Spiritual development of man. Moral and spiritual development of personality

Spiritual development of man. Moral and spiritual development of personality

There is no exhaustive,unequivocal and final answer to the question, what is spiritual development. Why is it so? There are many reasons for this - from differences in religious views to differences in the political and economic structure of a single country. Naturally, also affects the individuality of each person, and the historical path of society and society with its traditions, labels and prejudices. But what is to be done?

An attempt to define

Although from the foregoing it is clear that a single answerit can not be, but it is still necessary to outline some framework for further consideration of the matter. Spiritual development is a definite indicator of certain qualities of a single person, which are related to his ethics, inner peace and morality. This is a comprehension of one's mission, mission. Spiritual development of personality is inextricably linked with the degree of understanding of the universe, its integrity. And also with an awareness of one's own responsibility for all events taking place in life.

spiritual development

Movement towards self-perfection

Spiritual development is a process, this is the way. You can not perceive it as a result or a trait that needs to be crossed. If this process is stopped, then a person will begin to degrade immediately, because the spiritual development of the personality can not be put on hold. This movement from the smaller to the larger, is a process that has its own specific characteristics, like any other. These include speed, direction, magnitude of changes. To improve really what can be measured in some way. This means that it is possible to monitor the dynamics of development at various levels (or stages) in a qualitative way. How to be guided in a question concerning a direction? Very simply - you need to look at the result. If practice makes life better, easier, brighter and more interesting, if a person becomes kinder, tolerant, there are harmony and pacification inside him - he is on the right track. If a person experiences enthusiasm, joy, spiritual recovery from the fact that his personality grows, becomes mature, morality improves, the ability to penetrate the essence of things increases, then his way is true.

spiritual development of personality

Directions of the way

Spiritual and moral development in today'ssociety is achievable by different methods - alternative and traditional. What could it be? Spiritual development of the individual must begin with social and cultural activities. In addition to this there may be: literature - the Bible, the Koran, the Vedas, the Avesta, the Tripitaka; spiritual personal practices - meditations, rituals, rituals, exercises; visiting holy places such as Mecca, Vatican, Tibet, Shaolin. As you can see, there are a lot of options, and they are all individual. Perhaps the beginning of the spiritual path will be hatha yoga or the books of the Holy Fathers of the Church. You need to listen to yourself, your heart.

A small note

Life shows that a very deep delusionon such a path as spiritual development is the prevalence of external influence on the will, personality, body, mind, feelings and emotions of a person. These are only external, unimportant circumstances. Initially, they can play an important role, but as progress progresses, they must go to the background or disappear altogether. True spirituality is born and grows inside. The world itself gives practice certain signs, where to go further and how.

spiritual development of man

The need for satellite and support

Any process is subject to certain laws. If there is any development, for example, a nuclear reaction, then it is subject to the laws of physics. Spiritual development of society is the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are inherent in every person. On this path it is important to have an assistant, a companion, a partner. You can not hesitate to discuss these or other aspects with your second half or with a friend. If the interlocutors do not share the aspirations - it's okay. Just show an example. Naturally, qualitative growth and development will be noticeable, and there is a high probability that the partner (or friend) will also be interested in raising his own level of spirituality. It is necessary to assist and support him so that a person feels confident and comfortable.

 spiritual and moral development

Development of personality or spirituality?

The word "personality" is a collectionsocially-significant qualities (interests, needs, abilities, views, moral convictions). In this case it can be said that personal development is a work that is aimed at revealing individual characteristics, self-realization in society, manifestation of oneself. This is an indicator that is created by man. But what is spiritual development? In the literal sense of this word - the manifestation of the spirit in man and in the world. It turns out that this term can be completely unrelated to the implementation in society. You can say "spiritual development of culture." But how this concept will be attributed to individual persons? Naturally, you can combine words and say "moral and spiritual development of personality", but what is the difference between them and how important is it?

spiritual development of society


Personality development is an effective processrealization of man in society. In this case, the boundaries are set from the outside, that is, by society. The external environment stimulates the action, and it limits it. The development of personality is the material side of human existence. This includes the desire to be successful, to earn well. But spiritual development is a search for the boundaries of internal, conditioned by oneself, the desire to meet with your "I". At the same time, there is no desire to "become someone", but there is a need to get answers to eternal questions: who am I, why me, where did I come from? Spiritual development of a person is a process of understanding yourself, your nature, your masks, which do not depend on any external indicators and circumstances.

Difference in the way

Personal development always impliesa certain goal that must be achieved at a certain time. There is an end point, there is an initial point. That is why we can say that this is the "path of achievement". It is assumed that there is something outside that restricts us, and it is the overcoming of this limitation - the way to achieve what is desired. And if there is an intangible goal, for example, to be happy? After all, it is an inner feeling, subjective. In personal development, it is replaced by certain material objects - a million dollars, marriage, and so on. If a certain goal is supposed, to which one should strive and achieve it, then this is not spiritual development. After all, it comes from a completely different state: comprehension, search, experience, feeling, cognition of reality here and now.

spiritual development of culture

Detecting yourself

For personal development, someone is needed,some obstacle. You need to become better and more perfect than someone. This is what is important and necessary. The spiritual development of the personality implies the discovery of oneself through the acceptance of oneself. A person begins to be interested in himself, with what he already has. There is no desire to become "someone" different. This is an exclusively internal process, because nothing and no one needs, there is no need for support or approval. There is internal knowledge, inner strength, various illusions about the surrounding reality and oneself disappear.

Attitude towards the future and the present

Personal growth is completely and completely built onimages of the future, in futuristic pictures. If we do not have something now, then we must take some steps to make this "something" appear in the near future. We are aimed at tomorrow and live it. The biggest problem in such a way of life and worldview is the depreciation of the present time, since it is not of particular value in this version. Spiritual development implies a completely different attitude to time - the absolute irrelevance of the past and the future, because there is only the present, and only it is valuable. Attention is directed to realizing the current moment of life. External situations only provide an incentive for research.

moral and spiritual development of personality

Availability of guarantees

Personal development can not exist withoutany warranties. Although it is clear that one hundred percent future is unknown to anyone in this ever changing world, but the illusion of security and stability is important. In this case, everything becomes only a means, and freedom is the goal. Everything is perceived not as an event, but as a reward for work. Spiritual development of man is deprived of any guarantees - this is complete and absolute uncertainty. Everything is perceived as a process of comprehension, without subjective assessments.


In personal development, there is always an ideal,aspiration to it. Be it an ideal relationship, an ideal job, an ideal life. It is necessary to feel the importance of yourself and your life. That is why in personal development such assessments as "good" and "bad", "morally" and "immoral", "morally" and "immoral" are used. In the spiritual development there are no appraisal concepts, since any action has its own hidden meaning, which you need to know. There is no ideal, but there is a desire and desire to know the essence.

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  • Spiritual development of man. Moral and spiritual development of personality Spiritual development of man. Moral and spiritual development of personality Spiritual development of man. Moral and spiritual development of personality Spiritual development of man. Moral and spiritual development of personality Spiritual development of man. Moral and spiritual development of personality Spiritual development of man. Moral and spiritual development of personality Spiritual development of man. Moral and spiritual development of personality Spiritual development of man. Moral and spiritual development of personality Spiritual development of man. Moral and spiritual development of personality Spiritual development of man. Moral and spiritual development of personality