Spit on the contrary How to braid

Spit on the contrary! How to braid?


Is it possible to deny yourself the pleasure of beingalways beautiful and well-groomed? We do not have the right to treat you differently, your beloved! Taking care of yourself begins with the beauty of your hair. Increased attention must be paid to the hair, because it is primarily on her looks the look of a passer-by or an interlocutor. All sorts of styling and braids help us find our style or change the image. The French scythe has entered the range of hairstyles for every day and took the leading place in it. How to give it a new sound? To do this will help the Dutch braid, or spit on the contrary.

Weave it as simply as the French braid,But here there are their nuances, observance of which will make your image irresistible. If you are interested in how to weave a scythe on the contrary, then you are most likely the owner of long and thick hair, because it is on them that such a hairdress looks especially advantageous. But if you do not fit the description, then do not despair! You can achieve volume by pre-washing your head with shampoo and drying it with a hair dryer, without combing it. After this procedure, your hair will acquire an unprecedented volume, which requires a scythe on the contrary.

how to weave a braid

First you need to carefully comb your hair. Next, we take a bunch of hair from the selected part of the head, with which you want to start the weaving. The best option is the height slightly exceeding the temporal part. Then divide into three equal parts, as in any pigtail. After we put one strand on another, only not on top, but vice versa. Next, weave the same scheme, adding small strands of hair. When you get to the back of your head, you can continue your hairstyle with an ordinary braid or fix it on this place with an accessory.

In addition, there is another variation of the weavingFrench spit on the contrary. You can weave it from two sides, and then connect it and continue with the usual braid on the nape. This option is preferred for owners of long hair. But you can not connect them together and lower the two braids down. It will look elegant too.

Special volume and chic "spit on the contrary" will acquirewith the help of pulling strands out of it after you have completed it. You need to do this extremely accurately, so as not to disrupt its appearance. Take out the hinges as far as the bulky and wide braid you want to get. For special reliability, fix it with lacquer. You can also fix it with a ribbon, which will further emphasize your femininity and lightness.

Unexpectedly romantic looks spit on the contrarywith knocked out locks. They should not be intrusive and frequent. Best of all, neat small strands curled with forceps. This method will also help to achieve a larger volume.

how to braid a braid

Now you know how to braid the spit on the contrary! Nothing is easier and simpler. The result will please you with its extravagance and exclusivity. Such a hairstyle is suitable not only for young people. It will complement both business style and evening attire. Picking up accessories for the event, you can look so that all the attention of the opposite sex was drawn to you. But you can say a lot, but it is better to immediately try on yourself a similar miracle of hairdresser's art.

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