Napoleon - cake with custard

"Napoleon" - cake with custard

The memory of one of the most famous historicalcharacters - Napoleon Bonaparte - lives in the minds of a huge number of people. And his name became associated not only with the refined France or the military exploits of the great emperor. Once arose a dessert called "Napoleon" conquered the hearts and stomachs of many thousands of people, and therefore the glory of Napoleon will live still very, very long.

I must say that, probably (most likely, soall was), the emperor himself has nothing to do with the dessert that bears his name. Although there is a version that it was Bonaparte, to somehow explain his behavior to his wife (bending over the ear of a sweet maid of honor, he whispered something to the girl, not noticing the presence of his wife), at random recited the recipe for a "unique" non-existent cake.

In honor of celebrating the centennial anniversary of the victory overcunning French culinary Russian cooks presented to the public an exquisite dessert "Napoleon" - a cake with a custard. The dish was a multi-layered cake consisting of a huge number of cakes in the form of a cocked hat (that's a hint of the emperor's personality).

"Napoleon" came to taste to the inhabitantsthe country-winner and was adopted by many cooks. A huge number of modified cakes began to appear, as the recipe of Napoleon with custard required expensive products. This dessert (in a modified form) began to appear almost anywhere, where you could eat. To the deep disappointment of the creators, "Napoleon" - cake with custard - turned into something strange, crumbling and hard, however, quite edible.

Now "Napoleon" - one of the most deliciousdessert dishes, revered throughout the world. And in our time there are various variations of this dessert, but if you want to try the true "Napoleon" - a cake with a custard, you should turn to the classic recipe.

To make a famous cake,prepare the following ingredients. For the test (you can use the ready-made puff pastry) you will need: flour (500 g), margarine or butter (200 g ± 50 g), salt (1/2 tsp), cold water (1/2 st.), Vegetable oil .

For custard: eggs / yolks (4 pcs.), milk (1/2 l.), sugar / sugar powder (8 tablespoons), starch (1 tablespoon), butter (100 g), flour (3 tbsp), salt (pinch) . We cook a lean dough. The cooled dough is rolled in a direction from itself on the surface, which we previously sprinkle with flour. Cut out the cake (the first cake should be a little more than the following), put it (along with the "scraps", which we bake until dark golden crust) on an oiled baking sheet and pierce it several times with a fork. Bake in a heated to 180 degree oven. The same we do with the rest of the cakes (they are about six).

We are working on cooking custard. Milk (large half) is poured into a saucepan and heated, we pour in a whipped cream with sugar and eggs. In the remaining milk part, we dilute starch and flour, mix it to a homogeneous mixture and slowly pour into a saucepan with warm milk. Constantly stirring, bring to the density of sour cream (this is the process of brewing the cream). We put the cream on the cold and wait until it cools.

Lubricate the cakes, stacking them one on top of the other, sprinkled with crumbs, which we make from baked scraps of dough. We put in the fridge for the night. "Napoleon" - a cake with a custard - is ready.

Among the numerous recipes of "Napoleon" you can select a recipe for curd cake - one of the most delicious desserts. To prepare such a dessert, the following ingredients will be needed.

For the test: eggs, preferably large (2 pcs.), Cottage cheese (300 g), powdered sugar (3 liters), sour cream (3 tbsp.), Flour (about 800 g), soda (1 tea. ), vinegar (1 table spoon), salt (1/2 tsp).

For cream: eggs (2 pcs.), Milk, fat content 2.5% (1 l), sugar (150 g), vanillin (25 g), flour (2 tablespoons), butter (100 g).

Rub the sugar powder, salt and cottage cheese with eggs,add soda, slaked vinegar, and sour cream. Add the sifted flour, knead the dough, soft, elastic. Divide the dough into 8 pieces, each of which is rolled to a thickness of about 2 mm, and baked on a baking tray, previously sprinkled with flour. The temperature of the oven should be high (about two hundred degrees), the cakes should be punctured several times with a fork.

While preparing cakes, "conjure" over the cream. Eggs are ground with flour, vanillin and sugar. Add some milk to them (100 g), and put the remaining milk on the fire. At the first signs of boiling, pour the egg-sugar mixture with a thin trickle into a saucepan and stir constantly. When the mass thickens, remove it from the fire, after five minutes add the oil. If the cream is not very sweet, you can add powdered sugar. Lubricate the cakes copiously, sprinkle with crumbs from the scraps.

This is how the cottage cheese "Napoleon" with custard prepares.

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