Old Woman Izergil: the genre of the work

"Old Woman Izergil": the genre of the work

The work "Old Woman Izergil", whose genreis the subject of this review - one of the most famous works of the famous Russian writer M. Gorky. It was written in 1894 and became a landmark book in the author's work, as it marked his transition to romanticism. The peculiarity of this work is that it consists of three independent parts, united by one common idea.

Features of the first episode

The book "Old Woman Izergil", whose genre can beTo define how the story, however, is not so in the literal sense of the word. As already mentioned above, the work includes three independent parts, which at first sight are not related to each other in the plot.

old woman ergil genre

The main character tells the author three stories,the first of which is the philosophical legend of Larre. In its content it looks like an old legend or an ancient fairy tale. In this case, the writer Gorky turned to typically romantic images. "Old Woman Izergil" is a story that is filled with references to classical works of this direction. The main character of the first part is a typical Byronic hero: he is proud, arrogant, mysterious and despises people and for this he receives punishment, becoming immortal. Such a plot resembles the best examples of literature of the 19th century.

The image of Larry

This character is the embodiment of pride andextreme contempt for everyone around. He, being the son of an eagle, considers himself in all right, does not consider the opinion of people and does what he wants. Perhaps, that is why Gorky put first place in this story. "Old Woman Isergil" is a work that is built on the principle of climbing from the worst plot to the best. The hero of Larry is the embodiment of human pride. The author wanted to present the superman and superhero, who, nevertheless, ends up defeated by his own vice. In connection with what has been said, it must be remembered that the work in question has its own genre features.

bitter old woman

The story of "Old Woman Izergil" is not in factso in the literal sense of the word, because the idea and narration reminds an old legend or legend. The story of Larre dates back to the ancient times of the semi-prehistoric society, which gives the narrative a special charm.

The second story

Half story about the life of the heroineis the "Old Woman Izergil". The heroes of the story of this woman are outstanding in all respects. This applies to the narrator himself. From her lips we learn that in her youth she was a very temperamental woman. She was very lively and direct and lived a full life. Her nature yearned for adventure and thrill. Judging by her words, the heroine loved a lot of men. Some she threw, for the sake of others she was ready to commit a crime, to risk her own life and fate.

the story of an old woman ergil

This makes it similar to those of the heroes about whomshe told me. Those individuals who became the actors of her narratives also despised the danger and were ready for anything in order to achieve their goal.

The image of Danko

The work "Old Woman Izergil", whose genrecan cause difficulty due to the fact that there are several different layers of narration in the text, ends with a beautiful legend about the hero who undertook to lead people out of the darkness. On the way, the travelers had to endure many difficulties, and when people began to murmur, he wrenched his heart, illuminated their path and led the companions from the dark and dark forest to freedom and light. Thus, this hero in the cycle of stories is a real ideal of courage, honor and courage.

old woman ergil story heroes

The heroic tone of narration makesa work close in spirit to legends and ancient legends, which were also dedicated to great personalities. The latter circumstance must be taken into account when analyzing the work under consideration. When it comes to his genre, you should remember about the above features. And speaking of the fact that the work is a story, it should be noted that it was like a story in a story, because it consists of three different stories. They are united by a common idea - the thought that there is a sense of human existence. This question is asked by the narrator herself, the same problem worries the heroes of her stories. So, the book "Old Woman Izergil", whose genre can be defined as a story in the style of a legend, has become one of the best in Gorky's work.

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  • Old Woman Izergil: the genre of the work Old Woman Izergil: the genre of the work Old Woman Izergil: the genre of the work Old Woman Izergil: the genre of the work Old Woman Izergil: the genre of the work Old Woman Izergil: the genre of the work Old Woman Izergil: the genre of the work Old Woman Izergil: the genre of the work Old Woman Izergil: the genre of the work Old Woman Izergil: the genre of the work