Installation of lamps in the ceiling ceiling with their own hands

Installation of lamps in the ceiling ceiling with their own hands

Many to arrange their own homeschoose the rack design of the ceiling. Such a system is covered with environmentally friendly material and has a number of advantages over other analogues. The finish element has a beautiful appearance, is resistant to temperature changes, is not afraid of high humidity and fire. In the article, let's look at how the luminaires are installed in a rack ceiling. This task is not simple, however, if you follow the instructions and recommendations, it's quite possible to cope with the work yourself.

installation of lamps in the ceiling


The installation of devices must be carried out in accordance with the instructions, such constructions can not be overloaded with heavy and bulky devices.

Typically, the installation of luminaires in the lath ceiling is built in, the color is selected separately.

For the bathroom or kitchen, the lighting elements are provided with special hoods protecting them from increased humidity.

In some cases, a situation arises wherethe light element has a height of the order of a meter, and stringers - about four centimeters. Such a correspondence will not allow the lamp to be built into the ceiling. To correct the situation, you will need to use a wooden bar, which will allow the device to add the missing height. Remember to create a special slot for the wiring location. The size of the bar is selected individually.

As a rule, the height of the stringers and their shapediffers depending on the features of production. Lamps for ceiling ceilings in the modern market are presented in a wide range. Therefore, choose the appropriate option will not be difficult. When choosing parts, you should pay attention not only to the configuration and design of the product, but also to the reputation of the manufacturer and consumer feedback.


The choice of luminaires for ceilings is quite wide. The main thing is to decide on a variant that is appropriate in your case. For this, let us consider the features of the proposed light elements. Let's start with LEDs.

Built-in lamp in the ceiling of the ceilingtype is advantageous in that it has a long service life at a minimum cost. The construction of such a device does not contain spirals, bulbs from glass and other elements characteristic of traditional lamps. In addition, with excellent quality of lighting, there is a minimum consumption of electrical energy. LEDs perfectly fit into any interior, are not afraid of voltage drops. Such lamps are produced from high-quality materials, do not harm health.

luminaires for lath ceilings

Luminescent and point variant

Installation of luminaires in the ceilingfluorescent lamps are most often used in the design of trade halls, office spaces, production workshops. This kind of lighting differs brightness and uniformity. Another plus of the type of luminaires under consideration is a significant energy saving. Additionally, users respond positively to such light elements because they can be installed in rooms with high humidity.

Point analogs for the lath ceiling optimallysuitable for decoration of halls and interior in the original decorative style. The installation of these devices allows you to get both additional and basic lighting. The main advantage is the possibility of changing the direction of illumination. On the market in a wide range of point models of classical, decorative or original direction (for example, imitation of the starry sky or a standard incandescent lamp) are presented.

Installation of luminaires in the rack ceiling

Installation of the structure under consideration is madeduring assembly of the rack-type ceiling. More often, for strengthening use a special niche, which is planned even during the design of the ceiling. It is worth noting that LED lamps have one feature - a bluish color of lighting. This must be taken into account when settling down. Many users testify that such a light begins to irritate with time. Optimal use of LEDs - additional lighting or operation in low-traffic areas.

how to install lamps in the ceiling

Installation of luminaires in the rack ceilingis produced at an altitude of about 70 millimeters for LEDs and at least 120 mm for standard incandescent lamps. Embedded halogen elements have the potential for strong heating. This feature sometimes provokes deformation and damage to the suspended ceiling. When choosing this kind of lighting, you need to consider in detail all the pros and cons of the design.

Where to begin?

The installation of large ceiling lights in the rack ceiling will require the following tools:

  • Calipers.
  • Electric fret saw.
  • Stationery knife.
  • Pencil.
  • Directly one of the types of lighting devices.

Before starting work, you need to think over the schemethe wiring harness. The fact is that after installing the ceiling, it is practically impossible to stretch the hidden version of the wires. In addition, it will be very problematic to bring the end of the wires to the right place with the correct output. The details of mounting this node will be discussed in the next section.

installation of lighting fixtures in the rack ceiling

How to install the lamp in the ceiling?

For installation, a shroud is not required. Instead, special plastic channels are used for cable engineering communications. In their nests, the wiring is placed until the cladding is arranged. In addition, you should think about the location of the lamps in advance. Following this, the design should start well before the finish of the ceiling, simultaneously with the choice of its configuration.

The use of metal sleeves significantlyfacilitates the subsequent operation of the structure. This solution will repair or replace part of the devices, without resorting to dismantling the entire ceiling. The cross-section of the wires is selected after the calculation of the loads. For the same parameters, the cross section of the aluminum element should be larger than that of the copper analog. The second option though is more expensive, but it differs in better quality and durability.

The standard version is a copper wiresection of two square millimeters. This wiring will cope with any lighting, given the fact that modern lamps consume a moderate amount of energy.

Nuances of installation

Resorting to the installation of built-in ceilingluminaires, most importantly, follow clearly instructions for installation and operation. Depending on the type of device selected, its installation may be required directly during the assembly of the ceiling or installed at the end of the work.

In any case, choosing which lights foryou should choose a lath ceiling, remember that a prerequisite for work is the preparation of holes for lamps or light-emitting diodes. Therefore, it is necessary in advance to think out the exact locations for the installation of light elements, as well as the configuration of placement. This process is easy to do, armed with a caliper and a simple pencil. The marking is carried out by drawing circles of suitable size in the places where the fixtures are mounted.

fixtures in the bathroom ceiling lath

This procedure can be performed usingprepared templates. The most accurate holes for the lamp are obtained by cutting them with an electric jig saw. Alternatively, you can use a clerical or sharp can opener for these purposes.

It is important

When installing luminaires in the ceilingbathroom or other room, the main thing - is to prevent violations in the processing of hole diameters. Any mistake will lead to unplanned and unnecessary costs. To nest were invisible, their size must be made less than the dimensions of mounted light elements. As additional lighting, it is possible to provide installation of side lighting elements on the walls.

There are analogues that work exclusively withapplication of step-down transformers. This feature should be specified directly in the store before buying the products, or even better at the design stage.

built-in lamp in the ceiling


Wires must be cut off with a margin. This will allow them to be lengthened if necessary. Absolutely accurate calculations are quite problematic, so do not save on this process.

If the quality of lighting from point lightingdevices leaves much to be desired, use side lights on the walls as an add-on. When designing the design in question, angular lamps look beautiful, capturing not only part of the ceiling, but also a fragment of the wall. For decoration, they are finished with special panels.

what are the luminaires for the rack ceiling


Before proceeding with the installation of luminaires inthe ceiling ceiling, it is necessary to de-energize the house or apartment. This is one of the most important safety advice. It is immediately necessary to determine the places where point variations or their analogues will be located. Correct and timely design will avoid most problems associated with possible repair or adjustment of the structure.

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  • Installation of lamps in the ceiling ceiling with their own hands Installation of lamps in the ceiling ceiling with their own hands Installation of lamps in the ceiling ceiling with their own hands Installation of lamps in the ceiling ceiling with their own hands Installation of lamps in the ceiling ceiling with their own hands Installation of lamps in the ceiling ceiling with their own hands Installation of lamps in the ceiling ceiling with their own hands Installation of lamps in the ceiling ceiling with their own hands Installation of lamps in the ceiling ceiling with their own hands Installation of lamps in the ceiling ceiling with their own hands