Level locks for steel doors: an overview of popular models

Level locks for steel doors: an overview of popular models

Any metal doors that are installed in a house or apartment need good protection from force. And this function is fully performed by level locks, which are resistant to knocking out, reliable, durable and unpretentious in operation. And yet they have a drawback - low secrecy, as a result of which they are poorly opposed to intellectual hacking. Manufacturers seek in different ways to increase the reliability of lever locks, so they are identical in appearance, they can differ significantly from each other in burglar-resistant parameters.

5-TOP popular lock locks


The company produces more than 60 models of locks for wooden, steel and plastic doors. They are made of cold-rolled 2 mm steel, covered with a zinc or nickel coating, equipped with reinforced springs and 3-8 cylindrical bolts with a diameter of 13.8 mm.Due to this, the products get increased resistance to corrosion and are adapted to work in difficult climatic conditions. Their resource (the number of opening / closing cycles) is 100,000, which guarantees uninterrupted operation for 5 years.

The manufacturer uses various means of protection that increase the burglary class of lock locks produced:

  • false grooves on levers and stand;
  • increased spring stiffness;
  • weakened tooth reiki;
  • rotary sleeve;
  • hardened shank strut;
  • armor plate;
  • Reinforced bolt - 35% of the bolt length remains in the case of the lock, even if they are fully extended.

The 30th and 50th level lock locks provide additional protection against vandals: there is no lower boron in the lock, due to which garbage and foreign objects entering through the keyhole do not linger in the housing. Some models are equipped with a replaceable code rotor, allowing for the conversion of the mechanism. The secrecy of such locking devices is more than 9.5 million code combinations.


Level locks are made by the family company KALE KILIT, which produces more than 100 thousand products in Turkey per day.For their production, durable steel is used, so that they do not undergo deformations in the most severe frosts and retain their functionality in all weather conditions. The secrecy of locking devices corresponds to class 3 burglary resistance and is over 50,000 combinations.

Models have a multi-level system of protection against hacking, are equipped with:

  • armored plate against drilling;
  • six durable levers;
  • hardened shank posts;
  • the holes on the protrusions of the shank from "kvortysha";
  • special traps on levers against hacking with master keys.

Level locks "Kale" work for years, without jamming and jamming in the most difficult conditions. Unlike cheaper locking devices, twisted compression springs are installed in them, which does not weaken and always returns the levers to their original position. Face plates are made of steel, have 4 holes for mounting and durable electroplating. Many "Kale" models are equipped with a latch, which can be opened with a handle or with a turn of a key.


Door locks "Elbor" - quite reliable and inexpensive locking devices manufactured by the Russian manufacturer of the same name.They are made of corrosion-resistant steel, coated with zinc or powder composition, allowing them to operate in harsh conditions and a wide range of temperatures.

Locking devices are equipped with various anti-burglar systems:

  • U-shaped lock;
  • oblique bevel;
  • fifth tooth;
  • rotating insert in the rod;
  • hardened ball;
  • departure of rods 4 cm.

The products use a unique lever mechanism, during operation of which the load is distributed along the entire length of the springs, which eliminates their scrapping and lock jamming. At the same time on the levers there are special teeth, and the retainer is made in the form of a square with a U-shaped groove. The combination of these elements prevents the master door from opening the metal door.


Kerberos level locks are made by a Russian company in St. Petersburg, part of the Finnish company Dafor OY. The mechanism is made of steel tape, equipped with levers in the amount of from 3 to 8 pieces, and its secrecy exceeds 5 million combinations. Due to the high strength of the deadbolts and the accuracy of key milling, the possibility of fitting and filing its secrets is completely excluded.

All modifications are enhanced by a number of security elements from power and intellectual hacking:

  • the tempered rack of a shaft with a ball;
  • false grooves on levers;
  • cut-off leverage;
  • armor plate 4; 6mm thick;
  • rotating rod made of high hardness alloy.

Completed with five keys, packed in a plastic bag. Locks withstand weight loads up to 500 kg, can be operated at temperatures from -30 to + degrees and maximum humidity.


Level locks of domestic company "METTEM" are made on modern equipment, undergo mandatory testing, after which a special stamp is put on them. All structural elements are coated with an anti-corrosion compound, which prevents jamming during operation and allows the device to be operated without lubrication. The number of bolts - 4-5 with a diameter of 16 mm.

Locks are protected from hacking by a number of items:

  • hardened rod on one of the crossbars;
  • false grooves on levers;
  • special ball in the "square" from drilling;
  • armored pad;
  • weakened "tooth";
  • safety sleeves for mounting structures.

Models are certified in accordance with class 4 burglary resistance, are highly secretive.

Not a single level lock will protect an apartment if it is installed in a low-quality steel door. It is possible to choose a reliable metal construction here, having chosen a locking device suitable for cost, technical characteristics and the manufacturer.

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  • Level locks for steel doors: an overview of popular models Level locks for steel doors: an overview of popular models Level locks for steel doors: an overview of popular models Level locks for steel doors: an overview of popular models Level locks for steel doors: an overview of popular models Level locks for steel doors: an overview of popular models Level locks for steel doors: an overview of popular models Level locks for steel doors: an overview of popular models Level locks for steel doors: an overview of popular models Level locks for steel doors: an overview of popular models