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Vomiting in the dog - reasons, advice and recommendations.

Vets claim that vomiting in the dog does notis considered a disease - it can also arise as a result of overeating. The main task of the owner of a dog is to give his pet a timely and high-quality first aid before the arrival of a qualified specialist.

From a medical point of view, vomiting in a dogIt is considered a protective mechanism by which the stomach of an animal is cleared of excess food or from ingress of toxic substances into the body. But if your dog has a constant and long enough vomiting and blood is allocated, you should immediately contact the veterinarian. There are three main types of such a phenomenon as vomiting in a dog. Firstly, this is a real vomiting. The main danger of this type is that the dog's body is dehydrated, which subsequently causes weakness and fainting of the pet. A dog that tears is not recommended to give a lot of cold water - this can lead to a duration of vomiting, but it also can not be limited to drinking. Another type of vomiting is regurgitation. This is a passive action, which is connected with the fact that the animal's organism is simply getting rid of the food that has been eaten recently. The dog can bry the newly eaten food and after a while again eat it. Vomiting in the dog after eating more often in the heat.

This behavior of dogs is considered normal ifThe pet, when competing with other animals, swallows the food, forgetting that it is necessary to chew it. Also this may be due to the fact that very caring owners feed the dog when it is not hungry yet. If your dog has a good appetite, vomiting may well be caused by overeating. It is also normal that bitch sometimes spews up food in order to feed the puppies after they stop sucking her milk. If your dog has constant vomiting, this phenomenon may be associated with a blockage of the esophagus, in which case you will need the help of a qualified veterinarian. The last type of vomiting is the urge to vomit. It can occur as a result of a cough or spasm. This type of vomiting can be directly related to the fact that it is difficult for the dog to absorb all the food, and it burps it. This phenomenon can be associated with problems in the mouth or throat. But if your pet has very frequent vomiting urges for safety, you should contact the veterinarian.

Very often, when the owners see how their dogtears, they start to scold her. This is strictly forbidden to do. First, it can specifically delay vomiting. Secondly, as we already know, toxins also leave the vomit secretions, which is why, in any case, do not stop the pet. If your dog wears a muzzle or a very tight collar, then at the first signs of vomiting, immediately remove them. Otherwise, the dog can choke with vomit.

Vomiting in dogs - treatment and prevention

To avoid negative consequences, you need togive the dog water in small portions every thirty minutes. In order to prevent vomiting in the pet, you need to do all the necessary vaccinations in a timely manner, they are able to protect it from a variety of infections that are often accompanied by vomiting. Also you need to feed the dog with exceptionally high-quality food and feed. Before choosing food in stores, you should consult with a veterinarian, not just the seller. Vomiting in dogs is a symptom that is not recommended to be ignored. Remember, your dog can not say for himself how bad it is, which is why your pet's health is only in the hands of its owner.

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