Reptiloids - who is it, how do they look and where did they come from People-lizards, snake-man, reptilian people

Reptiloids - who is it, how do they look and where did they come from? People-lizards, snake-man, reptilian people

Surely many people who are addicted to the topicmystics, heard about such creatures as reptiloids. Who is it? They are also called Sauryans and Draconians. In short, this is a race of humanoid reptiles that have extraterrestrial, extraterrestrial origin. However, there is one important "but". This is a hypothetical race. That is, based on assumptions. However, much more can be said about this.

reptiloids who is this

The basis for the existence of guesses

Like everything else, nothing could come from the so-called reptiloids. Who it is, it became known relatively recently.

For the first time about the hypothetical existence of reasonablecreatures publicly spoke Canadian paleontologist named Dale Russell. It was he who in 1982 published an essay written by him in the genre of thought experiment. The scientist suggested that intelligent beings could arise as a consequence of the evolution of the troodons. They, in turn, were predatory lizherotazovymi dinosaurs, who lived about 66 million years ago. Russell believed that these creatures actually could survive the fall of the asteroid. And then - to go through a long path of evolution, during which they would not only have changed outwardly, but still they would have developed a highly developed intellect.

Another version tries to prove the Britishwriter David Ike, confident of the existence of a conspiracy theory. He became famous after he put forward his theory of the existence of a race that arose from crossing the DNA of reptiles and humans. Ike sure - these reptilian people rule the planet. He even dared to say that some well-known politicians are representatives of this race.


Well, the above was briefly told about the theories and assumptions concerning such a hypothetical race as reptilians. Who is this, if we talk about their appearance? There is a characteristic.

Some suggest that these are reptiles with the ability to take on the appearance of a person. You can distinguish them from humans, because these alien beings correspond to the following description:

  • They have a very high, if compared with people, growth. Approximately 2.4 meters.
  • The constitution is muscular and strong.
  • The skin is covered with scales.
  • Skulls are conical in shape.
  • The iris is characterized by a characteristic green color and narrow pupils. Usually either almond-shaped or slit-shaped.
  • Ears are noticeable with difficulty. In certain species, they may not exist at all (in terms of external manifestation).
  • Jaws are wide.

The tail is also assumed to exist. But it is not exactly. There are versions that it can be hidden in the body of the being.

people reptiles

People's opinion

In 2013, the United States of America hadit was decided to conduct a large-scale survey, during which it was required to find out what the residents of the state think about the conspiracy theories. What conclusion was reached? To the following: 12.5 million Americans suggest that their country is ruled by reptilians. Who are they - in the US everyone knows everything. By the way, during the same poll it was possible to find out that 44 million inhabitants of the country believe in the existence of Yeti, the Snowman. But the probability of global warming is not sure 116,000,000 Americans. However, now is not about that.

People gave their characteristics to these alien creatures. And, if they believe, the portrait is this:

  • Reptile people have brown, green or blue eyes. But to concentrate on the shade is not worth it, because they are able to change it.
  • Hair, as a rule, red or red.
  • Hearing and sight are sharp.
  • The pressure is low (although it is unlikely that someone will ever think of measuring it).
  • On the skin, which, by the way, can be golden, brown and greenish, there are strange scars. And sometimes - stains.
  • Hands are usually four-toed. You can notice the membranes.
  • The ribs of these creatures strongly stick out.
  • And another way to recognize a reptilian who claims to be a human being is by his manifestation of an interest in space and science.

Most importantly, these alien creatures can not express compassion and love. But they are experiencing the fate and development of humanity, showing interest in its future destiny.


People-reptiles, according to one of the theories,used to live on Earth. Then they disappeared, leaving the planet for millions of years. And when they returned, they realized that the Earth, once a home for them, was occupied by strange creatures. That is, we are people.

There is one more assumption. If you believe him, the planet of reptilians can be found in the circumpolar constellation of the Dragon. Others claim that the planet of reptilians is Nibiru. The name is translated from Sumerian as "crossing" or "crossing point". In the Babylonians, Nibiru was associated with the god-patron of Babylon, Marduk. At one point, the alien beings decided to leave Nibiru to start looking for slaves. And they found the Earth. But they decided not to attract any attention to themselves - that's why they disguised themselves, learned to accept the human form and infiltrated the society. It is said that this happened approximately in 4800 BC, somewhere in the East. It is believed that the original reptilian people interacted with the Sumerians, Egyptians and Babylonians.

