Relaxing back massage: how to do, what to look for

Relaxing back massage: how to do, what to look for

Back is one of the most sensitive areasof the human body. She also takes on the main loads during the movement, suffers from stretching and pain. Relaxing back massage is a wonderful way to eliminate fatigue, get rid of pains and just enjoy the gentle touches of the massage therapist to the skin. Such a massage is a real salvation after a hard day's work, it can easily raise the mood, help get rid of stress.

How to do a relaxing back massage

If you have a backache, it would be niceto conduct a special therapeutic massage. But it can only be done by a qualified specialist. If you do not have one, or simply do not have time to visit it, you can hold a relaxing back massage at home. It can be entrusted to a loved one, a close friend or one who agrees. Doing such a massage is easy, especially if you know some of its nuances.

So, let's figure out how to do itrelaxing massage. The first condition is the convenient location of the person to be massaged. Best of all, if he will lie on a long table, necessarily face down and with hands parallel to the body. In extreme cases, the floor will fit, but from the bed and other soft places will have to give up.

For better slip of hands it is necessary to buy in advancemassage oil. On sale even it is possible to find special relaxing oils, to those concerns and orange. Preliminary, the oil can be slightly warmed, this will help to warm up the skin as soon as possible.

  1. Begin the massage with oil. You need to take a small amount of it and evenly distribute it all over your back.
  2. Then starts stroking movements in different directions. Necessarily it is necessary to mention a neck as also she tests a considerable loading.
  3. It should be a stage - rubbing the back with the palm and fingers. It is necessary to work out all the sites of the back, touching the neck and the lumbar region. Every move should be done carefully, avoiding strong pressure.
  4. Relaxing back massage includes circularmovement. To do this, you need to put your hands on your lower back and slowly rise up parallel to your spine. In the area of ​​the ribs, the arms are bred in different directions in such a way that each of them describes the circle.
  5. The back has already worked well, but it's not worth stopping at what has been achieved. Now you need to work out the zone of the spine, performing circular motions clockwise over each vertebra.
  6. It is not forbidden to perform those movements thatwill be pleasant to the patient. If the massage is done by a loved one, then he can show his own initiative and come up with his movements, which will give pleasure to the one on whom the massage is performed.
  7. Relaxing massage ends just like it starts: light strokes.

Relaxing back massage: what you need to know more

It is important to pay attention to the fact that in somecases, even such a simple massage can be contraindicated. If you have a strong backache, you should definitely consult a doctor. The fact is that during a period of exacerbation of pain, a relaxing massage is usually not just not recommended, but it is forbidden to conduct. Also, the massage will have to be abandoned due to the undesirable condition of the skin. For example, you burned in the sun, or your back for some reason has abrasions, wounds, etc.

Relaxing massage is a whole science. It is important here not only to know which techniques are best used, but also to be able to correctly apply pressure in the right place. Different parts of the back react differently to the degree of impact. That is why, when conducting such a massage for the first time, it is not superfluous to consult a patient where it is better to press, which zone to pay more attention to.

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  • Relaxing back massage: how to do, what to look for Relaxing back massage: how to do, what to look for Relaxing back massage: how to do, what to look for Relaxing back massage: how to do, what to look for Relaxing back massage: how to do, what to look for