Rating of food for dogs. Rating of dry dog food

Rating of food for dogs. Rating of dry dog ​​food

To date, the world produces hundreds of different types of dry and wet dog food. Only the most budgetary options are known on the territory of Russia. This is due to the fact that a Russian person is not ready to pay big money for quality feed, preferring to choose in favor of the most profitable and advertised in the media. It is this error in most cases that leads to the death of a pet.

How to choose a good food

The first thing to look at is the percentage composition of the ingredients. The largest in weight products are indicated at the top of the list, and further - in descending order. Many feeds are bribed with a lot of ingredients, but you should know that chicken meal and chicken fillet is one product, not two. Their separation already indicates the trick of the manufacturer.rating of dog foodRice is recommended brown, as it is much more nutritious and more useful than white. Some manufacturers violate the rules prescribed in the law for compiling a list of ingredients and write first any products, even if they are by mass at the very end. That is why it is recommended to purchase those foods in which the weight of a food item is indicated. It is important that at least one type of meat enter the first three ingredients of the ingredients.

Dry food. Super-premium

Despite the considerable high cost, such food for dogs is the best option. Products of super-premium class differ not only in the quality of natural ingredients, but also in manufacturing technology. Such food is easily assimilated due to the balanced composition, which means that it is especially useful for animals. In addition, it is enriched with natural vitamins and minerals.

Innova EVO - the best food for dogs. The rating of the most useful dry products for pets is headed precisely by this one, since its main ingredients are refined raw meat of two kinds at a time: turkey and chicken. Also, the composition includes more than a dozen vegetables and fruits, fish concentrate and herbs useful for digestion.a rating of dry food for dogsAs for minerals and vitamins, their variability affects: choline, beta-carotene, calcium, folic acid, phosphorus, thiamine, iron, riboflavin, potassium, copper, biotin, sodium, betaine, cobalt and many others.

The rating of dog food also includes Orijen. This is a very high-calorie protein product with a large supply of fruits and fats. The main ingredients of the feed are fresh chicken, turkey, potatoes, fish meat, eggs, poultry fat, anchovies, algae. This product is enriched with microelements such as vitamin E and A, thiamine, iron, zinc and many others.

Further, the rating of dry food for super-premium dogs is represented by the following well-known brands: Go Natural, Artemis, Acana. According to the composition of probiotics, the line of the American company Canidae stands out.

Dry food. Premium

In the composition of such food, natural products enter only a small percentage equivalent. Nevertheless, these feeds do not harm health, and therefore, are allowed to eat. Meat products in them are presented in the form of flour.

The rating of dry feed for premium dogs is led by the Adult line from the Canadian manufacturer Acana.rating of dog food 2014The product includes fresh chicken flour, brown rice, poultry fat, peas, salmon, eggs, carrots, apple, algae, as well as cranberries, alfalfa, turnips, fennel, calendula and other vegetable components.

The second place in the ranking is occupied by Swedish feeds of the Bozita Robur line. Here the basis is chicken meat and corn flour. The fish product is presented as a concentrate. Also, the composition includes eggs, animal fat, vegetable fiber, hemoglobin, potato protein, omega-acids and other useful elements.

The given rating of dog food products comes from the Diamond Naturals brand. He bribes a large amount of flour from natural meat of lamb.

Dry food. Economy

In the cheapest products there are no meat or fish products. They are dominated by bran, wheat and animal waste in the form of powder. In economical feeds, the so-called meat ingredients use ground giblets, hooves and feathers. At best, the composition will contain some percentage of the powder from natural bones.

Such food to pets is strictly contraindicated, since it promotes the development of diseases of the stomach, intestines, urinary tract and kidneys, in general, negatively affects virtually all the internal organs of the pet. Some animals really live on such food for a long time, getting used to it, but this is rather an exception.rating of dog food 2013The rating of feed for dogs of economy class is headed by the brands 1st Choice and Belcando. The first manufacturer from Canada, and the second - from Germany. These feeds are still somehow suitable for the daily diet of the dog. They include ingredients such as corn flour, powdered chicken extract, dried vegetables, fruits and herbs.

It is also worth highlighting some lines of the Pro Plan brand, for example, Adult and Large. All other dry products for consumption by animals, according to many veterinarians, are contraindicated, including Chappi and Pedigree.

Wet forage. Super-premium

This kind of food for animals is produced in the form of canned food. The name of the feed is because of the fact that 75% is moisture in it. This product is very high-calorie and fat, so its choice should be given special attention. Low-quality canned food will be poorly digested due to various additives and concentrates.

It is worth noting that he topped the rating of dog food 2014 year from the well-known brand Hills. It includes not only natural meat products and vegetables, but also purified fish concentrate, fruits and cereals. Also, the product line Hills is enriched with useful antioxidants and an omega-3 component.
rating of wet dog food

Slightly lower in quality placed in the ranking of feed brands such as Eukanuba and Happy Dog. It is noteworthy that the latter includes meat, heart and liver of the calf.

Wet forage. Medium

Medium-quality food for pets is markedly different from the super-premium class, but they do not represent harm to dogs. They do not include dyes, artificial flavors, chemical impurities and additives, flavor concentrates, which negatively affect the internal organs of pets.

The rating of wet dog food is primarily represented by the Bozita product line. These cans contain whole pieces of only dietary meat of chicken, turkey, deer, moose. Some species of "Bozita" include salmon. Nutritious cubes of meat and vegetables are mixed with natural jelly based on broth.

Also among the products of the medium-class can be identified food from Darling. Especially useful for dogs is a product line with pieces of liver.

Dietary food

Animals, like people, often suffer from allergic reactions, diabetes, hepatic or renal insufficiency, indigestion, ulcers. In this case, the dogs are strictly counter-indicative of the usual food. Preference should be given to special dietary products.best dog food ratingThe rating of feeds for dogs 2013-2014 years shows that the leader among the producers of hypoallergenic nutrition is the Royal Canin with its line of Hypoallergenic DR. This product is allowed both for disease prevention and for daily use. It consists of Omega-3, vegetable fiber, biotin, panthenolic acid, natural protein and another fifty useful substances.

For dogs with gastrointestinal problems, the best option will be the Hills Prescription Diet and Purina Veterinary Diets. Among the advantages of the former one can be noted the presence of a high concentrate of ground rice, poultry meat and cellulose. But the second part includes a large amount of omega-6 and potassium.


This quality class is the highest possible. Food is not just a set of ingredients, but a full-fledged harmonious product. It stimulates the animal's body to self-heal, improving the immune system several times. Nevertheless, when choosing holistic fodders, the preferences of the pet should be taken into account. Products of this class are shown to animals in idiosyncrasy, allergies, stomach upset, skin itching.a rating of forages for dogs holisticThe rating of feeds for dogs of the holistic class in recent years is confidently headed by Legacy Valuing Tradition. From its advantages it is possible to distinguish the presence in the composition of dehydrated meat of lamb, chicken and salmon. Also, the product contains only high-grade cereals, fresh vegetables and fruits, probiotics, herbs, glucosamine and dozens of mineral microcomponents.

Of the other holistic feeds regarding availability and cost, the products from Grandorf Sensitive and FirstMate are recommended.

helpful hints

  • In the list of ingredients must necessarily be identified meat products, proteins and fats. It is not allowed to use common words like "bird", "animal", etc.
  • The choice should be based on the rating of dog food.
  • The composition must include vegetables and fruits. Cereals can only be kept in one piece.
  • It is recommended to avoid fodder with raw protein and various artificial additives.

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