Means Nonoxinol (candles)

Means "Nonoxinol" (candles). Reviews, description

Contraceptive candles "Nonoxynol" arenon-hormonal contraceptive. The drug is used intravaginally. In addition to contraceptive, the drug also has some bactericidal effect, preventing infection with chlamydia, gonococcus. The drug "Nonoxinol" (candles) contains lactic acid, which helps to normalize the mucosa in the vagina. Thus, there is no negative effect on the natural flora.

"Nonoxinol" is used to reduce the likelihood of conception, as well as the prevention of certain sexually transmitted infections.

Suppositories are administered no earlier than an hour and not later than ten minutes before sexual intercourse. If after the next contact the next one is supposed, then it is recommended to apply another candle and wait for ten minutes.

After sexual intercourse, do not perform hygiene procedures for six hours. This is due to the fact that the removal of the drug will negate the entire contraceptive effect.

The drug "Nonoxinol" (candles) (reviews of doctorsunambiguous in this) is not prescribed for individual intolerance, lesions of the uterine neck of an erosive nature. The medication is not recommended for inflammatory processes in the internal and external genital organs.

"Nonoxinol" (suppositories) (responses of patientsconfirm this) is transferred well enough. In some cases, itching, irritation of the mucosa is possible. As a rule, these reactions pass independently. However, if at least one of the sexual partners experiences unpleasant sensations, you should consult a specialist and choose a more appropriate method of protection.

About the drug "Nonoxinol" (candles) reviews in greaterdegrees of positive. Many women note the convenience of using the remedy. The advantages of the drug include the lack of foam (as when using other suppositories). The drug "Nonoxinol" (candles) (reviews of many women are also confirmed) effectively protect against unwanted pregnancy. Often when choosing a method of contraception, preference is given to this particular drug. There is even an opinion that in the presence of a permanent sexual partner of all contraceptive methods, it is better to use the suppositories "Nonoxinol". With long-term relationships, sexual contact often does not occur so suddenly, so it is possible to enter the suppository in advance, and also to wait six hours after contact.

Some women after using the drugfelt some irritation, itching in the vagina. In some cases, the discomfort was so severe that I had to cancel the medicine and see a doctor. Most women note the absence of a negative reaction when using this contraceptive.

Experts, meanwhile, note that the use ofContraception is an integral part of family planning. In addition, the use of special contraceptive means protects the body from the penetration of various sexual infections. Do not forget that the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases is a serious blow to all systems in the body, which can provoke serious consequences.

To the undoubted advantages of the drug"Nonoxinol" is the lack of influence on the hormonal status of women. Unlike other contraceptives, suppositories do not affect the menstrual cycle.

To strengthen the contraceptive effect, as well as to provide a more complete protection against the penetration of infections, experts recommend using additional condoms.

Before using suppositories "Nonoxinol" should consult with a doctor.

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