Lepidocid: reviews and instructions for use

"Lepidocid": reviews and instructions for use

Insect pests can cause significantdamage to your crop. Therefore, the gardener needs to take care of protecting his garden from early spring. Far on each drug can cope with such insects as whitefly, so it is very important to choose the best tool even before the spring flowering. Today we will tell you about the insecticide "Lepidocide". Comments gardeners confirm that this is one of the best drugs in its class.lepidocid reviews

Short description

Chemistry in our garden is familiarway of protection from various pests. But how safe is it? After all, the collected fruits are eaten often even without heat treatment. There is no unequivocal answer for today. In most cases, agrarians agree that if the treatment is carried out on time, the risk to your health will be minimal. At the same time, the garden is completely protected from pest attack.

But science does not stand still, and today more and morebiopreparations are popular, that is, agents that are based on living organisms, bacteria and viruses, or antagonist fungi. The biological insecticide "Lepidocide" deserves special attention. Reviews say that this tool allows you to fight the most common pests. This is primarily the caterpillars of lepidopteran insects. These are silkworms and leaf rollers, scoop and moth, cabbage.lepididus instructions for use review

The main advantages of the drug

Why do leading agricultural experts recommenduse it "lepidocide"? Experts say that the drug does not accumulate in the fruit and is completely non-toxic, which is confirmed by the results of numerous studies. That is, it is one of the best modern tools for fighting garden pests. What is very convenient, it can be used in any phase of plant growth. This property is useful if processing is necessary to produce at a time when the fruits are already ripening. If used in the dosages specified in the instructions, it does not harm the environment, it is completely safe for humans and bees.

General characteristics

Let's take a closer look at what thean insecticide "Lepidotsid." The reviews suggest that agrarians very highly appreciate its effectiveness, and for sure the reader is already very interesting, due to what it is achieved. A drug is prepared based on the Bacillus thuringiensis strain. That is, in the composition of the means - the spores and cells of this culture, which work against the pests of your garden. In addition, the composition contains protein crystals and inert fillers, which are designed to maintain the stability and safety of the active ingredients.

In specialized stores you can find twoforms of the drug "Lepidocide". Instructions for use (reviewed below) indicates that you can use suspension concentrate or powder.drug lepidocid reviews

Features of the drug

It is sprayed directly on the garden plantingand fruit trees. What do seasoned gardeners say about the drug "Lepidocide"? The reviews emphasize his complete safety, which is extremely important in the processing of berry crops, which are so fond of eating children.

The drug has an intestinal effect, that isIt shows activity only when it enters the stomach of an insect. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. On the one hand, the active substance remains only on the surface of the plant and does not enter the fruit, but on the other, a heavy rain will completely wash away the composition, and your plantings will again remain defenseless. But this defect is compensated by the fact that during the summer season you can resort to an unlimited number of times using the drug "Lepidocide". Instructions for use (reviews of the country's leading agricultural technicians confirm that you only need to monitor the activity of pests in the garden area) suggests using this tool as soon as you notice an increase in their number.lepidocide against Colorado potato beetle

Mechanism of action

As we have already said, the drug contains not onlya strain of bacteria, but also a delta-endotoxin in the form of protein crystals. In the alkaline environment of the insect intestine, they are activated and damage the inner shell. The pests stop eating and moving. If your garden has chosen a lot of insects, then you can watch how they stop moving and eat already after 4 hours after treatment. For several days they sit without movement, after which they perish.

Mode of application

Let's look at the general outline of howgarden processing. First of all, you need to choose the morning or evening hours, at this time the procedure will be most effective. It is very good to cultivate plantations during the mass appearance of caterpillar pests. However, this may cause a problem if you plan to use "Lepidocide" against the Colorado potato beetle. Instructions for use recommend repeating the treatment at least three times, as the oviposition of these pests is stretched in time. If heavy rain falls, then the procedure should be performed with a periodicity of 6-8 days. In dry and clear weather, the interval is 15 days. There are some peculiarities of using insecticide in each garden culture separately. We'll talk about this a little more.lepidocide against a pear-drop

Grain scoop

This is one of the most formidable pests of wheatfields. To protect the planting, you can use the drug "Lepidocide". 100 liters of water consumes 1-2 liters of the drug. The working solution should be shaken well and placed in a sprayer. Spraying occurs during the growing season. The flow rate of the working fluid is 200-400 l / g. Treatment against the scoop must occur at least three times per season to provide perfect protection.lepidocide against whitefly

Vegetable crops

Very often, "Lepidocide" is used againstpotato moth, as well as caterpillars of lepidopteran insects. This is a cabbage and a repellent whitetail, a firefly is a terrible pest of a garden and a garden, which can leave you without harvest if you do not take timely measures. Since over the summer several generations of pests may appear, a number of treatments are required. The drug consumption is small - only 0.5 liters per 100 liters of water. Each new generation of pests is born with an interval of 7-8 days, so it is recommended to repeat the treatment every week. The flow rate of the working solution is 200-400 liters per hectare. This insecticide very effectively protects crops of sugar beet, carrots and cabbage from caterpillars of a meadow moth.

Fruit crops

Most often, "Lepidocide" is used againstpear sheath and other pests of the garden. The first treatment, which is carried out before the flowering of the garden, can be performed by chemical preparations. But the following procedures necessary to preserve the crop, it is better to conduct a biological drug "Lepidocide".

Treatment can be effective against caterpillarsapple and fruit moth, American fruit moths, moths, leaf rollers and silkworms. During the vegetation period, spraying is done every 7-8 days. This insecticide showed itself very well in the framework of protection of vineyards from a leaf-litter. The rate of application is 2-3 l / ha.lepidocide against potato moth

Whitefly and thrips, a scourge of garden crops

Especially often these insects settle inclosed greenhouses, and get rid of them very difficult. Gardeners have tried everything completely: ignited sulfur and sprayed "Dichlophos", but after a short time the insects again attacked the plants. To date, many already know that the "Lepidocide" against the whitefly has shown itself very well, besides, it is absolutely safe for people. In parallel, the insecticide perfectly destroys shchitovok, thrips, weevils and other similar pests.

However, if the whitefly has chosen your garden,especially closed greenhouses and greenhouses, it will be necessary to fight with it for a long time. The fact is that eggs in the ground can wait out an unfavorable period, and a new generation will begin with even greater zeal to attack fruit plants. Therefore, if you want to get the upper hand, you need to perform treatment at an interval of a week throughout the summer season. Then next summer it will be possible to spray trees only with a preventive purpose.

Let's sum up the results

Complex insecticide "Lepidocid" isa true assistant to the modern gardener. It is active against most pests in the garden, but it does not accumulate in the soil and fruits, that is, it gives an opportunity to receive environmentally friendly products. This drug is well compatible with most chemicals that were previously treated garden. Even a significant increase in air temperature does not lead to the breakdown of the insecticide. This is very important in the hot summer months. Poisoned insect species are not addictive, which means that you can be calm for your planting each year.

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  • Lepidocid: reviews and instructions for use Lepidocid: reviews and instructions for use Lepidocid: reviews and instructions for use Lepidocid: reviews and instructions for use Lepidocid: reviews and instructions for use Lepidocid: reviews and instructions for use Lepidocid: reviews and instructions for use Lepidocid: reviews and instructions for use Lepidocid: reviews and instructions for use Lepidocid: reviews and instructions for use