How to wash your jeans

How to wash your jeans?

Jeans are, perhaps, the most popularclothes all over the world. However, quite often the stains on them become a real problem, since the cotton base of jeans is very easy to absorb any contaminant, which, thus, penetrates into the very depth of the fabric. Stains from grass, paint, blood, oil and others are often not removed with a conventional powder or stain remover. Therefore, you need to know how to wash the stain on jeans and what tricks to resort to in cases of specific spots.

How to wash grass with jeans

As a rule, herbaceous stains areit is difficult, therefore it should be immediately said that trying to eliminate them with a washing machine is practically useless. If you are interested in how to wash grass with jeans, you can try the following most effective methods:

  • The floor of a tablespoon of ammonia must be diluted in a glass of water. Then you need to wipe the stain with a solution with a cotton swab a couple of times, soap with laundry soap and leave for an hour.
  • Wipe the stain from the grass with a brush dampened in 9% vinegar, then wash with warm water after an hour.
  • Dampen the herb spot with hydrogen peroxide, then wash your jeans with an ordinary washing powder.
  • Mix a pinch of baking soda with warm water until a gruel is formed. Apply the mixture on the stain and rub it lightly. Wash the thing in half an hour.

How to wash the paint with jeans

In order to know how to wash the paint withjeans, you must first determine its composition, since it depends on it the degree of complexity of removing the stain. For example, oil paint well eliminates washing liquid. It should be diluted in a small amount of water and applied to a stain. Rinse the product should be after half an hour or hour.

Often, to remove stains from paint usedA vegetable oil that is applied to them to make the paint swell and easier to remove. However, after the procedure, you need to quickly wash your jeans, otherwise they may leave traces of oil.

Persistent paints are removed with kerosene,acetone and alcohol. Sometimes other solvents are used, but there is a danger of damaging the color of jeans, so it's better to refrain from using strong tools.

How to wash blood from jeans

A fresh stain of blood from jeans can be withdrawn fromusing an ordinary detergent, the main thing - necessarily with the help of cold water, otherwise it will remain forever. As for the old spots, they are often used to eliminate them:

  • laundry soap;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • glycerol;
  • soda;
  • starch;
  • table salt.

With household soap, stains from blood andleave your jeans for several hours in cold water, then wash. Hydrogen peroxide or glycerin is applied to the stain, tinder by hand, after which the jeans are washed in cool water. From soda, starch or salt make a slurry with water, put it on the stain for an hour, then wash clothes.

How to wash the oil with jeans

To wash the oil with jeans, in the first placeyou need to apply a dishwashing detergent. It perfectly copes with various stains from oil if you soak a thing in its solution for an hour or two or simply apply the solution to the damaged area.

Another effective tool is potatoes. It is necessary to grate a small potato on a grater and to process the mixture received by a mix, then to wash it with laundry soap. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated.

Also in a glass of warm water, you can dissolve one spoon of ammonia and, moistening with a solution a fat stain, leave for an hour, then wash.

Ink and black oil stains are well displayedglycerol or acetone. However, it is preferable to soak jeans in glycerin for a couple of hours, then wash, since acetone can damage the paint of clothes. But in the case of fuel oil, you will probably have to resort to the help of a solvent.

To remove rust stains with jeans effectivemeans a lemon. A thin slice is wrapped in gauze, applied to the spot and ironed with a hot iron, after which the jeans are washed in warm water with an ordinary washing powder.

To remove the chewing gum from the jeans on the spot, put a paper napkin, which you can easily walk with a hot iron. The chewing gum should remain on the surface of the napkin after the procedure.

It should be said about how to wash jeanslight shades. Of course, the stains on them are more noticeable, but at the same time, this color often allows the use of various effective bleaches that can not be used in the case of dark or colored jeans.

About the intricacies of washing jeans read in our article: How to wash jeans.

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