unpleasant situations

If the girl does not want to understand the hints, thenget rid of it will be more difficult. However, nothing is impossible. So, you should often involve her in unpleasant situations. For example, at a party, you can praise the dress and the figure of her friend, without saying a compliment to her. Also, it is not superfluous to admire her in the presence of other girls, on whom she is completely different. In addition, you can put it in an unattractive light with friends, but it must be done accidentally, otherwise it will conceal an offense and will take revenge.

Sincere conversation

How to say "no" to a girl if she insistentlyproposes to enter into an intimate relationship with her? In this case, you should talk with her heart to heart. During the conversation, you need to try to convey to her that you have a beloved or a wife, that you love her, do not want to change. Here you can tell her a lot of compliments, say about its merits, but be sure to emphasize that you are a married man and family values ​​for you above all else. Selecting words for conversation, you can read these articles: How can he say no? and How to refuse a man ?. Thanks to the information stated in them, it will be possible to penetrate into the female psychology a bit and talk with the intrusive admirer in her language.

If you do not have a life companion, then refer tomorality does not work out. In this case, say that you still have not forgotten your former passion. You can tell a heart-rending story of how bad she did to you. Then it's important to add that the wounds are not over yet, so you are not ready for a new relationship. After all, you need to be honest with your partner, and you do not want to give her false hopes.

Acquaintance with a lonely friend

To sew a girl and not offend her,try to arrange a meeting with a lonely friend. I'll have to ask him to take care of her for a while. Perhaps she will turn her attention to him, and the problem will be resolved safely. Of course, then the friend will have an extra headache, but, perhaps, he will eventually fall in love with her, and you will witness the birth of a new love.

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