Ointment from eczema

Ointment from eczema

Ointment from eczema refers to the most effectivemeans used in its treatment. Various topical preparations can relieve inflammation and significantly reduce itching. Ointment from eczema can be a hormonal action (eg, hydrocortisone). Drugs of this type are used, as a rule, no more than two weeks in order to reduce the severity of the disease. Non-hormonal ointment from eczema (for example, Acrustal) has a less strong effect than the drug containing hormones. Along with this, such a drug can be used for a long time.

For use in the morning, ointment is recommendedEczema, which is based on an emulsion. Such medications are easily absorbed, do not have unpleasant odors. In addition, they include fatty acids and vitamins. For evening use, preparations based on fat are recommended. They have a resolving effect. As a rule, such preparations have a specific odor and are difficult to wash off from the skin.

Eczema: treatment

Ointment can be applied to the outer cover and mucous membranes in various ways, depending on the purpose, composition and properties of the medication, as well as taking into account the site of the focus and its condition.

You can apply medication by simplyapplications. This method involves applying a thin or thick layer. You can apply the drug in several layers. In many cases, the use of this drug is carried out on a pre-treated lesion. The methods of applying the ointment include applications using impregnated dressings, napkins or tampons. Often used and active rubbing of the medication in the lesion. In special cases, after application of the product, additional exposure is used by a variety of instruments.

Specialists recommend applying the drugmeans for cleaned areas regardless of the chosen method of use. Preliminary cleansing of the affected area allows achieving the most effective result from therapy and shortening the period of treatment. It should be noted that the early stages of the disease provoke a high sensitivity of the patient's skin to water. Therefore, it is recommended to use rubber gloves when doing household chores, excluding contact with cleaning agents, solvents and other irritants. Instead of washing your hands, you can wipe them with wet wipes.

The therapeutic course should bemedical supervision. Diagnosis of the disease is carried out taking into account clinical manifestations. Some questionable cases suggest a histological examination. It is necessary to differentiate the disease with psoriasis, toxicodermia, some mycoses and allergic dermatitis.

The main manifestations of the disease include the appearance of peeling, cracks, excoriation. Combing the itchy areas can cause changes in pigmentation and infection of the focus.

Eczema on the hands: treatment, ointment

Use of ointments in combination withantihistamine drugs, hyposensitizing therapy, immunocorrecting agents is an integrated approach. This method is mainly aimed at eliminating the disease-provoking factors. These include neurotic disorders, neuroendocrine disorders, exacerbations of chronic ailments. In addition, during the period of therapy, a hypoallergic diet may be prescribed.

To therapeutic methods widely used inmedical practice in the treatment of eczema, it should be attributed and physiotherapy procedures. Very effective electrophoresis, paraffin treatment, acupuncture, paraffin treatment, UHF, mud therapy.

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