Makeup, like Angelina Jolie, step by step

Makeup, like Angelina Jolie, step by step

Angelina Jolie will surely go down in history asthe universally recognized sex symbol of the first quarter of the 21st century. Although the heyday of her popularity has already passed, and she is already 40 years old, the image of this Hollywood diva continues to excite the imagination of millions of men for whom she is the ideal of femininity and beauty.

No one will deny that Jolie is beautiful fromnature. However, the attractiveness of the actress is not the least due to the work of the masters of make-up and stylists. It was they who created for her a unique style in clothes and in make up, who singled out a movie star among other girls whose faces often decorate the covers of glossy magazines and flit through the pages of the secular chronicle.

In this article we will tell you how to make Angelina Jolie's make-up yourself. Such make up will look natural and beautify any girl.

Evening makeup by Angelina Jolie


It has long been known that the main secret of stylish women is the ability to emphasize their dignity and hide their shortcomings.

Thanks to the small tricks of makeup artists attentionsurrounding is riveted to the plump sensual sponges of Angelina, to her enticing eyes, sharpened nose and to flawless eyebrows. Even today, having crossed the threshold of the 40th anniversary, she successfully emphasizes make up of her mature beauty, and not a single flaw in her appearance is evident.


It is this part of the actress's face that is considered the mostAn attractive and characteristic feature of her appearance. Not surprisingly, in order to get Angelina Jolie's makeup, stylists recommend placing an emphasis on the lips.

For the most kinodivy her make-up artists choose lipstickssoft colors. Initially, they apply a foundation to their lips and powder them using a large brush. In order to highlight the outline, Angelina Jolie, whose makeup is rarely criticized, uses a pencil of the same shade as lipstick. Make the make up complete helps a clear shine. It is applied to give the lips an even larger volume.

Daytime Makeup by Angelina Jolie

Makeup "Smoky"

Angelina Jolie's eyes are huge and beautiful fromnature. To make them deeper, makeup artists actresses give them a catlike form with the help of arrows and shadows of pastel and brown shades, which are carefully shaded. Her favorites include pearlescent eye make-up.

Evening make up "Smokey" Angelina Jolie complements with false eyelashes. Then her gaze becomes so deep that she can strike on the spot.

Eye makeup, like Angelina Jolie

Skin Tone

For Angelina Jolie, make-up is just a meansin order to emphasize its natural beauty. This movie star and without it would continue to be the favorite of the public, who adores the actress not only for appearance, but also for the unconditional dramatic talent inherited from her parents.

On Angelina's face you'll never see "kilograms"tone means. However, she is an ordinary person who occasionally may have pimples on the skin or dark circles under the eyes. In order to disguise them, Jolie uses a corrector and tonalnik in the color of the skin tone on the neck. Thus, the actress creates an effect of light tan and highlights on this background her green cat's eyes.

Makeup, like Angelina Jolie, with a photo step by step

To repeat the make up of an actress is very simple. Step by step it can be done in the following order:

  • a small pea of ​​foundation is applied to the face and shade;
  • a more dense brush is applied under the eyes of a foundation;
  • powder the area under the eyes and the T-zone with a transparent powder;
  • the actress is not a fan of contouring, so the apples of the cheeks are simply applied gently-pink blush and shade well;
  • to make the eyebrows, characteristic for the style of Angelina Jolie, use the shadows and the beveled brush (turns out to be a curved view);
  • to the eyebrows, to the eyebrows, they make shadows of a soft gray-brown shade, placing emphasis on the crease.

If it is a question of evening make-up, then you need to put light pearl shadows under the eyebrow and in the inner corner of the eye. This will help to make the look deeper, giving it shine and languor.

Bright makeup in the style of Jolie


This detail of Angelina Jolie's eye makeup is the most characteristic for her appearance. Consider the technique of drawing arrows in detail.

Our goal is to get a very bright line fromciliary contour, which will end with a soft, upturned tip. Directly near the hairs it is required to use padding. Another way is to paint the tails with gray-black shadows. Then, with the same shade, the zone around the eyelashes is treated. The result is a softer and less vulgar arrow and lush eyelashes.


For Angelina Jolie's makeup, eyelashes should bethick, but do not look vulgar. Just apply one coat of carcass, and at the outer corners add a few bundles of artificial eyelashes. This will visually open your eyes, making your eyelashes more magnificent.

How to make the lips "like Jolie" step by step?

To achieve this result, you need:

  • take a pencil of dark-nude, almost brown, hue;
  • draw a contour of lips for them;
  • fill them in the middle with a cream matte lipstick a little more light shade.
  • shade and remove excess with a dry napkin;
  • powder the lips with beige shadows.


The advice presented above is not a dogma. They should be applied, correcting according to the peculiarities of their appearance.

Remember that Angelina Jolie has become an icon of style due to the ability not to step over the edge, beyond which the image becomes vulgar.

For this, the actress always acts according to the basic rules of classical make-up. In particular, it focuses on either the eyes or the lips.

Most often Jolie accentuates the attention of others on the top of her face.

The colors in make up in the style of Angelina should be inneutral scale, as a movie star can rarely be seen with bright color accents on his face. The exception is the evening performances of the actress, during which Jolie sometimes poses before the cameras with bright red lipstick on her lips. In addition, those who want to be like the former wife of Brad Pitt, must give up excessive love for sunburn.

The eyes of Smokey

Now you know how to make Angelina Jolie's make-up step by step. Feel free to experiment and create different images to find your own among them.

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  • Makeup, like Angelina Jolie, step by step Makeup, like Angelina Jolie, step by step Makeup, like Angelina Jolie, step by step Makeup, like Angelina Jolie, step by step Makeup, like Angelina Jolie, step by step Makeup, like Angelina Jolie, step by step Makeup, like Angelina Jolie, step by step Makeup, like Angelina Jolie, step by step Makeup, like Angelina Jolie, step by step Makeup, like Angelina Jolie, step by step