Knuckle banned or not in Russia What will be the knucklebuss in Russia

Knuckle banned or not in Russia? What will be the knucklebuss in Russia?

The word "brass knuckles" came to our country from France. Literally from French, this is the name of a cold steel translated as "I break my head", which is quite consistent with the damage that can be caused by this device. From the point of view of self-defense, knucklebone is a reliable thing and not inferior to any other cold weapon. To some, wearing such an "accessory" in your pocket seems courageous and beautiful.

And what about the legality of the acquisition, its wearingand, what is especially curious, the use of such a thing "in business"? Knuckle banned or not? Does Russia have any responsibility for wearing or using a brass knuckle in a dangerous situation that poses a threat to health and life?

brass knuckle banned or not in Russia

Is brass knuckles weapons?

The very concept of "brass knuckles" refers to an object,made of hard and durable material, most often metal, intended for contact melee (fist) combat. For use, the brass knuckles are clamped in the hand or put on the fingers of the hand, which, in general, does not matter. The "shock" part of the device can be smooth or additionally studded. Based on this description, to the category of brass knuckles it is quite possible to include special gloves, intentionally equipped with metal elements in the area of ​​the fingers.

are brass knuckles banned in Russia

As can be seen from the description, the knuckle does not belong topneumatic or gunshot type of weapon, is not equipped with a cutting or pricking blade for serious, and sometimes even fatal, injuries. So why is the knucklebidden? Or is there no legislative restrictions in Russia prohibiting carrying such a device?

The RF law "On Arms" directly refers to brass knuckles toItems that are specifically used as shock-crushing weapons. Article 6 of this law does not allow any turnover of this type of cold steel. What does this mean in practice for a person already having such a weapon or just planning to purchase it?

The ban on brass knuckles: is it really possible to get a license?

There is an unambiguous and categorical response to thethe question of such a "weapon of self-defense", as a knucklebutton: "Is this object prohibited in Russia in any form?" Yes, knuckleboy is prohibited in our country by law. Exceptions such as those provided for in the Federal Law for other types of cold weapons, for the knucklehead there. Neither as a civilian (private) weapon, nor as whiter as a service brass knuckler is used. And if for the cold hunting weapons the legislation provides for the acquisition of a permit (license), then such a document is not issued to the knuckleboy.

can I wear a brass knuckle in Russia

Buying, selling, donating brass knuckles - is it legal?

Absolute prohibition prescribed by the actingthe laws of the Russian Federation on the turnover of knuckle-knuckled weapons, entails responsibility, administrative and in some cases criminal, in the event of its violation. If a person, despite the legislative prohibitions, still decided to purchase this kind of cold steel, what will be for the knuckleburn?

In Russia, the Criminal Code and the Code of Administrative Offenses are responsible for the illegal circulation of arms and violation of arms legislation.

The Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, namely Article 222,criminal liability only provides for the sale of cold steel, to which all types of brass knuckles belong. And the word "marketing" means not only trade, but also situations when the brass knuckle was presented as a gift. For such illegal actions you can get a criminal record. Provided criminal penalties: compulsory work (up to 480 hours), corrective or forced labor (from one year to two years), arrest for a minimum of three months and up to six months, restriction or imprisonment up to two years with a monetary fine.

For the purchase of a brass knuckler by any means of criminal responsibility is not provided. The maximum, how you can "suffer" is for the purchase - the removal of the brass knuckled by police officers.

Are brass knuckles allowed in Russia?

Kastet storage

Of course, the acquisition of a knuckle-that the owner will at least keep this self-defense item at home. From this logically follows the question: if for the purchase of a measurable punishment is not established, is it forbidden to keep the brass knuckles or not? In Russia, as already known, criminal liability only comes for the sale of such items. But the Code on Administrative Violations specifies the reasons and the amount of punishment for those who keep such weapons in their dwelling. What awaits those who have homes of brass knuckles? Article 20.8. in part 4 it says that violation of the rules of storage of any weapons by an individual will entail:

  • withdrawal of the knucklebearer;
  • payment of a fine from 500 to 2000 rubles;
  • a temporary deprivation of the right to legally acquire, store and carry weapons with him, the term is small - from six months to one year.