Now it is assumed that these creaturesdwell in the dungeons. You can remember the science fiction series "Doctor Who." After all, according to the plot, the Silurians (the same reptilians) live exactly in the dungeons. And if you turn to the American TV series of the same genre, you can remember that there are other dimensions in the house of these creatures. But, most likely, if the people-lizards exist, they live in hard-to-reach places, where it is difficult for an ordinary person to get into trouble. This is logical, since guests from other planets need a safe haven.

people of the lizards


Yet a more likely version of all the earlierlisted is the one in which the reptilians arrived with Nibiru. And to justify it, one should turn to such creatures as the Annunaki. Reptiloids are what they are. However, everything in order.

The Annunaki in the Sumerian-Akkadian mythology were calledchthonic deities, which embody the forces of the underworld, which is under the earth's universe. Their representatives were all kinds of "reptiles" (that is, reptiles), arthropods, sometimes even birds. But, of course, the "main" Anunnaki are the reptilians who live on the planet Nibiru and came to Earth to extract gold. It was necessary for them to create a shield that would serve to protect the atmosphere.

If you go back to Sumerian mythology, you canDiscover interesting information that determines the peculiar "functions". They are performed by humanoid reptiles. Their main task is to determine the fate of people. It was believed that these beings are intermediaries between mankind and the gods. What ceases to seem nonsense, if you recall that among the finds of the ancient Sumerian civilization, interesting seals with the image of the gods were found near the entrances to the dungeon.

 extraterrestrial beings

Maybe it's true

Lizardmen are not a reality - most scientists, skeptics and rational people believe in this. But there is still one interesting story to be mentioned.

It happened in 1988, at night, not far froma small American city of Bishopville, located in Southern California. A man named Christopher Davis was changing a punctured tire on his car. Hardly had he finished the repair, how he felt the alarm. Christopher looked up and saw the creature, at least two meters tall. It slowly walked on two extremities, strongly resembling human legs. Christopher clearly remembers the red, as if burning eyes. The man told me that when the creature noticed it, it rushed to him. Christopher immediately jumped into the car and pressed the accelerator pedal all the way.

It would seem that he broke away, but the creature had timescrambling to the roof of the car. Christopher remembered with horror the three-toed paws, covered with sparkling scales, with which the creature rested against the windshield. The man decided to gain speed, and rightly so - an eerie thing fell from the car, unable to restrain himself on one of the sharp turns.

Of course, the story has caused a lot of controversy. The man was offered to take a lie detector test. And what is surprising - the device showed that Christopher is honest and speaks the truth. It sowed doubts in society. After some time Bishopville police began to receive reports of a "wild brutal monster" that lives near the marshes. The guidance was taken into consideration - the territory was decided to be inspected. Three thousand armed people went on a mission. But they could not find anything. However, history is not forgotten. Inspired by her, a writer named Lyle Blackburn released a book that became known under this title: "The Lizard Man: The True Story of the Bishopville Monster" ("The Lizard Man: A True Story about the Bishopville Monster").

aliens on earth

Case in Brazil

Sometimes, after listening to some stories, you canto think that aliens on Earth do exist. To recall at least the case that occurred in the city of Waringa, which, according to ufologists, enjoys a special "popularity" among reptilians.

So, three young girls returned in Januaryevening from work. They were approaching the wasteland. Suddenly they noticed a strange creature - about one and a half meters tall, with a dark brown, supposedly oily skin, a big head with three lumps and red eyes. Something was sitting near the concrete wall. The luck that next was a police squad - to death the frightened girls ran to the guardians of order to ask for help. Those, seeing their horror, decided to help the young ladies and went for them. The creature was still in sight - it was trying to cross the road and, moreover, was slowed by lameness. One of the policemen "detained" the stranger, who had all the signs of reptilians. The creature was taken to the hospital. And the policeman, by the way, got sick and died three weeks later - from a mysterious infection of unknown origin.

What has become of the being? His injured limb was operated on, and then carried out research. The results were not made public, as the military showed interest in this incident, ordering the information to be kept secret. Uthologists got only a part of the data. The only thing that everyone was sure of - the race of reptilians exists. The creature was like them. A small height, a superhuman face, red eyes, missing, unfixed view ... but, at the same time, it had two arms and legs. The skin, by the way, though looked scaly and oily, but the touch was completely smooth and dry. There were no ears, and instead of a nose there were two holes for breathing. The belly also looks like a human. But only the navel was absent.

The psychiatrist to whom thisman-snake, was horrified. It seemed to him that the alien has telepathic abilities - when their eyes crossed, he allegedly began to introduce information, schemes and thoughts into the doctor's consciousness that the human spirit is in inactivity. While they, aliens, are capable of self-healing and regulation. But the creature lived on the Earth not for long.

This story, by the way, was published in the journal of the French edition of The Unidentified.

Mysterious circumstances

Evidence (few people perceive reptiliansseriously) of their existence cause a lot of doubts and disputes. But nevertheless, stories about aliens and eyewitnesses appear regularly. Why? Perhaps too impressing people support legends and myths, inspired by something. Or are we on this planet not alone?

