Paper jewelery: New Years quilling

Paper jewelery: New Year's quilling

On the eve of the holidays, most beginthink about what to present as a souvenir to your loved ones and close people. As everyone knows, gifts are good, but gifts made with one's own hand are much better. It is believed that in the process of creation they are filled with soul, they are charged with the energy of the person who makes them.

One of the variants of needlework, with the help of whichyou can create an excellent surprise, is quilling. This type of paper-knitting has appeared for a long time in Europe and at the present time is firmly settled in the hearts of fans of various types of needlework. A lot of wonderful things can be created using quilling techniques: Christmas decorations, postcards, decorations for photo albums or frames, etc. But, of course, most often the idea of ​​decorating the surrounding space with paper crafts comes a few months before the New Year. New Year Quilling in this case will certainly be the most suitable occupation, because, as banal snowflakes, it is hardly possible to surprise anyone.

Using the technique of paper rotation in creatingNew Year's decor, there is a great chance not only to decorate the house with unique toys and compositions, but to amaze, therefore, its guests and make them proud of the owner, or even envy him. Moreover, such crafts will be filled with soul and love, which will then accompany those present for the next year.

New Year's Quilling does not require special expenses: all that may be needed to perform the compositions is now available for sale at a very reasonable price in the nearest stationery store. For professional paper-making, of course, more tools and materials of the highest quality will be required, but if this kind of needlework is not supposed to be turned into a permanent hobby, then it's time to get by with a minimal set. In any case, it is necessary to have sheets of paper, scissors and glue. For maximum convenience, a thin awl with a comfortable handle and a good pair of tweezers are also useful. And, of course, you can not do without a good imagination and excellent mood.

In order to create a New Year's Quilling,it is necessary first of all to make billets, from which the final composition will be collected in the future. The detail is incredibly simple. First, it is necessary to cut a piece of paper into flat strips about three millimeters wide. This can be done manually, but it's best to skip the sheet through the shredder. Thus, the hands will not get tired, and the nerves will remain intact, and much less time will be spent.

Then each strip should be twisted. First you need to twist it a little with your fingers to make it more convenient to continue working, and then wrap it tightly on the awl. The tip of the strip should be coated with glue and pressed. As a result, you should get a unique roll of paper, working with which in the future, you will get different shapes.

New Year Quilling, as well as any other,involves the creation of various ornaments using certain twisting techniques. Among the basic forms, one can distinguish a tight and free spiral. These are the simplest blanks. More complex, based on them, is for example, a drop or a petal. To achieve this, you should squeeze two fingers with a free spiral on one side. If you do this on both sides, you get an eye. By and large, all possible shapes are given by compressing in certain places the simplest blanks. You can also decorate New Year balls in quilling technique, or completely create them. The main condition for a well-done job is diligence and calm. But, undoubtedly, the result is worth the effort.

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