Sights of Kazan. Where to go in winter in Kazan

Sights of Kazan. Where to go in winter in Kazan

Summer vacation season, most Russiansprefer to spend on the shore of the gentle sea under the bright southern sun. But the winter holidays offer great opportunities for active recreation. Today we will tell you about the main sights of Kazan. Where to go in winter in the capital of Tatarstan - you will learn from this article.Sights of Kazan. Where to go in winter

Kazan Kremlin

If you do not know where to go to Kazan in the winter,then start your journey with a visit to this magnificent medieval fortress. Inside the architectural complex you can visit the exposition of the Museum of Islamic Culture, the Museum of Natural History of Tatarstan, the Center "Hermitage-Kazan", the Museum of the Statehood of the Tatar people and the Republic of Tatarstan. If you decide to join one of the many excursions, you will learn interesting details about how the Kazan Kremlin has changed over the centuries and how it has evolved over time into a symbol of the unity of the peoples living in the republic.

Kul Sharif Mosque

Continuing to explore the sightsKazan in winter, do not be lazy to stroll into the western part of the Kazan Kremlin complex. It was here that the main Muslim temple of the capital of Tatarstan was erected for the donations of the citizens. Since 2005, this mosque is considered to be one of the symbols of Kazan and the republic. If you wish, you can examine the temple from the inside. To do this, it provides special balconies for tourists. At night, the mosque is illuminated with bright illumination, and it can be seen from different points of the city. Kazan. Sights. Where to go in winter

Blagoveshchensky cathedral

On the territory of the Kazan Kremlin you canto visit one more sight of the city - the Annunciation Cathedral. It was founded in the 15th century by the decree of Ivan the Terrible, and in the following centuries was completely rebuilt several times. In the temple you can see such Orthodox shrines as the burial places of the five metropolitans, the ancient cell of Archbishop Guria and the fresco of the 16th century - the Savior's Holy Face.

Bauman Street

Where to go in Kazan in winter after the inspectionhistorical center? We suggest you go for a walk along the famous pedestrian street of the city, the good it begins at the foot of the Kremlin. During a self-guided tour you can see:

  • Acting St. John the Baptist's Monastery, which was built in the middle of the 16th century.
  • Complex of buildings of St. Nicholas Cathedrala cathedral in which many of the shrines of the city are kept. Among them, the miraculous Feodorovskaya icon of the Blessed Virgin, the miraculous icon of St. Nicholas of Myra, "Kujukovskaya", miraculous lists of the Kazan and Tikhvin icons of the Mother of God and much more.
  • Cathedral of Peter and Paul and the bell tower, erected in the Baroque style.
  • Monument to the Cat of Kazan.
  • Cast-iron copy of the carriage of Catherine II, in which she traveled through Kazan.
  • Epiphany Cathedral and its high bell tower.
  • Monument to the great Russian singer Fyodor Shalyapin.

We are sure that you will not be indifferent to everythingthese sights of Kazan. Where to go in winter if you are tired during a long walk? Go to one of the restaurants or cafes, located along the pedestrian zone. Perhaps you will be interested in souvenir shops, entertainment venues or nightclubs.Where to go in Kazan in the winter?

Modern sights of Kazan. Where to go in winter?

If you like to spend your vacation actively, thenbe sure to visit the water park "Riviera" - one of the largest water parks in our country. Here, not only children, but also adults will have a great time. You can go on extreme rides, lie down in the jacuzzi, swim in the heated outdoor pool on the roof, sit in one of the local cafes and take a photo for memory. For kids there is a safe zone, and cheerful animators will cheer up even the most capricious children.

Walking with children

It's not all the sights of Kazan. Where to go in winter with children in this city?

The Tatar State Puppet Theater "Ekiyat" wasbuilt in the forties of the twentieth century. To date, his repertoire includes a lot of performances for historical, fairy-tale and modern themes. In the building of the theater there are a large and a small hall, a cafe, play areas, and souvenir boutiques. Outside, "Ekiyat" resembles a magic castle, the architecture of which unthinkably combined many styles. For the New Year holidays, an ice town opens on its territory, where children can ride a roller coaster, take pictures with their favorite fairy-tale characters and watch a festive concert.Where to go in Kazan. What to see

Theaters of Kazan

Usually tourists are quite actively visiting the daysights of Kazan. Where to go in the evening if you prefer a quiet cultural holiday? Perhaps you will like the productions of the Kazan State Academic Russian Bolshoi Drama Theater. V.I. Kachalov. Or maybe you'll give preference to the bright youth theater "On Bulak", where you can see bold performances and improvisations. To fans of classics we advise to visit the Opera and Ballet Theater named after Musa Jalil.


When you found out where to go in Kazan, whatlook first, you can relax and stroll around the shops and shopping centers. In modern boutiques you will find almost all famous world brands of clothing, footwear, cosmetics and sports goods. There are also giants METRO, IKEA, Sportmaster, OBI, Adidas, Igromax, Soyuz. In souvenir shops you will find bright colored leather boots, velvet robes, jewelry, skullcaps, decorative dishes and panels.Attractions of Kazan in winter

Cuisine and restaurants of the capital of Tatarstan

We are sure that you will get tired many times, examiningKazan, attractions. Where to go in winter, to rest from the bustle and enjoy peace? We suggest you look into one of the small cafes of the author's kitchen or sit in a colorful hookah. You can have a snack in coffee shops, tea, pancakes and bistros at quite democratic prices. In the city you can find many establishments of Italian, Japanese and Russian cuisine. However, we recommend that you visit the restaurant of Tatar cuisine and taste delicious national dishes.Sights of Kazan. Where to go


For the holiday timed to the 1000th anniversary of Kazan, andAlso to the Universiade local authorities brought the city in order. Historical buildings and monuments of architecture have been restored and refined, many new buildings, shopping and entertainment centers have been built. Therefore, you will definitely like Kazan (sights). Where to go in winter in this dynamic city? You can choose any type of holiday to your taste and have a great winter vacation. Low prices for accommodation, food and entertainment will be a pleasant bonus during your trip.

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