Pilgrimage to Diveevo from Moscow: tours and excursions

Pilgrimage to Diveevo from Moscow: tours and excursions

In Russia it is customary to worship Christian shrines. Earlier pilgrims took with themselves the necessary supply of food and bast shoes and walked to the Holy places on foot. On the road, they suffered many hardships, but at the end of the journey experienced an extraordinary uplift of the spirit, touching the shrines. After bathing in holy sources, the body received health, and the soul was healed from bad thoughts and evil intentions. The modern pilgrimage to Diveevo from Moscow does not detract from the significance of such a trip.

Diveevo is an important center of Christian pilgrimage

Diveevo is located near the city of SarovNizhny Novgorod region (he is Arzamas). This is one of the main places for pilgrimage of Orthodox believers. For Russia, it has the same meaning as the Holy Places in Jerusalem or Mount Athos in Greece. The name of the village was given by Ivan the Terrible in 1559, calling it in honor of the national militiaman Divey, who stopped the invasion of the Tatars in this place. For these services the tsar granted him the title of prince and gave the lands along the river Vichkinzy.

Pilgrimage to Diveevo from Moscow

At the end of the 18th century, in Diveevo,of the population in honor of Nicholas the Wonderworker they build a wooden church. It was erected at the crossroads leading to the monastery in Sarov, so pilgrims often stopped to rest here. Here Agafya Melgunova, who later founded the Seraphim-Diveevsky Monastery, rested.

The past of Diveevsky Monastery

Doing a pilgrimage to Diveevo from Moscow, you can find outabout the history of the Holy Trinity Monastery. According to legend, Agafya Semyonovna Melgunova (after the tonsure of Mother Alexander) for a long time prayed at the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. There before her appeared the Mother of God and punished to go to the holy places in the north of Russia.

When Melgunova rested in Diveevo, the Mother of Godagain appeared before her and said that it was necessary to found a monastery, because this is her last fourth destiny. In addition, she has more belongings that are under her protection, but Diveevo is a special place, because here she goes every day along the Holy Canal, and this land is under special protection.

The construction of the Diveevo Monastery lasted a century and a half. Pilgrimage to Diveevo from MoscowHe will introduce the pilgrims to the history of creationThe Kazan Church, the Nativity of Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Trinity and Transfiguration Cathedrals. In 1842, as a result of the confluence of the Kazan and Mill communities, a new Serafimo-Diveevo Convent was formed. It operated until 1927, then it was closed, and the territory was in desolation. Only in the late 90s of the last century a decision was made to resume service in the Holy Trinity Seraphim-Diveevsky Monastery. At the present time, more than 400 nuns are serving there.

The main shrines of the monastery

Pilgrimage to Diveevo from Moscow will allowget acquainted with all the shrines of the monastery. Within its walls is a cancer, in which the relics of Seraphim of Sarov lie. The monk took monasticism in 1778 in the Sarov desert, lived for a long time in seclusion, after which he received not only monks, but also laymen. Even during his lifetime, he performed many good deeds, had the gift of healing and perspicacity.

Pilgrimage to Diveevo from Moscow by bus

The main shrine of the monastery is the Gulf of Our Lady,which began to dig Seraphim of Sarov. This is a path of 777 steps, which the Mother of God passed. In fact, this is not a ditch, but an earthen rampart. Rev. Seraphim punished to walk along the Canal and at the same time to read the prayers 150 times. The Orthodox believe that the Mother of God is passing through this Kanavka every day, protecting their lot, therefore pilgrims need to spend at least 24 hours a day in the monastery to receive her intercession.

Holy Sources of the Seraphim-Diveevsky Monastery

On the territory of the monastery there are springs with healing water:

  1. The holy spring of Diveevo was opened near the grave of Mother Alexandra. On Epiphany, as well as on great holidays in this place they make the procession and sanctify the water.
  2. Kazan Diveevsky spring is the oldest of all sources. It is believed that in this place was the appearance of the Virgin three times.
  3. St. Iversky spring, according to legend, dug Mother Alexander, so that the workers involved in the construction of the Kazan Church, could quench their thirst.
  4. Source of St. Panteleimon.

Pilgrimage to Diveevo from Moscow by train

About each of them are organized separatebathing suits for women and men. In addition, near Diveevka, near the village of Tsyganovka, there is a source of Seraphim of Sarov. After bathing in the holy water many, if you believe the reviews, get healing even from incurable diseases.

Bus tours to Diveevo

Believers who make pilgrimages to Diveevo fromMoscow (by bus or train - it is not important), are applied to the relics of Seraphim of Sarov, the Mother of God of the Canal performs the procession, visit the holy springs, and participate in the divine liturgy of the Trinity Cathedral.

Excursion buses from Moscow go to Nizhny NovgorodNovgorod, then turn off on the road leading to Saransk. After 12 km of the road, the driver will see a turn signal at Diveevo. From Nizhny Novgorod to the monastery bus goes 4 hours.

Believers who independently commitpilgrimage by bus, can travel from the Nizhny Novgorod Kagnavinskaya bus station to Arzamas on a public bus, and every hour from the Arzamas-2 railway station there is a route to Diveevo. The travel time from Arzamas to the Seraphim-Diveevo Monastery is about one and a half hours.

Pilgrimage to Diveevo from Moscow 4-5 days

Pilgrimage to Diveevo from Moscow by car is bettermake through Balashikha and continue to keep the path in the direction of Vladimir. Before entering the city, you need to turn to Murom, and then, following the road signs, through Navashino and Ardatov go to the monastery.

Tours and excursions in Diveevo by train

A trip to the Holy Places will be successful, if you make a pilgrimage to Diveevo fromMoscow by train. During this tour, you do not have to make tiresome bus transfers. When traveling by train you can get the right mood and on arrival in the monastery feel reverence and joy from visiting places where everything indicates God's love.

Tours and excursions by train are popular with peopleof any age, because the move takes place without any special physical exertion. The train departs from Kazan Railway Station in Moscow to Arzamas late at night and arrives at the destination in the early morning. People can relax, have a snack, perform hygienic procedures. At the Moscow railway station in Arzamas there are always minibuses that will bring pilgrims to Diveevo.

pilgrimage to a caravan from Moscow by car

Pilgrimage to Diveevo from Moscow (4-5 days will go on the way there and back)includes bathing in the springs at the monastery and in thebathing prep. Sarov and acquaintance with the women's monastery. The territory of the monastery can not be entered without a headdress, women are prohibited from entering the trousers. On the first day, believers visit the Gulf and holy springs, as well as participate in the evening worship. The morning of the next day is dedicated to the morning service, liturgy and prayer services. On the third day they visit the shrines of Suvorovo and Vyzdnoye villages, and also conduct an excursion on the program "Orthodox Arzamas". In the evening we are to return to Moscow. Taking into account the road, the trip takes 4-5 days.

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  • Pilgrimage to Diveevo from Moscow: tours and excursions Pilgrimage to Diveevo from Moscow: tours and excursions Pilgrimage to Diveevo from Moscow: tours and excursions Pilgrimage to Diveevo from Moscow: tours and excursions Pilgrimage to Diveevo from Moscow: tours and excursions Pilgrimage to Diveevo from Moscow: tours and excursions Pilgrimage to Diveevo from Moscow: tours and excursions Pilgrimage to Diveevo from Moscow: tours and excursions Pilgrimage to Diveevo from Moscow: tours and excursions Pilgrimage to Diveevo from Moscow: tours and excursions