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The chorion is ... The localization of the chorion. Presentation of the chorion

In the period of gestation of the baby, the female bodyundergoes numerous changes. They begin with a change in the hormonal background. Further changes occur in the most genital organ. During this period the woman still does not even suspect about her new position. In this article we will talk about the term "chorion". You will learn about what it is and where this education is located. Also you can get acquainted with the problems that can arise with the chorion.

chorion it

The process of conception

To begin with it is necessary to say a few words about fertilization. A healthy woman has a follicle rupture once a month. At that moment, a female gamete comes out ready for fertilization.

If at that moment a sexual act takes place, thenmen's cells will be able to freely meet with the egg. When the two gametes merge, continuous division and movement of cells begins. When the formation reaches the genital organ, the fetal egg is attached. It densely grows into the inner shell of the uterus and remains there for a long time.

Chorion is what?

Chorion is the outer fetal envelope of the embryo. It should be noted that the fetal egg consists of two important components: the amnion and the chorion.

The outer part (chorion) is the most important part. It is bordered by the inner shell of the uterus. The localization of the chorion can be different. You will learn more about the most popular ones.

Chorion is a component of normal pregnancy.Without it, the fruit can not develop normally and will simply perish. Appears this shell about one week after fertilization and remains until the formation of the placenta. Many doctors say that the chorion is the placenta. To some extent this statement is true. It is at the junction of the upper fetal envelope with the endometrium that the placenta is formed.

chorion localization

Chorion Diagnosis

This education can not be determined whenvaginal examination. Chorion is an education that can be seen only with ultrasound examination. Always in the protocol of ultrasound, a specialist describes the state of this structure, its location and characteristics.

chorion on posterior wall

Types of chorion

Medicine knows several varietiesthe upper shell of the fetal egg. It is worth noting that they all depend on the gestational age and can vary greatly over time. Determine the form of the chorion can only be done with ultrasound.

The gestation period is up to 6 weeks from conception

At this stage of the development of the fetal egg, a chorion can be seen ring-shaped. What it is?

On examination with an ultrasound transduceryou can find a fetal egg. It is worth noting that the embryo at this time is not yet visible. The upper membrane of the fetal egg is attached to the endometrium throughout its area. It is in this case that it can be said that there is a ring-shaped chorion.

The gestation period is up to 8 weeks from conception

Often in the protocol of ultrasound examination, women are found to record: "Circulatory chorion". What does it mean?

A similar condition of the upper fetal membrane is characteristic of early pregnancy. This kind of education is transformed approximately on 8 week from the moment of fertilization.

chorion ring-shaped what is it?

Inoculated chorion

This kind of shell is absolutely normal. Many women ask the gynecologist: "The nasal chorion: what is it?"

The name of the shell was due to the fact thathas so-called villi. It is with their help that it is attached to the inner wall of the genital organ. The nasal chorion is always described in the protocol of ultrasound. There is also a place of its location.

chorion is the placenta

Localization of the chorion

There are several common options for attaching this structure. Doctors still do not know why a fetal egg chooses a particular place. We'll figure it out in every possible way.

Rear location

This state is the most common.In most cases, in the first trimester of pregnancy, a chorion is found on the posterior wall of the genital organ. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the structural features of this shell.

Front location

If your chorion on the back wall is not located, then it is attached to the front of the uterus. This state is also the norm, but special care must be taken.

With anterior localization, there is a riskexfoliation of the membranes of the fetus. If you follow all the doctor's instructions, you will most likely avoid such complications. Do not panic when you receive this information. Chorion is able to move and migrate.

villous chorion what is it

Lateral location

Chorion during pregnancy can be on the side. This position is always reduced to the front or rear. This indicates that the chorion is located, for example, in front and on the right.

Presentation of the chorion

Many pregnant women have to face this diagnosis. To begin with it is necessary to find out what "presentation" means.

If the fetal egg is attached low in the genitalorgan, the resulting chorion will overlap the cervical canal or simply be placed very close to the exit from the uterus. This condition is a pathology, but treatment for it has not yet come up.

Do not get upset because of this locationchorion. He can migrate. The resulting placenta can also move up or sideways. So, placenta previa, which was revealed during the second screening, often disappears during the third examination by an ultrasound transducer.

What can be threatened with the presentation of the chorion?

This state in most cases passes by itself. However, there is a category of women whose chorion and placenta remain in their place and do not move anywhere. Than it is fraught?

With this outcome, physicians can choosenon-standard delivery. If the placenta completely blocks the entrance to the uterus, then a planned cesarean section is performed. In the case when the chorion (placenta) is low, the doctor takes into account the distance between the cervical canal and the edge of the membrane. If the gap between the cervix and the placenta is more than five centimeters, the woman is allowed to give birth alone. In other cases, a planned additional ultrasound is performed several days before the birth and, if necessary, a cesarean section is prescribed.

chorion circular what is it

Preposition of the chorion: precautionary measures

If you are diagnosed with this, the doctor will give youseveral recommendations. It is worth to listen to advice and observe all precautions. Otherwise, spontaneous bleeding may occur, which lead to the most unexpected consequences.

Respect for physical rest

When the chorion is pronounced, the fullphysical rest. A woman should abandon physical education and sports exercises. Also, you can not lift heavy objects and make sudden movements.

In some cases, even it is forbidden to sneeze, as a sharp contraction of the uterus can lead to partial detachment of the chorion.

Sexual rest

In addition to physical rest, a sexual one is also necessary.It is necessary to abandon all contacts until the chorion rises to a safe distance from the cervical canal. Otherwise, involuntary contraction of the genital organ can cause bleeding.

What is a chorion or placenta in pregnancy?

Reception of medicines

With the presentation of the chorion, the doctor can prescribesome medicines. They relax the uterine muscle and do not allow it to contract. In the early stages of pregnancy, it can be tablets "Dyufaston", suppositories rectal "Papaverin", tablets "No-Shpa". At a later date of embryo development, other means may be prescribed: injections or tablets "Ginepral", vitamins "Magnelis B6".

It is worth noting that taking such medicinesit is necessary only on the recommendation of a doctor. In some cases, you can do without them at all. Also the doctor can recommend wearing a bandage. This device will support the stomach and facilitate the overall condition of the pregnant woman.


While waiting for a toddler, women pass throughvarious studies. Including ultrasound. With such a survey, the doctor always examines the chorion and marks its localization. This takes into account the size of the shell, the presence of layers and other problems.

When chorion presentation, always follow the doctor's advice. Only in this case the pregnancy will end with a successful delivery.

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