Perspective-thematic plan. Perspective-thematic planning of classes

Perspective-thematic plan. Perspective-thematic planning of classes

Perspective-thematic planning of classes is a prerequisite for new federal state standards. He has certain characteristics. Let us examine them in more detail.

perspective-thematic plan

Components of the plan

Any graduate of a pedagogical college knows,that there are certain rules in the preparation of the training session. A perspective-thematic lesson plan for the academic disciplines is an obligatory link in the preparation for the lesson of any modern teacher.

It includes the separation of educational material,calculated for the academic year, for individual headings and topics. If we consider in general terms a perspective-thematic plan, it should be noted that in addition to the names of topics, it indicates the calendar time, homework, as well as the skills and abilities that students will need to acquire.

perspective-thematic planning of classes

Purpose of planning

Perspective-calendar, complex-thematicThe plan determines the required number of training sessions for each topic. Since it reflects the system of lessons, it is possible to trace the logical sequence of students' acquisition of new skills and knowledge, consolidation and generalization of the material studied earlier. The educational process necessarily includes the main links in the educational and educational process:

  • study of new material;
  • the process of systematizing the knowledge gained;
  • improvement and consolidation of the studied material;
  • practical application of ZUN;
  • upbringing of skills and abilities among schoolchildren;
  • control over educational achievements of students.

The teacher divides the material of the whole topic into separate parts that correspond to the content of the lesson, disposing them as they study (with increasing complexity).

perspective-thematic plan for the economy

Rules for the separation of topics in the curriculum

A perspective-thematic plan is drawn up according to certain rules:

  • the new material in each lesson should have 3-4 questions that students must learn;
  • the material selected for the lesson should be completed in its content, have a certain didactic purpose;
  • the sequence of the composition of the educational material for individual lessons implies the observance of the logical chain, the provision of internal interconnection, the gradual increase in the complexity of the learning tasks.

Determining the amount of training material that will bebe considered in the process of the lesson, it is necessary to take into account the likelihood of its consideration, deepening for the period of time allocated for the training session.

Perspective-calendar, complex-thematicplanning has a certain basis. It consists of lessons designed to study new teaching material, here also includes combined classes. Also, the perspective-thematic plan includes the enumeration of all excursions, laboratory, practical works, control exercises. The table shows the sequence number of the lesson, the name of the lesson (topic), the main elements, the homework.

Features of some thematic plans

According to the new federal educational standards,the perspective-thematic plan for the economy (or any other academic discipline) contains those basic concepts, as well as the UUN, which pupils must master. It is also necessary to note interdisciplinary connections, which allow achieving profound mastering of the educational material.

Perspective-thematic correctional planwork is different in that before each new occupation, the goal is adjusted, taking into account the psychological mood of the children for the lesson, their physical condition.

perspective-thematic plan for technology

Material and technical equipment

Teacher fixes in the table and those important objectsmaterial and technical equipment, which are required for him to achieve the set goals. So, if the perspective-thematic plan for technology involves the use of ICT and visual aids, the teacher makes a note that their purchase, repair, and manufacturing is required.

The duration of the plan's implementation

A perspective-thematic plan for the productiontraining is a long-term document that can be used as long as the curriculum to which it was originally designed functions. In this case, the teacher has the right to make adjustments to the planning, change the name of the topics, supplement the main tools necessary for him to achieve the goal.

If the teacher does not succeed in one lessonto fulfill all the goals and tasks indicated in the preliminary planning, he makes changes to the table. Depending on the specifics of the educational discipline, teachers choose the form of the table, indicate the content of the academic discipline, note the means used in the educational process.

perspective-thematic plan of production training


Perspective planning, regardless of the form chosen, assumes the obligatory accounting of several methodological methods:

  • The educational material is selected for a specific target audience, it is distributed according to topics, sections. They correspond to specific occupations, they are described in the explanatory note to the program.
  • Knowing the number of hours per subject taughtfor a week, in the plan indicate the division of lessons by semester, months. There must be a logical connection between the individual lessons in the planning. When you become familiar with planning, you should have the impression of having a coherent unified system.
  • Depending on the specifics of the subject, the field of theoretical questions that need practical fixing is determined.

Experienced teacher in the preparation of long-term planning and determines the technical means with which he is going to solve the issues of education and upbringing of the younger generation.

perspective-thematic plan of correctional work

Essential Details

In the long-term planning it is important to giveattention to practical actions of schoolchildren, independent and laboratory work. The main point is to determine the approximate result of the schoolchild's educational work, correlating it with the purpose of employment, identifying the educational product. The teacher must carefully think out the means of control, the forms, and the methods of conducting it. Thanks to the ready perspective-thematic planning, the activity of a young specialist is greatly simplified. Practice shows that it is from completeness and thoughtfulness of thematic plans that the final result of upbringing and education depends. Experienced teachers are aware of this, they try to make the necessary elements to the maximum in planning, so as not to waste time on a significant adjustment of the preliminary plan.

The goal-setting is a conscious process,aimed at identifying and setting goals and objectives of all pedagogical activity. The teacher feels the need for preliminary planning of his work, he is ready to model the main tasks taking into account specific pedagogical situations. An experienced teacher is able to transform the goals set by modern society to educational institutions, into joint activities with schoolchildren.

The difficulty that young teachers experience is the correct transfer of learning outcomes to practice, taking into account the physiological and psychological characteristics of modern schoolchildren.

In a thoughtful plan specific training sessionthe preparatory work carried out by the teacher is reflected. Of course, this can not be considered a complete guarantee of achieving all the goals and objectives set by the teacher, but it is planning that is recognized in the pedagogical community as an indispensable condition for conducting a quality lesson.

In the formulation of tasks for the lesson, words should be present:to reveal, justify, show. High results from the lessonThe teacher can not be reached, if previously he did not draw up a good written plan. This process is a creative event, it will require the teacher a significant time. In pourochnom plan indicate the scope and content of homework. The planning structure is influenced by the specifics of the teacher's personality, as well as the characteristics of the student population.

perspective-calendar complex-thematic planning


If desired, training-thematic planningcan be issued in the form of abstracts or abstract. Its content should strictly correspond to the taught academic discipline, the age characteristics of schoolchildren, the requirements established by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

A special emphasis in planning should be madeon the presentation of a new theoretical material. The plan does not presuppose the description of all demonstrations, calculations, illustrations, which the teacher will apply, it is sufficient to indicate the reference to the source used.

Allocation of time to separate sections of the trainingtheme promotes the rational use of each training session, helps the teacher to get the maximum result from his work. Professionals leave one column in the thematic planning empty, so as to make corrections, clarifications, certain additions to it. If you pay due attention to the preliminary planning of the school year, the teacher takes off a lot of problems.

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