I wonder what to ask the guy

I wonder what to ask the guy?

Virtually all girls are by their naturevery shy and timid natures. And that's why in some situations they have to be difficult, especially in relations with the guys, because they do not dare to take the first step. However, shyness is good in the case when next to you a more arrogant partner who knows about your feelings and makes steps to meet him. But what about the young man who also hesitates to communicate a little? Waiting is not liked by everyone, so every girl needs to know how to start the conversation first, that you can ask the guy and what is strictly forbidden.what to ask the guyThis knowledge will help not only to be liberated, butand attract the attention of the guy you like because almost every man loves showing attention to his person. However, it should be noted that the tips that we will offer below are not at all universal in all situations. And not for everyone is acceptable the situation in which the girl asked the guy something first, and not vice versa. Therefore, all our advice relates only to emancipated girls who want to learn how to behave in the company of the guy they like and want to attract his attention. I repeat that the advice that asking a guy is not suitable for all occasions. Therefore, you, dear girls, you need to know clearly which person is in front of you and what exactly he should say.

So, let's look at some questions to ask. For the guys there is a whole list of them. We start by giving some examples of the required topics:the girl asked the guy

  • Interests and hobbies.This is the most important category of questions that you just need to ask the guy. And even if you already know his answer, it is important for you to show interest. Do not in any way show that you yourself consider his passion for absolute delusions. Let it be so, however, it is not worth talking about it aloud.
  • Life rules.This is a fairly neutral topic, allowing you to flash your mind and the young man to say something pleasant. However, here the girl needs to think that asking the guy that he did not feel flattery on your part. Ask him about whether a man or woman can be friends or what kind of girls he likes. When he answers, you can express your point of view, but if you want to attract a guy, let her not be very different from his thoughts. It is not worth talking absolutely identical, as this will irritate the guy, but it's also very foolish to argue fiercely about the opposite.

Below is a list of topics that you do not need to discuss with a young person:

  • Former relationship.They can not be asked about a guy either on the first or on the second date. The most optimal time for such questions is when you already have a stable relationship. If the guy himself talks about his former at the first meetings with you, it is a signal that past relationships have in the end not a point, but an ellipsis, therefore, problems can arise. And then you decide whether to stay with such a person or stop communication.
  • Salary.Another taboo for those who do not understand what to ask the guy. Remember that by such a conversation you can put the guy in an uncomfortable position, which will immediately affect his mood and attitude towards you. Learn to determine the level of income of a friend on their own, the more it is not so difficult for an intelligent woman.questions for ask for guys
  • Problems.Psychologists do not advise in the candy-bouquet period to talk about problems, both their own and the second half. It starts to make you nervous, because a person can not get distracted, and he again has to remember about any conflicts with his superiors or in the family. Let him talk with you will be a rest, not an interrogation, then a positive result is guaranteed to you.

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