Oily cake for the anniversary: description, recipe, decorations, photo

Oily cake for the anniversary: ​​description, recipe, decorations, photo

Birthday of loved ones is alwaysis an excellent occasion to get together in a pleasant company and to express to the birthday person their warm feelings, love and recognition. The festive table, among other things, must be decorated with a treat that is served at the end of the holiday and is its peculiar traditional symbol - a cake. A special meaning is borne by a dessert dedicated to such a solemn and significant date as the jubilee.


Celebration of the jubilee

In the external design of the anniversary cake, you canreflect all the hobbies or achievements of the hero. The cake design can be supplemented with delicious decorations of their cream, fruit, chocolate or sugar mastic. The choice of variants of the recipe is admired by the richness and variety of the offered fillings and flavors.

The most popular pastries for the jubilee aretraditional butter cake. In a professional confectionery you can order a dessert for the anniversary of both a man and a lady. Experienced experts will produce a quality cake "With an anniversary!", And also offer a huge selection of various design and compositional versions of dessert.

But often housewives undertake independently to make a cake for the anniversary of a close and dear person, intending to enclose in the treat all of their skill, imagination and a part of the soul.

Butter cake for anniversary

Photos of various cakes are presented in the article. Among them there are many worthy options that can decorate the festive table and leave pleasant memories of the event at the jubilee and all the guests.

butter cake for the anniversary of the man

Since ancient times, the most popular baked goods toThe jubilee in Europe is biscuit, which is a dough made from eggs, sugar and flour. There are a variety of recipes for butter biscuits with the addition of starch, on sour cream. Biscuits are nutty, lemon or poppy, they are perfectly combined with protein or custard, jam and jelly.

But the most traditional, become a legenddomestic culinary, is an oil cake, in which a combination of biscuit cakes with butter cream is presented. This combination was the basis of well-known and popular desserts, many of which are used as a pastry treat for the jubilee.

Cake oil cake

This dessert is a simple and affordable option for decorating a festive table.


  • Flour: 5 table. spoons.
  • Sugar: 5 table. spoons.
  • Eggs: 5 pcs.
  • Vanillin: 1 pack.

For cream:

  • Sugar powder: 1 glass.
  • Butter: 1 packet.
  • Vanilla sugar: 1 packet.
  • Cocoa: 4 teaspoons.

How to cook? Step One: We knead the dough

To make a delicious biscuit, you must pour intoa bowl of chilled eggs and beaten with a mixer, using the high speed mode. When eggs are foamed, add a packet of vanilla sugar to them and, without stopping to beat, pour sugar in small portions. After the egg-sugar mixture has reached airiness, lower the speed of the mixer and pour in the flour, continuing to knead the dough. Flour, like sugar, should be added in parts.

butter cake with anniversary

Step Two: Bake biscuits

Next, the sponge cake is poured onto the parchmentrectangular baking tray and put it in the oven, heated to 200 degrees. It should be borne in mind that the cakes are thin, so they should be baked for seven to ten minutes. After acquiring a biscuit of golden or thick beige color, it is taken out of the oven. Alternatively, together with the parchment leaf, the cakes are rolled into a roll. Leave the biscuit cool.

Step Three: How to prepare an oil cream?

The softened butter is beaten with sugar powder until the sugar dissolves and the cream becomes fluffy. In the cream should be added vanillin and cocoa.

Step Four: decorate the cake

If it is decided to make out a cake in the form of a roll, biscuitshould be very carefully deployed, spread the cream over the cake and again roll it into a roll. You can leave without folding, just shift the cakes cream, they also cover the cake on top, make a congratulatory anniversary inscription and decorate the delicacy to your liking: fruits, candied fruits, cream flowers, etc.

How to decorate a cake for an anniversary?

Serve desserts on your birthday or anniversary is an ancient tradition that has not outlived itself after many centuries.

A beautiful sweet treat is usually served underthe very end of the holiday. It is very important to pay special attention to the design of the cake. An oil cake for the jubilee of a man and a dessert for a woman's jubilee are made in different ways. At registration it is necessary to take into account the profession, preferences, hobbies, age and specificity of the circle of guests. The culprit of the celebration will be pleased to receive on the day of his jubilee a beautiful and delicious cake.


Decorating a cake, it is necessary to take into account hobbies andhobbies of the birthday man. Dessert can be decorated with thematic figures in accordance with the profession of the jubilee. Very interesting looking cakes, decorated with mastic figures. You can buy ready-made "nurse", "doctor", "fireman", "builder", etc. from mastic. With some skills, you can make such jewelry yourself. Always in the fashion of congratulatory inscriptions. They can be written with cream, melted chocolate or cut out of mastic and marzipan. A jubilee who has an excellent sense of humor will be delighted with a dessert designed in the form of a car, a bottle of cognac or any other thing related to his profession or passion. We must not forget that in addition to decorating, the color and size of the confectionery are also important.

We are making a cake for a man's birthday

In the design of sweet treats for menPreferably use white, yellow, blue, brown tones. It is known that representatives of the strong half of humanity are mostly conservative, therefore they are unlikely to appreciate the too bright and colorful design of the dessert.

oil cake for anniversary photo

To avid motorists you can give a cake in the form ofcar. It can be laid out from a biscuit cake, which is covered with mastic and decorated with small details: headlights, wheels, painted with white cream. Sometimes dessert is made in the form of a chest or money box with money. The cake is also covered with mastic, and at the top spread out ready-made coins from chocolate. Jubilee-military will like a cake in the form of a cap or decorated with mastic "epaulettes" and "stars."

You can make a cake for your beloved in the form ofheart. In the design of a cake for a man, any ideas related to his hobby are suitable: for a fisherman, photographer, computer game lover, music lover, you can make special, matching mushroom figurines and decorate them with cake.

How to decorate a cake for a woman's jubilee?

An oil cake for an anniversary woman should be decorated in a delicate color scheme, generously decorating it with flowers from the cream.

It is known that women are big loversall unusual, non-standard, very beautiful and exquisite. The dessert for the jubilee of a lady should be absolutely unusual - to be a reflection of her personality. Making out the cake for the lady, you need to remember about her age, profession and preferences. You can decorate the cake with fresh flowers, as well as created from a cream or mastic, make a congratulatory inscription with a cream or put on waffle paper, decorate with berries or fruits.

butter cake for an anniversary woman

All the representatives of the beautiful halfare great sweets. In the design of the cake for the lady of the jubilee, experts recommend using chocolate glaze, which can be refreshed with various small decorative details. Possessing sufficient experience in confectionery business, you can bake a cake from several tiers, covering it with a cream of gentle pastel color and decorating with butterflies, an aysing or flowers. It is also necessary to take into account the profession, decorating the cake for the woman-hero of the day. Teacher will be happy cake in the form of a book or a class magazine, a fashionista will be pleased with a shoe or purse made of marzipan or mastic.


Oily cake for the hero (men or women) -this is not just a dessert. This is a treat with a rich symbolic meaning, and it should be decorated with great love, putting a piece of the soul and showing maximum imagination. With this approach, the cake will be highly appreciated by enthusiastic guests and the originator of the celebration.

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