How to spend a childs birthday

How to spend a child's birthday?

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How to spend a child's birthday?

For children their birthday is very significanta holiday, and therefore spend it children should have fun. There are many ways to surprise a child on his birthday, organizing him a holiday that will be remembered for life. Consider how to spend a child's birthday so that it turns out really fun.

What you need to organize a holiday

  • Of course, we should not forget that children are not tooattentive to the dishes and other fragile things, so you should find a tablecloth and such utensils, which will not be pitiful to smash, stain, or to buy special unbreakable plastic utensils and tablecloth, resistant to contamination. At the moment there are special sets of children's dishes, which will please with originality of forms and bright colors. The same applies to tablecloths.
  • Do not forget about the decoration. This can be ordinary paper garlands and balloons, the main thing is that they were many.
  • And, of course, we will need gifts.

Order of preparation for birthday

To give a child a birthday, it is necessary forbegan to issue a room in which the celebration will take place. Decorate it with ribbons, paper garlands and balloons. Choose the colors that your child likes.

Next, you need to think over the festive menu, because celebrating the birthday of the child without a festive table is impossible.

There must be a cake on the table. Do not bother much at the expense of salads or hot dishes,Birthdaybut the fruit should be taken care of in advance,because children love them the most. Stock up with fruits, berries, make a beautiful salad, different for each guest. The most beautiful should be the birthday salad. Do not feed fish to the table, as bones can injure children.

Children will surely like the festivesandwiches, on which you can depict emoticons from whipped cream or ordinary jam. Of course, we should not forget about the ice cream, if the window is warm and sunny.

Holiday contests

It's impossible to celebrate a child's birthday withoutfestive competitions. Come up with some quizzes, preferably thematic ones. Find out what your child and his friends like. Most likely, these will be computer games, cartoons, and that means you can come up with interesting puzzles. The winner of the quiz will definitely need to present the prize.

By the way, you can arrange a themed daybased on the interests of your child. For example, turn a room into a Batman cave, pasting it with bats made of paper, or simply create a superhero atmosphere, fixing on the walls posters with images of various superheroes and supervillains.

If your child likes pirated subjects, then you must use it.BirthdayDraw a treasure map that will leadbirthday boy and his friends for gifts. Buy a suit for yourself and a dummy hook, as well as a bandage around your eyes. Turn into a pirate. Do not forget about pirate manners.

Also, remember that the birthday of the childshould not be limited only in the celebration in the apartment. Celebrate a birthday and should be on the street - have a picnic, go with the children to the zoo or just take a walk in the fresh air. On the street you can also come up with a lot of fun games. The main thing to remember is that there are more dangers on the streets of children than at home, therefore, as an alternative to a home celebration or fun on the street, you can organize a birthday by contacting special organizations that are engaged in this kind of holidays.

How to follow the fun

Of course, for the holiday will have to follow, becausechildren are very restless. They can not only break something, but even harm each other. Therefore, here are some recommendations on how to monitor the children's holiday:

  • Be unobtrusive, but considerate. It is not necessary to visit children inBirthdayroom every ten minutes. You can just approach from time to time and quietly eavesdrop on what the guys are doing.
  • Try at the same time to help children, check if they are all right. Do not forget that in any children's company there may be at least one fighter.
  • If children behave too loudly, it is best to think up for them some kind of game that will calm them down. For example, the same silence. Who remains the last silent - receives a prize.
  • And of course, you will need to meet and hold children. Make sure that no one has forgotten anything in your home.

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