Several years ago, not far from the roadMoscow - St. Petersburg, the police uncovered a woman unconscious, in a tattered dirty dress. But she did not look like a homeless person, therefore she attracted special attention. The police found on her body deep bleeding scratches and horrific bruises. There was an impression, as if an unfortunate beast attacked an aggressive predatory beast. And here's another thing. The entire body, especially its lower part, was covered with a sticky slime of green hue with an unpleasant odor.

The woman was taken to the hospital, and the slime was sent tobiochemical analysis. However, the composition of the incomprehensible mass could not be determined. Then everyone waited until the woman regained consciousness. She woke up and told what had happened.

Here's what happened: in the afternoon the woman decided to go by boat to an island in the lake. There, on the leash, her goats grazed. When she came back, the sunlight seemed to fade. As if the clouds were stuck in a single instant the sky. What was later - she did not know. Because she was sent to regressive hypnosis, during which the victim again had to endure all, immersed in memories. It turned out that when she tried to find clouds in the cloudless sky, some unknown force carried her ashore directly from the boat. The woman tried to get up, but then a man-snake attacked her. Ugly, with clawed powerful paws, reddish eyes, like a real reptile, and a terrible smell. She lost consciousness, and then woke up in the hospital. Fancy this or reality - here already everyone will decide for himself. But history had a place to be.


Mystery of the person

As already mentioned at the very beginning, manybelieve that people-lizards have a highly developed intellect. If so, then they can be completely considered as separate personalities, for which thinking and possessing certain abilities are inherent.

One of the key skills isparanormal skills of these creatures. It's about telepathy, the ability to move between dimensions, control someone else's mind. It is also believed that they are able to communicate by ultrasound, quickly regenerate their body and clone. Still they are distinguished from people by absolute bezemotsionalnost about what also it was spoken earlier, and absence of representations about morals. And yet - incredible power.

What is the relationship of humanoid reptileshave to us? There are several versions. The most popular is this: this extraterrestrial race wants to enslave humanity, because people need it. They will not destroy us. They can eat people or use them to reproduce their own kind. In addition, they receive energy from negative emotions and energy, radiated by us. Reptiloids can get into trust, promise people peace and life - in return for access to the technology and medicine we invented.

But this is only one of the versions. There is a second - completely opposite, which assures: all reptilians are evil, seeking to destroy humanity. People will be a threat to him. At least because the race of snake-like essences tends to "settle" on Earth. And we, as its acting residents, are in their way.

The third version is the most positive. Again, you can refer to the series "Doctor Who" and the emerging there Silurian. There, each person-snake refers to the inhabitants of the Earth neutrally and even friendly. In the end, all together live on the same planet - people in their legal territories, and reptilians - in places not occupied by them. In the deserts, for example.

humanoid reptiles

About crossing

End the topic I would like a few phrases,related to the fact that all the notorious aliens on Earth - reptilians, snake humans and humanoid lizards - are among us. The theory that assures us of this, says - everything happened a long time ago. The plan of reptilians, concerning "mixing" of DNA, is realized already at least several millennia ago. And the proportion of crossing is interesting, accurate - 50% of a person and 50% of their representatives. It allows reptiloids to appear as people, but at the same time to be able to transform into their "normal" state. They say that to implement the plan for crossing reptilians needed the help of Sirians - creatures from the planet Sirius. They had the technology necessary to implement this program. Sirians were well versed in genetic changes and could program thinking. But! To maintain their specific characteristics, reptilians must marry and produce offspring only with those who are similar to them. Otherwise, the notorious proportion of DNA will be disrupted, which will lead to genetic changes.

Well, you can talk about this for a long time. Regarding its content and meaning, opinions differ. To believe or not is everyone's business. But the fact that it represents a certain interest is a fact.

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  • Reptiloids - who is it, how do they look and where did they come from People-lizards, snake-man, reptilian people Reptiloids - who is it, how do they look and where did they come from People-lizards, snake-man, reptilian people Reptiloids - who is it, how do they look and where did they come from People-lizards, snake-man, reptilian people Reptiloids - who is it, how do they look and where did they come from People-lizards, snake-man, reptilian people Reptiloids - who is it, how do they look and where did they come from People-lizards, snake-man, reptilian people Reptiloids - who is it, how do they look and where did they come from People-lizards, snake-man, reptilian people Reptiloids - who is it, how do they look and where did they come from People-lizards, snake-man, reptilian people Reptiloids - who is it, how do they look and where did they come from People-lizards, snake-man, reptilian people Reptiloids - who is it, how do they look and where did they come from People-lizards, snake-man, reptilian people