Madame Galife. Description, menu and reviews

"Madame Galife." Description, menu and reviews

In this article we will tell about the club-restaurant "Madame Galife": we will consider the interior of the institution and the menu.


"Madame Galife" - a restaurant that was created byproject of the famous screenwriter, artist, director and playwright Rezo Gabriadze. This outstanding man thought it through. He embodied the idea of ​​his son Leo in reality.

Panoramic windows of the building in which it is locatedrestaurant "Madame Galife", go to the Botanical Garden. The walls are painted in a delicate coral color and decorated with Rezo's works of art. Everything in this restaurant is made by hand.

madam breeches

In the center of the institution a variation on the themeBakhchisaray fountain. Later on, a real frog is planned to settle here. By the way, originally this establishment wanted to be called "Bakhchisarai Fountain", but the present name was much more pleasant.

The atmosphere in the restaurant turned out to be both homely and aesthetic at the same time.

"Madame Galife." Menu, dishes, desserts and prices

The menu presents many delicious and interesting dishes. There are lenten dishes.

madam halife restaurant

The menu includes the following dishes:

  1. Salad from avocado and vegetables. The cost of one serving is 430 rubles.
  2. Bruschetta with basil, tomato and caviar from mushrooms - 370 rubles for three pieces.
  3. Pie with red beans - 300 rubles.
  4. Tomato soup with lentils - 370 rubles.
  5. Potato casserole with vegetables - 350 rubles.
  6. Salad with beans, cherry, rye croutons. Price - 400 rubles
  7. Grilled fruits (apples, pineapples in sauce) - 450 rubles.
  8. Salad from greens (lettuce, arugula, iceberg), dressed with olive-lemon sauce. The price of the portion is 400 rubles.
  9. Baked eggplant with chutney - 400 rubles.
  10. White mushroom soup. The cost of the dish is 300 rubles.
  11. Baked pumpkin - 400 rubles.
  12. Buckwheat with crispy onion rings and mushrooms - 300 rubles.
  13. Linguini in sauce with basil and vegetables - 400 rubles.
  14. Vegetable fajitos - 400 rubles.

In the alcohol map you can find a large selection of wine, vermouth, cognac, port and much more.

Madame Caliph Prospect of Peace

There are business meals in the institution, the cost of which is 350 rubles. They usually consist of three dishes + a drink to choose a guest. Example of a business lunch:

  1. Borscht.
  2. Pork medallions with mashed potatoes and mushroom sauce.
  3. Vinaigrette with green peas.

From drinks the visitor can choose a fruit drink, a lemonade or a berry cocktail.

There are also lunches and brunches. The institution operates a delivery service. To try the dishes, there is no need to go straight to the restaurant, you can order the liked positions home.

In the main menu of the restaurant "Madame Galife" the following dishes are presented:

  1. Warm salad with chicken liver. The price of dish is 490 r.
  2. Salad with goat cheese and young beets. The cost is 510 rubles.
  3. Khachapuri in Adjarian - 500 r.
  4. Chadi - 100 r.
  5. Salad with tuna - 480 r.
  6. Baked eggplant with nut sauce. The cost of the dish is 460 rubles.
  7. Fried suluguni - 390 r.
  8. Salad with salmon - 510 r.
  9. Pancakes stuffed with zucchini with filling - 490 r.
  10. Medallions from turkey - 590 r.
  11. Mushroom cream soup. The cost of the portion is 250 r.
  12. Chicken soup with tomatoes - 300 r.
  13. Cutlets from turkey with sauce - 570 р.
  14. Khinkali - 100 r.

Separately, I would like to consider desserts in this institution. Here are the following items:

  1. Fruit sorbet - 350 r.
  2. Apple pie - 400 r.
  3. Hot dessert with raspberries, strawberries and ice cream balls sprinkled with cedar nuts - 450 rub.
  4. Creme brulee with caramel crust - 350 r.
  5. "Tiramisu" - 400 r.
  6. Cake "Kievsky" - 300 r.

Address and opening hours of the club-restaurant

Where is the institution with an amazing name"Madame Galife"? Prospect Mira, 26, building 1 - this is the address of the restaurant in Moscow. Entrance to the institution from Grokholsky Lane. "Madame Galife" - a restaurant that is located 570 meters from the station "Sukharevskaya". Therefore, it is convenient to get to this place on the metro.

madame breeches of the menu

Opening hours from Monday to Friday - from 12:00 to 05:00. On Saturday, the schedule is different from 14:00 to 05:00. On Sunday the restaurant is open from 14:00 to 00:00.

Guest reviews

Feedback from visitors about this establishmentonly positive. Guests like the kitchen. Dishes, as the guests say, are incredibly delicious. Visitors like the location of this institution, it is very convenient to get to. Guests of this restaurant-club enjoy the service. As the visitors say, the waiters here are very friendly and helpful. Constant clients say that in this institution you can have a good rest with friends and family.

A small conclusion

Now you know what constitutesclub-restaurant "Madame Galife". In our article, we described the institution, reviewed the menu and feedback of visitors. We hope that this information was useful to you.

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  • Madame Galife. Description, menu and reviews Madame Galife. Description, menu and reviews Madame Galife. Description, menu and reviews Madame Galife. Description, menu and reviews Madame Galife. Description, menu and reviews Madame Galife. Description, menu and reviews Madame Galife. Description, menu and reviews Madame Galife. Description, menu and reviews Madame Galife. Description, menu and reviews Madame Galife. Description, menu and reviews