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Meat in a multivariate - recipes for every taste

The first multivark appeared in Russia relatively recently, and it was a model presented by Panasonic. Only a few years have passed, and you can find this miracle of technology in any store.

Well, the appearance of a miracle casserole, able to work inthe pressure cooker mode, only increased the number of their fans. Indeed, in the multivariate you can cook almost everything. Meat in a multivark, recipes of which can be gleaned from many resources, is considered one of the key dishes obtained with this, let's say, saucepans.

meat in multivariate recipesIndeed, even models with a minimum set of functions allow you to weld it, bake it, or put it out. Equally true for any type of meat, including poultry.

Stew in the multivark, recipes

This method of preparation can be called the mostwidespread. It's simple: often the process does not require intervention, and the result is magnificent. Moreover, even not very young beef in the multivark is transformed due to the fact that it can be extinguished for a long time, but painless for your nerves. In the same mode, you can weld a cold. Once decided to cook meat in a multivark and inspired by the result, the experiments want to continue indefinitely.

Beef Goulash

From what it can be prepared:

  • beef or veal, cut into large cubes with a side of about three centimeters - a pound;
  • tomato puree - three hundred grams;
  • Bulgarian pepper - one;
  • garlic - several denticles;
  • bow - a pair of medium heads;
  • salt - at your discretion;
  • favorite condiments.

How to cook:

All is more than simple. If the multivarker does not "swear" when the lid opens during cooking, then on the "Hot" ("Baking") mode the meat is fried from two sides with onion, garlic, pepper and salt for several minutes. You can do this with a minimum amount of vegetable oil or without it. In this case, it must be placed in one container in a container. It is very desirable not to admit the phenomenon, when the meat starts up the juice, it loses its juiciness. Cover the multi during cooking should be kept open. It only remains to add seasonings and tomato puree. And then - the "Quenching" regime for one and a half or two hours, depending on the "age" of the meat.

to cook meat in a multivariateHow to cook meat in a multivariate

Of course, depending on the specific model,the cooking time for meat varies considerably. So, a multivark pressure cooker will do it in half an hour, and a classic slow-blower will need two, or even three times as much time. And, of course, poultry (chicken, turkey) is cooked much faster than beef. For cooking, the "Soup", "Quenching" modes are used.

Meat in a multivariate, recipes for fans of "fried"

Fry the meat in the multivarker, too, you can, and it turns out not at all worse than in a frying pan. And to do it with the use of oil or without it - it's purely personal.

Chicken wings in Teriyaki sauce

What will be required for preparation:

  • chicken wings in an amount that allows them to be put into a container in one layer;
  • garlic - a couple of denticles;
  • salt - a moderate amount;
  • ready sauce Teriyaki - one sachet.

how to cook meat in a multivariate

How to cook:

Some multivarkers do not have a mode,allowing you to fry, but "Baking" in them, most likely, is. In this case, you can use this function. Wings are rubbed with squeezed garlic and salt, then placed in a container, and the multivarker starts for 35 minutes. At the same time, after 15 minutes of operation, the meat needs to be turned over, and five minutes before the signal is poured with sauce. Supplement the dish with rice or bean noodles.

Of course, the first time I decided to cook meat inmultivark, the recipes of which differ somewhat depending on the specific device model and the functions it contains, better control the process in order to avoid disappointment. The second time, for sure, everything will turn out, and it will take a very short time - and even a small culinary experience will allow to accurately determine the mode and time of cooking any dish.

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