Renault Premium: the five for quality

Renault Premium: the "five" for quality

Talk about Renault Premium for hours: this car deserved not just the praise of those who ride it for more than one year, but also the owners of companies involved in cargo transportation. The design bureau of the French concern Renault for 13 years improved its offspring, experimenting with the installation of new motors and gearboxes.

In the first year of the millennium, the manufacturer releasedmarket engine Common-Rail-dCi, after 12 months - diesel "Euro-3". For those who constantly save, the developers offer a Premium Route tractor with a motor of 370 horsepower.

Passes time, popularity comes to a car of the "Privilege" class. It not only has comfortable seats with compact lateral support, but also a mechanism that regulates them in height.

Landing in the "Premium" (140 cm from the roadcoating) is quite comfortable, the door opens at a right angle, the steering wheel is adjustable in two directions at once. The same with the driver's seat cushion.

Renault PremiumThe four hundred and twentieth Renault Premium of the modification "dCiOptidriver ┬╗does not have a clutch pedal: it is replaced by the lever of the automatic box. While driving along the road, you can not keep the accelerator, if the design provides a system "Tempomat", the purpose of which is to maintain a constant speed.

To continuously monitor the work of allsystems, the autoconcern equipped the tractor with an onboard computer Infomax 2000: the electronic brain collects data on the work of not only the engine, but also all systems. If necessary, you can get even information about how many times the gas pedal was pressed, what time the braking system was in working order, how many kilometers the driver wound up. Renault Premium - smart car: if the driver in the process of using the car made a gross mistake, the system will immediately notify about it.

Reviews about Renault Premium are rarely negative. Drivers are pleased to conclude contracts with the cargo carriers, which have a turbodiesel on the vehicle, which was released before 2005. It is considered reliable, it rarely fails, and 412 horsepower is enough to carry out the required amount of work without hindrance.

Renault Premium ReviewsDo not complain about the drivers and the engine "Euro-3"equipped with a new fuel injection system. This diesel engine works gently, saving the driver from constant gear changes. Renault Premium spends fuel economically: it takes 34-35 liters of diesel fuel per 100 km of traffic along the highway.

Reviews of Renault PremiumIf you want to buy usedtruck, then prepare to lay out a tidy sum. Renault premium is an expensive car. German dealers will offer you it is not cheaper than for 100000 euros. We will have to buy a gearbox: ZF 12 AS Tronic costs within 12000 euros.

Renault Premium: used carIn Russia, buying a car of this classis associated with a risk of getting a rusty body: not only the load-carrying structure of the cabin, but also the frames easily peel the protective coating, breaking the potholes of their native roads. If this does not frighten you, then be sure to check the condition of the rubber housings. Reno Premium, reviews of which are mostly positive, poorly in contact with jets of water mixed with sand, so quite often reveals some sections on the suspension.

Electronics cars are out of order rarely, butThe threaded connection on the parts and components is still worth checking: after tightening, use a quality protective device to prevent corrosion of the metal.

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