September 18 - the sign of the Zodiac Virgo

September 18 - the sign of the Zodiac Virgo

Live, checking with the stars and planets - it's quitea normal phenomenon today. Astrology, especially in the West, is revered on a par with other serious sciences. And for a long time already, intending to take some decisive step, politicians and businessmen, public figures and representatives of secular parties are consulting with specialists on what paths and paths to choose for them on wide space expanses.

Astrological parameters

September 18 the sign of the Zodiac If you were born on September 18, the sign of your zodiac -Virgo. He is the sixth in the account, refers to the mutable sign of the trigonometre of the planet Earth. According to the Western astrological school, the Sun passes through the sign of the Virgin for a month - from August 23 to the same date of September. The doctrine of the Vedas with her somewhat diverges: in their opinion, our luminary begins to travel around Virgo a little earlier, from 17 September to 15 October inclusive. Thus, by any calculation, on September 18 the sign of the Zodiac is Virgo.

Her Majesty the Virgin

born on September 18 Let's get to know her better! According to ancient Greek and Roman myths and legends, these people Virgo personified with the main goddesses of love and fertility. Ancient sailors and astronomers on their maps depicted a constellation in the form of a female figure with a bunch of grass in her hands. For the modern symbolic designation of those born on September 18 (the sign of the Zodiac Virgo), a monogram is used in astrology, which is a combination of the first three letters of the Greek word "maiden". According to the second point of view, this is an abbreviation for "Maria Virgo", which means "Virgin Mary".

general characteristics

September 18, which sign of the Zodiac What are the differences between other people who arewas born on September 18? Zodiac sign Virgo - special, there is something to discuss. First, she is very smart and practical. And very quickly gaining knowledge about life. The basis of existence for any Virgo is work. But not empty, abstract, but bringing real fruits. Best of all, if they are expressed in crisp green banknotes, that is, hard currency. Or - immaterial, but no less worthy - the same experience, through which all the Virgin, born before and after September 18, will not step on one rake and will manage to get out of the water in many delicate situations. Here they are, those same spikelets (the harvest of Mother Earth), which is held by the Greek Demeter. Secondly, pedantry and accuracy. Virgo loves to keep everything in their places, they do not tolerate confusion, all sorts of "embarrassment", negligence both in business and in personal relationships. The third characteristic feature of those whose birthday falls on September 18 (what is the sign of the Zodiac you remember, right?) - a firm defense of their own personal space and respect for others. They will always be able to say a stiff "no" to anyone who encroaches on their independence and independence.

Health Tips

September 18 zodiac sign maleVirgo is a sign of the earth, and much is said. It is therefore not inclined to soar in the clouds, and prefers the real tit to the phantom crane. Nothing human, giving pleasure, it is not alien. Loves to eat delicious, loves sweet. And alcohol does not bypass. What are the chronic diseases of those born on September 18? Sign of the Zodiac (male Virgo in the first place, ladies are still more concerned about their health) has an "Achilles heel" in the stomach and pancreas, intestines, and liver. Overeating leads to obesity, so a huge load falls on the heart and joints. What is fraught with its specific ailments. What conclusion about health should people make for themselves born on September 18? First of all - no overeating, a limited amount of fatty and buttery. Food should be healthy, like a way of life! Less fried potatoes and fried eggs with sausage! Long live the natural juices and yoghurts, vegetable salads, soups and borsch (vegetarian!), Fresh fruit and greens! Otherwise, these Virgo will always complain about the lack of vitality, bad dreams and bad mood. And even more traffic, walking along the streets. It will be great to cycle your bike.

Interests, talents, hobbies

people born on September 18 The peculiarity of the Dev celebrating birthdays 18September, is in their special mindset. Which, naturally, affects the innate talents, possible hobbies and even the choice of profession. They, like fairy-tale creatures, are already born wise - such little old men. Read learn quickly, observant and smart. Parents will not be mistaken if they take their children to a chess club or an astronomical circle - it is there, perhaps, their children will get a start for a business that will become their favorite profession. From the nature of the Virgin - excellent analysts. In them an interesting combination of soft romanticism, even some poetry with a mathematical mindset (and abilities in this area). They perfectly calculate the options, whether it concerns a profitable monetary investment or the choice of a partner in life. History, politics, literature, sports, Forex - everything attracts inquisitive Dev, and in any area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest to them, this sign tends to reach "to the very essence." And do not forget the esoteric and occult sciences! Many Virgo - the strongest astrologers, psychics, magicians.

Personal life

But in terms of personal life Virgo in general, andOn the 18th of September, in particular, it is rather problematic to find "my little man". They hardly allow anyone close to them. In the half, this sign looks for understanding, spiritual intimacy, the absence of a "business" element. Virgo - for equality of the sexes, so that no one in the pair used another. The family for them is not only a tandem of passion and lyrics, but also a partnership, a reliable shoulder, timely framed, sincere, not for money, but "just so" caring for each other. Recommended signs are Capricorn, Cancer, Taurus.

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