How to set up Yandex browser

How to set up Yandex browser?

Currently, there is a large numberbrowsers, each of which is good and convenient in its own way. But today we will talk about one of them - Yandex browser. This is a fairly popular browser on the Chrome platform, which absorbed all the positive qualities of many favorite search engines.

How can I set up Yandex browser

Like many other programs for the Internet, Yandex browser has a number of settings that help make working with it as convenient as possible. Let's consider its basic settings.

start page

Depending on how often you visit oneand the same sites or each time the list of sites is changing, you can differently configure the home page of the browser. It can be a page with bookmarked windows of the most visited pages. Bookmarks can be secured so that they stay in place every time you start. The setting of this function is in the "Where to start" section. You can also change the settings, and then when you start the browser will open the site, closed with him last time.

Folder for uploaded files

Yandex browser provides an opportunity to choosefolder for downloaded files. If you do not want all the import from the Internet to settle in the Downloads folder, you need to go to the "Show advanced settings" -> "Downloads" section. There you can specify the path by which the browser will automatically save all files downloaded from the Internet. Also there you can set the function to continuously request a save location, if you prefer to decompress files into different folders.

Bookmarks bar

In the bookmarks bar, instead of the site name,reflect only his favicon (site icon). This is quite convenient if the tabs are a lot of frequently visited sites. To do this, right-click on the tab and select "Change" from the context menu. Then, in the "Bookmark" menu, clear the "Name" field.

Font size and scale pages

When you install Yandex, the browser usually immediately setsthe most optimal parameters for displaying the content of the page for each particular monitor, but still sometimes it is necessary to change these settings. To do this, select "Web Content" in the "Show Advanced Settings" menu item. Here you can adjust the scale of the pages, as well as the amount of text displayed in the browser window.

Default Browser

If Yandex browser completely suits you and youyou want to always use it to browse the web, then you can also make it your default browser in the settings. To do this, in the "Default Browser" block, you need to click the button "Make Yandex the default browser".

Automatic opening of downloaded files

In order for the downloaded files to be automaticallyopened for viewing, after downloading it is necessary in the menu "Downloads" Yandex browser click on the triangular check box next to the file name. In the context menu, select "Open / file type / automatically".

These were the most basic settings of the Yandex browser. With advanced settings you can see on the official website of the browser.

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