Wearing a brass knuckle

Of course, when brass knuckles are bought, then it is rarely about simple storage. A similar thing, quite compact, though heavy, is often taken with them, allegedly "for self-defense."

What is meant by the term "wearing"? At the moment when a citizen leaves the boundaries of his place of residence with a brass knuckle in his hands, "storage" of this cold steel becomes a "wearing".

But is it possible to wear brass knuckles in Russia, notbeing subjected to criminal prosecution? Criminal responsibility for this is not, but the administrative responsibility that occurs under the above Article 20.8, concerns and wearing a brass knuckle to yourself. Penalties for storage and carrying are absolutely identical.

Knuckles in the car

It is separately worth considering such a commona situation where the brass knuckle is not, say, in the citizen's pocket or in a carry-on bag, but lies in the glove compartment or any other place of the personal car. In this case, the owner is quite law-abiding and this dangerous "accessory" does not threaten anyone, holding the brass knuckles, as they say, "just in case." Are brass knuckles forbidden in Russia as such a "companion motorist"?

Carry brass knuckles in road transport can not. Legislative transportation of the brass knuckle in direct access, as, for example, under the driver's seat or in the glove compartment, can be qualified as "wearing". Sanctions in connection with the transportation of the brass knuckler are still the same: seizure and fine, with the possible temporary deprivation of the right to legal acquisition of weapons.

Import into the country through the customs point

As for the situation when the brass knuckles are not transported by road, but are transported through customs at the airport. Most often, this happens when the brass knuckles are brought from foreign trips as a souvenir.

The transportation of the knuckle is completely excluded in hand luggage,that is, in a bag that is allowed to take with you to the cabin of the aircraft, because the passenger is being examined before landing. However, someone gets to bring the brass knuckles in the luggage. In the event that such a "souvenir" is discovered at the customs, the Russian legislation is applied to the brass knuckles, which provides for the owner of baggage to have negative consequences in the form of withdrawal of a knuckleboss, a fine and a loss of several hours for the preparation of a protocol on administrative violation.

what will be for the brass knuckles in Russia

However, the situation may become much worse for those,who does not import, but exports brass knuckles abroad. In a number of countries, for the possession and wearing of a brass knuckle, criminal prosecution is still pending, up to the prison term.

"Hand maid": if the knuckle is made by own hands

If an administrative article for a brass knuckle in Russia(for carrying and storing this type of weapon) provides rather soft sanctions, this does not mean calling for action. It is imprudent to acquire a brass knuckle that is banned from circulation throughout the country, in the hope of minor consequences. Moreover, the legislation can change, as well as the criminal liability provided for the acquisition and carrying of cold weapons, including knuckwheel. A vivid proof of this - literally before 2003, these actions were really punishable by law.

Cancellation of criminal liability for coldThe weapon did not touch on such an act as independent illegal manufacture. This act is already qualified by the court as a criminal offense with all the legal consequences.

In accordance with Article 223 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, forthe manufacture of a brass knuckle is punishable: compulsory work (up to 480 hours), correctional labor (from one to two years), restriction or imprisonment up to two years with a fine.

article for brass knuckles in Russia

Application for self-defense

Are brass knuckles allowed in Russia as a means ofSelf-protection in a situation where there is a threat to life and health? In practice, the practice is that brass knuckles used in everyday "fighting" are never considered by the court as a "weapon of self-defense". Legally, the citizen does not bear responsibility for the damage caused by the use of cold weapons in a state of self-defense, only if the weapon was lawfully held by him. Kastet legitimately purchased, and even more so, can not be used.

brass knuckle

What consequences will the application have?Kastet, if harm to life and health is harmed? Even if the owner of the knucklebuster was not the initiator of the fight, he will be held criminally liable in accordance with the severity of the harm he caused, defending himself. The infliction of harm with the help of an illegal cold weapon - a knuckle - will act as an aggravating circumstance and may well lead to a real prison sentence.

To avoid such consequences is simple: to acquire weapons, authorized by law, to protect themselves and their loved ones and only after obtaining a license.

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